Hello everyone out there, how’s it going? Welcome back to my channel. In today’s video I want to talk about 10 questions
you can ask yourself before making a purchase. Not only because it’s the holiday season or
it was just Black Friday and all that crazy stuff, but really for any time of year, at
any time, whether it’s a bigger purchase or a smaller purchase, to help us better come
to the conclusion of whether or not something is a good idea for us to buy and have or if
it’s maybe not that good of an idea. So whether you are looking for ways to be
a little bit more mindful with your shopping habits, maybe you want to incorporate a little
bit more minimalism into your life and kinda just simplify, or maybe you’re wanting to
save a little bit of money. Then these questions can definitely help you
to get onto the right track with your spending habits, with the way you buy things and how
often you buy things. Even some of these can apply to decisions
in general. So let’s get started. Questions number 1 is do I see myself getting
long-term use out of this item? So really you want to ask yourself “is this
something I’m gonna be using time and time and time again?” Like “Am I gonna get good use out of this?” Or, is this item going to likely end up as
clutter? This is also a great question to ask ourselves
when it comes to clothing purchases, like am I really going to make use of this and
wear it more than just once? Question number 2, how quickly will this item
lose its lustre or its excitement? You want to know if you’re going to find lasting
enjoyment out of this thing. It’s really normal for a lot of things in
life to be really exciting at first and then to kind of lose excitement over time, that’s
fine, it happens with a lot of different things. But, you do want to ask yourself, do you tend
to buy things because of that initial tantalizing excitement and then forget about it after
a couple days or a week and you find yourself in that cycle again and again and again with
buying certain things. Definitely something to keep in mind because
the truth is that a lot of times we do make those sort of impulse purchases based on how
shiny and new it is and it seems so exciting and fun and great or whatever it is. And then we get it and after a while it’s
not that exciting anymore and then we’re on to the next thing. So ask yourself if this is something that
you can see yourself actually liking and enjoying for months or even years to come. Question number 3, am I fantasizing unrealistically
about what my life will be like with this item? Now I’m a very visual, creative and imaginative
person so I have on more than one occasion found myself in this position where there’s
something that I want and I’m visualizing myself with it and I’m just imagining how
my life will be. But sometimes what happens is we create these
unrealistic expectations of what our life is going to be like with this thing. Sometimes we’ll even imagine ourselves living
a certain way or looking a certain way whatever it is, and it’s just not quite the way that
it ends up actually being. So you just want to be honest with yourself
here and ask, am I being unrealistic about what it’s gonna be like if I have this thing
in my life? Or maybe not, maybe I’m being totally realistic
and I know that it’s gonna be great, and if so, then that’s awesome. Question number 4, what is my motivation for
wanting this? More specifically what you can ask yourself
is, am I only buying this because it’s on sale but I wouldn’t otherwise? To appease someone else? To fit in? To look a certain way? To gain approval from others? Or perhaps am I buying this because I’m really
bored right now? You want to know what your primary underlying
reason is for wanting to buy something. This is what can help us to better realize
what it is we need or don’t need in our lives. Or even it can help us better understand if
it’s something we even really want when we start to realize, “oh, this is kind of why
I’m this right now and maybe it’s really not something that I need to have.” Question number 5, this is a really, really
useful one and I hav asked myself this many times, and that is “what else could I do with
the money that I would spend on this?” Could you save your money? Could you spend it on something else that
might be more valuable to you? This is a great question for purchases of
any size, really, but especially ones that might require ongoing expenses such as monthly
subscriptions or ones that require ongoing maintenance. So if you want to you can even tally up what
it’s going to cost you either initially or over a couple months or a year a few years
depending on what the item is. And then you have a better idea whether it’s
going to be worth it to you or not. Because sometimes we do jump into things thinking
“This is great! This is wonderful!” And then after the fact we realize oh, this
has become a lot more expensive than we realized and really, I could have spent my money on
x, y, or z instead. Question number 6 is can it wait? Now, I totally feel you guys out there who
may be impatient with things because I definitely am. I’m often like if there’s something I really
want I want it now, I feel like I gotta have it right away. But when we ask ourselves, really, can this
wait? Can this wait a couple of months? Can it wait six months? Could it wait a year? Could it even wait a couple of years? This is a great way to help us to avoid impulse
purchases. Can it wait? If not, great.But if it can, then it might
be something that’s better for you to do, to just wait for a better time or maybe when
you have a little bit more money. Also in my experience, waiting for the best
time makes it so much more rewarding. Question number 7, this one is sort of similar
to the previous one on how we can avoid impulse purchases, and that is “If I put the item
down, or the idea of having this thing, put that idea aside for a little while, maybe
a couple of days, will I still really want it?” This comes back to that really tantalizing
excitement of wanting something new when we first see it or when we first learn about
something, wanting it right away because it seems so exciting. But how often that can subside and things
lose their excitement after a little while. So if you just pause for a moment, come back
to it after a day or two, maybe a few days whatever it may be, and reassess. If it’s still on your mind and you’re still
really thinking about it, you still really want it, then you can go back to it and evaluate
it then. Or maybe you’ve completely forgotten about
it. I’ve done this many times in my life where
I put it down, leave it and then I’ve completely forgotten about it and I’m like “oh, I didn’t
even need it, I don’t even really care about it anymore.” Question number 8, can I use something that
I already have?So really, ask yourself if you have something similar that you could
use in place of the thing that you are wanting to buy. It’s so easy to end up with so many duplicates
or similar items hanging around our house or our closet. Maybe we have something that’s not exactly
the same, but really similar where we don’t actually have to spend the money on this thing. I find that this can be useful too if it’s
almost a one-off purchase, maybe you’re doing some kind of activity or craft or I don’t
know. Even with clothing purchases too, often we
have really similar pieces. Question number 9, can I do this or can I
make this myself?Sometimes a little bit of DIY is all you need. There are so many gadgets out there that try
to do things for us whether they’re kitchen gadgets or other household gadgets. When really we can just do it ourself, we
can make it ourself, we can maybe build it ourself, we can just do it ourself in general. I think that it’s also a great way for us
to become more handy and to make use of things a lot better. Question number 10, the final one here. This one is actually very, very important
to me in my life, and that is “what is my gut telling me?” So what you want to do here is to imagine
yourself with this thing or this item that you want. Imagine that you now have it, you’ve spent
the money on it. Imagine the pros and the cons of having it,
and then ask yourself, “do I feel a pull toward it? Do I feel like yes, this feels really good,
really exciting, I know that this is great for me. Or do I feel a little bit of hesitation? Do I feel like, hmm, maybe this isn’t the
right time or maybe it’s a little too much money, or maybe I’m going to regret it. Even if you are kind of on the maybe, like
“I don’t know! Maybe it’ll be good but maybe it won’t!” Sometimes, I usually take that as a sign that
it’s probably best to hold off and at least wait a little bit longer. Whether it’s decisions, whether it’s purchases
that I’ve made, when I listen to what my gut is ultimately telling me, that always leads
me in the right direction. This is getting real deep here. I know that if you’re just buying like, a
toothpick, then you don’t have to get really deep in thought here, but especially with
larger purchases. You do want to ask yourself, “does this feel
right or does this not feel right?” And I promise you that it’s gonna help you
so much in the long run with ensuring that you make that decision or you make that purchase
at the right time. So that is it for today’s video, 10 questions
to ask yourself before making a purchase, or even other kinds of decisions. But big or small, I hope that you found this
video helpful and you’ll use a couple of these questions the next time that you’re standing
there going, “I really want this thing,” or “I’m thinking about buying this thing.” And really, I’m not here at all to tell you
not to buy things, to not spend your money, it’s up to you to determine if something is
good for you or not. If you have any other tips to share whether
it’s questions that you like to ask yourself or other tips in the world of money saving
or living a little bit simpler, leave them in the comment section below and I’ll see
you all in my next video. Bye!