look at it – three more zeros with it mm baby hey guys and welcome to another video today we're gonna be talking about ten scams in hardcore pawn' history let's start off with something comedic in slightly cunning number 10 pregnant mommy needs money in this video our so-called buyer decides to attempt scamming the shop owner's daughter Ashley by pulling onto her heartstrings she claimed that she was a single mother and her husband just left also mentioning that she is struggling for employment the woman also said that it would mean a lot to her to receive the item despite only having $10 Ashley offered to cover the remaining $15 then proceeded to give her a job offer once she gave birth to her synthetic material yes you heard that right giving birth to her silicone specifically and thank you so much baby a shame that her scam didn't end well the perpetrator proceeds to jump into the car trying to flee from the scene it's sad that people would go to these extents of being a cheapskate ever dealt with delirious and presumptuous clientele while Ashley certainly has had quite the experience especially with this individual in number 9 Bugatti King this delusional con artist sets ablaze in a store over Ashley not accepting his quote/unquote valuable two dollars this very audacious man was quite vocal being very expressive and exaggerated and not only his use of words but his body language as well it was humorous how he kept referring to himself as Bugatti my favorite part in this video was that he was doing his hardest to try to convince Ashley that his $2 bill was worth a lot of money and deserved changed on top of everything else now before you say something I'ma be honest with you this right here it's worth a lot of money so definitely a big fill in his part but hey at least he tried feeling bored of just seen wacky customer scams how about Ashley trying to scam someone sit back and grab some popcorn for number eights a little clash between Seth and of course Ashley in this encounter an older man proceeds to try pawning off his valuable items in exchange for enough to help his son and daughter through college rethought Ashley then proceeds to lowball offer this polite gentleman trying to barter a low price and scam him for his valuables to make profit the man refuses to meet her excessively low offers and kindly declines after thanking Ashley for her time as well as the deal despite it being a ripoff he tries to shake her hand Ashley really declining by saying to him have a nice day if her behavior wasn't repulsive enough after her ordeal she proceeded to walk into the back room to her brother and tell him of the situation in a condescending tone which led Seth unimpressed to have his two cents in which caused a small argument between the siblings maybe it's not so much of a good idea to attempt scamming someone and to take a moral high ground uh-oh Christina just got caught red-handed on number 7 we assumed the customers there sometimes scheming but get a lot of this former hardcore pawn shop employee Christina decided to write fake tickets stealing money from leza's business de stablishment writing loans up for herself she ended up being caught red-handed she was trusted by her employers and co-workers to show her gratitude and pay them back for her employment opportunity she spat it back onto their faces by scamming and stealing them what a fraud it's honestly a shame but at least they got it sorted well well well what do we have here number 6 shows an interesting and unique scam this dynamic duo Barbara and her nephew walking to the store claiming they have a missing remote from three months ago who knows why they're trying to steal it but hold on to your motes ladies and gentlemen because they are out for your controllers honestly funny how people think they are clever for these scams then get choked up when things well don't go so accordance to plan next time just bring receipt and not a barcode so we have fake ice and a rude attitude in number five another case of poorly made efforts into scamming the pawnshop employees but I will admit it was pretty clever of her using the excuse on why she didn't have a receipt the young female claimed that this pair of earrings were purchased within the vendor by her niece a diamond missing in an earring not only does the company not do cash refunds they also confirmed that they don't sell fake jewelry of course being exposed and your lie not quite working she ended up throwing a fit in the store causing a massive unnecessary scene you joke me $500 give me on number for this man who can barely communicate in English named norm wanted to sell a barbecue and speaker together because he is a self-proclaimed that collector he attempts to scam them lying about the value saying he purchased them for $1000 asking for five hundred dollars instead clearly Ashley and Seth were able to see through his lies but nevertheless it was still an interesting attempt on scamming the company and the siblings figuring out this man's intentions luckily enough things didn't get too violent and resolved on him getting kicked out of the store thankfully nobody was hurt we get to witness a takedown on a shakedown attempt in number three this man walks in confidently wanted to talk to the owner less he claims to have a towing company and asking for an opportunity to go over some paperwork to do a business venture for towing attempting to scam him into signing the contract he eventually leads to admitting his true intentions looking for less to sign some paperwork wanting to do business and make it flow in the area he claims he doesn't want marks employment but then things take an interesting twist when he then mentioned wanting to take over the pawn shop in its entirety this causes a conflict between the two parties eventually leading to the man being kicked out before we continue on to the next clip leave a comment down below and tell me what your opinion is I would love to know because I'm number 2 on the list less lowballs this gentleman do you think Maserati Rick's son got ripped off tell us your thoughts because I think he was scammed of his money honestly it felt like in that situation that he should have at least got around five thousand maybe five thousand five hundred but I don't know in this situation the value of the piece of jewelry is apparently seven thousand dollars and in response he offered to buy it for $1000 Rick being unimpressed asked for five thousand and instead was buttered down to 2.5 thousand they eventually came to an agreement but it still felt like les was scamming him for a profit of course you want to get paid retail price but it was such a low price to be taken into account that it just felt like a really obvious scam last but not least number one antique scam this man comes in confidently trying to sell his necklace stirring up a big pot of drama along the way this passed down generation throughout his family the most value this necklace had was a few crystals in which blesses perspective wasn't worth it despite explained to the customer that it's not worth it and would rather his rings the customer stubbornly disagrees bickering in the store leading him to be kicked out and with everything being said and done that concludes 10 scams in hardcore pawn history if you've enjoyed the video this far makes you leave a like subscribe and comment down below for videos like this in the near future and have all of yourselves a wonderful day one more problem that's really key to this whole thing well these are fake how much did you want for it and I was worth about 7,000 ever thousand bucks huh so would now I got a touchy no more but I appreciate it though thank you ma'am they got Randy not tell me that one $3,000 I'm gonna stop the bleeding I'm gonna stop it here and now set me free Cristina and I will open up that whole deal jail No Deal we could just get a remote for the TV to be all good if it didn't come with the Ramada i don't know if i had the remote don't give me I'm gonna get birdie buddy right now no y'all looking at looking at what's you looking at don't got nothin else to do what's up peace man at a for a couple years man man that's cool tryin to get rid of a man I'll be back why were y'all wouldn't come back whatever planner know how we're gonna come up with 500 I don't know how we're gonna come up with five five one oh wait no no sure – I'll tell me you're angry because your coach so tight well y'all don't even say all TVs without remotes right oh no you don't I ain't come in here I don't know I'm still trying to figure it out like this right here how much is this watch right here 75 bucks