Those of you who watch this channel you know
I will rip into a franchise if there is anything to rip into but 101Mobility overall is fairly
solid. Which makes for less clicks and maybe a boring
video but so be it. Lets take a look Lets start with the basics: 101Mobilty is
the Nations largest provider in the access and mobility industry. franchisees sell rent, install and service
products that help the disabled and elderly with mobility and related concerns. Investment $114,060 to $210,120 and there
are two tiers of franchises available – if you live in a location with a smaller population
you can open a tier 2 which is a lower investment and slightly different business model. We’ll cover that in greater detail in a moment. So what do you do as a franchisee. Well all franchisees are local which is a
big benefit to customers. You or your sales rep is going out into the
community and helping seniors and the infirm in thier homes with their mobility needs.So
customer calls and sales rep or you goes out to assess their needs and provide a quote. Products provided are stairlifts, wheelchair
ramps, patient lifts, auto lifts and a lot more. Interesting to note 101Mobility does not do
a lot of scooters or walkers or the like. Now let’s check your business acumen – why
would that be a good business model? Well scooters or walkers are easily purchased
online and customers are very price focused. The majority the items 101Mobility provides
require installation, which can’t ever be offshored and you also can’t easily buy these
products online. So essentially you or your sales reps are
visiting people in their home or businesses and providing quotes on these products. If you have a sales background and understand
the sales and quoting process that would be beneficial, but you won’t need any mobility
experience as that is covered in training. So if you are a tier 1 owner you have one
admin person to handle calls, one installer, and yourself as a salesperson or hire a salesperson. Obviously if you do it yourself you will earn
more money. Now the ultimate goal is to build the business
to where you are in a more passive role over time, and the business running itself. Your requirements for real estate are going
to be a 1500-2500 sq’ office or showroom and these are typically in an industrial park
– so your costs are going to be much lower as you don’t have to be right downtown as
you would with a retail food type franchise. The typical setup is an office, a showroom
and small amount of warehouse space. Because most of the products require some
level of customization you won’t be keeping too much in inventory. Now with tier 2, which is a lower investment
for a smaller territory you will typically be the owner and operator with only one installer. In this case 101 mobility will actually handle
your calls so you won’t need to have the admin support, and you will be handling the sales
efforts yourself. With this option you should be comfortable
with being a fullltime owner and operator as it is not quite as scalable as the tier
1 model as you are limited by your geography and population. So a fairly straight forward business model
– let’s take a look at some of the reasons we like the 101Mobility franchise 1. Well positioned for current demographics – Biggest
growth market is baby boomers and demand will do nothing but grow over the next few years. In some markets we see senior home care franchises
becoming saturated, 101Mobility is in the same market yet has virtually no competition. So if you have been looking at senior care
you might also want to look at 101Mobility 2. Fragmented market – most competitors are outside
the local areas or they are very fragmented Mom and Pop operations that simply don’t have
the buying power or visibility of a Nationwide brand. 3. Pricing and Rebates. 101Mobility has substantial buying power resulting
in very competitive pricing for franchisees. Many vendors also have rebate programs and
franchisees regularly see fairly substantial checks in the form of rebates. 4. Rental Program. Not everyone has a permanent disability so
101 also rents many of the products. This creates a very healthy additional cash
revenue stream 5. VA relationships. 101Mobility has a national arrangement with
the Veterans affairs office and their Federal Supply Schedule or FSS program. If you have a VA location in your territory
you will benefit from that relationship 6. Visibility/marketing. 101Mobility has solid marketing and sales
campaigns both nationally and locally. Every month they receive about 5000 inbound
calls to head office that go out to franchisees. Of course you will also want to be out in
your territory developing local relationships as well to really maximize your territory. So who is a good candidate for 101Mobility? Previous sales and business experience is
a huge plus, you should be well capitalized with a net worth of 300k and about 100K liquid. That’s going to be a bit less for the tier
2 franchise option. Attutude is very important and 101Mobility
franchisees all adhere to high levels of customer service. If you would like to learn more about owning
a 101Mobility franchise or to see what other opportunities are available in your area give
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