I understand that Beach is planning to
set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in FY 2021. Better late than
never I suppose. Now through initiatives such as the climate action 100 investor
expectations around target setting have become pretty clear so can the board
please confirm that our 2021 emissions reduction targets will cover short
medium and long term timeframes, cover our entire value chain and be verifiably
aligned with the climate goals of the Paris agreement. I can’t guarantee you
that. The reason that we’re doing a benchmarking study is to assess
emissions across all of our assets until we’ve done that benchmarking study I
can’t speak publicly about what our targets are going to be. It would be
foolish for me to do that. Are institutional investors engaging with Beach and asking
for short medium and long term targets to reduce emissions across the entire
value chain in line with the goals of the Paris agreement? Our institutional
shareholders engaged with us very regularly and at a very deep level. There
is very little questioning from our institutional shareholders about climate