please leave a message after the tone hey everyone and welcome back to my channel so for today's video I'm going to be spending the next 24 hours eating only Tesco noodles I have already seen this video on YouTube before so I'm gonna leave a link down below to a couple of people who I've already seen do it but I love Tesco I mean I feel like that's just a given everyone knows that I genuinely spend half my time in that shop so I did think it would be quite apt to eat meal deals for 24 hours personally for me Tesco meals aren't something normally that I just like go for just because there's a lot of alternatives that I'd normally have but I know they have a massive section of the meal deal stuff in at my Tesco so that's why I'm gonna head now I need to go and buy breakfast lunch dinner and Breakfast and there may be another one for snacks and the meal didn't agree found it probably is gonna cost me either 12 pounds or 15 pounds which isn't that bad I have no idea what I'm gonna be able to get for breakfast from the meal dual section maybe they'll do like an all-day breakfast sandwich or something and then obviously lunch and dinner will be fairly easy and then I'm gonna have to buy breakfast again at 4:00 tomorrow morning I really hope you guys enjoy this video if you do please such a huge thumbs up and other than that let's get started the crime is 859 and it's actually Easter Monday today so Tesco will open in one minute cuz I had to check the time to open so we're gonna head there now we're gonna go pick up all the food and let's see what we're gonna get we have just arrived at Tesco it's actually five past nine right now and the whole car part is basically full here we go here is the middle section this one is absolutely massive so we've got a lot of stuff to choose from and because I'm here early as well look at all the sandwiches I can choose from and all of this stuff here okay oh I could get one of these for breakfast I can it's actually bit more choice than I thought they've got these two here but these aren't included in the meal deal so I don't actually know if I can get them but like egg and bacon oh no it is my honour is in the meal deal okay I can get a good bacon for breakfast that actually looks really good I've picked up some pasta I've got some pepper on me I've got fridge Raiders I think I'm gonna go for five meal deals because I want to get something for snack as well my basket isn't any full I've got four meals in here I don't know whether I need five I think I'm just gonna buy four then if I need another one I can come back and buy another one this is the receipt so it was 10 P for a bag and then it was 95 P for waffles I had to get a kiss so everything that I bought came 212 pounds which was for different meal deals but I'll show you guys with the food that I got when I get home and then I can have my breakfast I've got on home and I've actually claimed a shelf in the fridge for all my meal deal stuff so I've got my drinks I've got I basically I switched out my all-day breakfast sandwich with all-day breakfast like a big get type thing but the first thing I'm actually gonna have is my egg and bacon sandwich and then I'm also gonna have my juicy water and I think I might leave the snacks because I'm not really too hungry yet we're about to have a taste test of this sandwich the only ever sandwich I've tried from a Tesco meal deal is the egg mayonnaise I literally I haven't tried anything else so this whole video is gonna be a bunch of first I'm just not very adventurous with the stuff that I have like I tend to just stick to the same thing so I haven't even tried this before this is raspberry and blackcurrant with other fruits juicy water that's really nice maybe I need to start drinkers I like this more often it's really nice this is gonna annoy so many people but I just don't know the right way to open the sandwich I just did it from the side but I feel like that's to annoy so many people this was so good I think it's like a egg mayonnaise type thing with bacon oh my god that I really didn't think I didn't like it well it's so nice if I like it even nicer if it was warm I don't really wanna risk warming up but I'm certain eat this now just start with the second time wage they should honestly one of the best sandwiches I've ever had so this is gonna fill me up for a while I'm glad I only bought four meals not five because I really don't think I'm gonna need a snack one it's a little bit later it is now eight minutes past eleven and I'm gonna go downstairs and grab a snack I am fancying a sink with pepper ah me I've got my pepper army and I'm actually going to pick hasn't borrowing up from the train station in literally like an hour maybe and um I think no need to brush my teeth before hand because my breath is gonna stink and they're definitely not gonna want to be anywhere near me I've had a quick outfit change because I'm actually about to go and pick hasn't Barone up from it's a train station but before I go I think I'm gonna grab at my lunch because I don't really know what the plan is for today whilst they're here welcome back to my fridge I don't really know it's how I didn't want to have a coke because I've got two of these and then I might have some Apple actually become I go for this and I can save the sandwich for later I'm Way too excited for today because house environment never been to this house before they never even came to my old house I have normally go to London because we they live in London it's just easier and I had to tell them on the phone I was like by the way I am going to be eating mere dose of 24-hour live and they were literally like of course you're Anna like literally last oh you do that wait challenges might ask the original what I had to say was to go for a picnic but I'm going to say to them like do you guys still want a picnic or do you guys want to get food out and then we'll see I'm gonna have to take my sandwich just to eat in whatever restaurant we go I'm not waiting that's the train station and I said to them do you guys want to go on a picnic or should we go get food out and they said let us do both Luther would be and I'm buying more meal deal stuff I got a sandwich get a peanut Buster and I got a bottle of coke why return to normal chess cameo day as well we're actually gonna go to de now we're gonna go to bills but obviously I cannot have dinner I've got to have the other half of my egg sandwich now gonna go to bills even though I'm not even what have you done you do Danton that I see please tell me how I didn't notice that she's holding my head rest the current time is 8 21 and has environed have now left my house earlier I only had my egg sandwich for dinner by actually bought myself some like feta cheese and pasta it was from the middle section so I think I'm gonna go downstairs and heat that up fingers crossed I can actually heat it up because I'm really not a fan of like cold pasta so I'm gonna take it out the fridge see if it says on the packet if I can heat it up I will see where to go from there back into the fridge we go here is that my pasta I can confirm after consulting my mum that I actually cannot heat the pastor up so I'm just gonna eat the pasta like this but it actually looks and smells so good I had no idea you get stuff like this in the mail deal also ignore my nails I am getting them in field tomorrow I know it's all what I'm gonna get so many comments on it so I'm very sorry but focus on the food sure yeah do a little taste test it smells so good oh my god oh my gosh man Tesco really came through but this you it's currently two minutes to ten and I'm about to have my last slack of the evening please excuse what I look like and let you just put a face mask on and I just gotta not the shower with wet hair but I'm gonna have at my Ridge Raiders I haven't had these in it so long so this is the last thing I'm gonna eat I think we just got a breakfast left in the morning good morning everyone I have woken up I have just finished getting ready it is about Harvest April right now and I am gonna go downstairs and have my breakfast I'm starving like I always say my 24-hour challenge videos I normally always wake up and the first thing I do is have breakfast I never normally have like an all-day breakfast sandwich to wait a little bit longer I am starving now so that's good all says and see what it's like here is my all day breakfast wrap and then I'm also gonna have is it too early for coke I don't know oh my god ignore the foundation on my hand maybe Fanta I don't know yeah we're gonna go for Fanta it looks like it's got a sausage bacon and then egg and tomato in and maybe to have beans in really what did I I don't know but it looks really good so let's give it a try not gonna lie after doing this video I've definitely changed my opinion on meal deals because I can't say no I never normally really have them but like after trying that pasture especially last night oh my god it was literally amazing – I'm like really not adventurous if my drink it's like I haven't had fun – in probably like a year hmm I think it definitely got beans in I'm kind of here for it I mean they'll be undecided on that one like it does taste nice but I thought like if it was warm and I'd like it I don't want to risk eating it up just in case you can't heat it up but I'm gonna sit Annie – anyway is that oh I don't know I'm pretty undecided I am very picky with my food – normally if I have an English breakfast like I literally eat it all separately like yeah I'm sorry weird like that but it's quite nice and that is pretty much where I'm gonna end my video downstairs I have got left in the fridge two bottles of coke a packet of crisps and some apple left from yesterday and I think a sandwich dope they bought an extra sandwich so I'm gonna eat that sandwich for lunch today just carry on the 24-hour challenge a little longer but I hope you guys have enjoyed if you did please write a huge thumbs up let me know down below if there are any other 24-hour challenges you want to see I have no idea what other ones I could do I feel like I've done the majority of them now but let me know down below if you have any and other than that I love you all so so much and I will see you very very soon a very brand-new video yeah bye