Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to my channel if you’re new to my channel, I highly suggest that you guys consider subscribing especially if you’re interested in becoming a model or an actor, I Make weekly videos guys where I give you guys some of the best tips on how to be a model how to be an actor in this industry So definitely check out my channel check out some of my content and if you guys like it hit me with a thumbs up alright, so in this video I want to break down the four main types of modeling contracts that most models sign so stick with me I’m going to explain the four main types of modeling contracts coming right up Alright guys, so let’s get to it So the very first type of contract is your mother Agency contract so you might be asking what exactly is a mother agency and how do they actually work? So a mother agency is like literally your first agents as a model This is the first agent that you sign with so like for example a mother agency in Lagos Nigeria is few models. And what they actually do is that they partner with bigger agencies across the world So like they might partner with like elites or Wilhemina models and get their models signed and get them jobs in other cities around the world So like mother agency in Lagos Nigeria could get their their models work in New York Paris Milan you name it? so that’s why their mother agency is that when they Extend their contracts to other agencies and other cities they actually still get in a percentage of that Contract or whatever job the model books in overseas the mother agency still gets a cut so for example If you are a model and you sign a mother agency contracts If your mother agency gets you into a bigger agency or a different agency in another city You’re actually going to be paying 20% Commission to both agents. Typically if you’re just working with your agent You would only pay 20% to your agent But now since you’re working with two agencies, maybe one locally and one abroad if the one abroad gets you Work you’re gonna pay both of your agents. So you’re losing about 40% Commission and you’re keeping 60 the centerpiece for yourself So that’s sort of how a mother agency works and that’s sort of how the contract goes All right So the next type of contracts is a non-exclusive contract and this is a contract that could actually work in the models favor Because it gives you the flexibility to sign with other agencies. So for example in LA I’m signed to EMG models, but I’m signed on a non-exclusive contract So this gives me the flexibility to sign with other agencies So that way you don’t feel like you’re tied down and you can only stick and work with one Agency, so you can sign to different agencies for different purposes like commercial print high fashion editorial Whatever. So that’s the benefit of a non-exclusive contracts and that’s kind of how it goes now Obviously the next type of contract is an exclusive contract so typically when you sign an exclusive contracts, the agencies were signing for like a one-year exclusive or a two-year exclusive even So now this kind of works in your favor if it’s a bigger agency Like for example, when I was in Chicago, I was signed to an exclusive contract with Elite Model Management And this kind of worked in my favor because they were getting me a lot of work so there was almost like no opportunities to even look at other agencies because I was working and going out to lots So it’s a good idea to sign an exclusive contract if it’s a bigger agency if it’s a smaller agency You might want to think about it I’m not saying it’s necessarily a bad idea to sign an exclusive with them but just make sure that they’re actually pushing you and like getting you out and getting you seen by clients now the last type of modeling contract that models can sign is a one-time-only Contract so a one-time-only contract is kind of self-explanatory so for example if a client is Specifically looking for models with gap-toothed, but the agency doesn’t have any models with a gap-toothed on their board They might go out and do some casting on their own or try to find some models with gap-toothed Once they find you they might book you for the job But they will sign you to a one-time-only contract just to test how you perform And if you perform well and then if they can get you other jobs as well they might convert your wartime contracts you a full contract like a one-year exclusive or non-exclusive or what have you so That’s kind of what a one-time-only contract is. It’s a on a per job basis And it can always convert to something else. So another thing to note is that with these contracts It’s usually typical to pay anywhere from ten Fifteen or twenty percent commission to your agents I’ve never seen it go over twenty percent twenty percent is usually the max that I’ve seen but that’s normal. So when you get paid Usually the clients pays your agency your agency takes out their twenty percent and then they cut you a check So that’s kind of how it goes So if you guys have more questions about this Drop a comment down below all we’d like to hear from you guys If you enjoyed this video if you learned something new hit me with a thumbs up. I appreciate you guys sharing my videos I definitely love that. I’ll see you guys in my next video