6 Great Careers For INFJs. For INFJs, the ideal career is one that empowers
them to take excellent care of their family and spend plenty of time with them but also
gives them a meaningful purpose in the context of society. They would like to be doing something that
makes a difference and allows them to better the world in their own way. INFJs are less motivated by status and glory
and more by purpose and mission. INFJs are great team members who can work
well with others, but as introverts, they will likely prefer to work independently for
the most part. Here is a look at some INFJ career matches
that happen to pay well. 1. Teacher – median salary $58,030. Although many teachers don’t get payed as
well as many people believe they should, many High School teachers are actually compensated
pretty well. The qualifications for becoming a teacher
vary but generally require an undergraduate degree in a subject and completing a teacher
certification program. Teachers with a master’s degree get to earn
more sporting a median annual wage of $56,000 compared to the $45,000 of those with only
a Bachelors. Great teachers are able to communicate clearly
and connect with their students. INFJs are well suited in this area and may
be good at finding creative ways to present information and keep their pupils engaged
as they learn. Obtaining tenure would also be great as INFJs
value job security among their most preferred characteristics in a job along with a well
structured work environment. 2. Dietitian and Nutritionist – median salary
$58,920. As a dietitian or nutritionist, INFJs get
to advise people and coach them in leading a healthy lifestyle. Dietitians specialize in devising an eating
plan that facilitates a desired goal such as weight loss, managing an illness or just
improving overall health and vitality. They can show people how to eat properly even
when their budget is tighter than a pair of biker shorts. Many nutritionists and dietitians are employed
by hospitals as part of their support staff. INFJs enjoy work that allows them to help
people in a personal and meaningful way and this career is likely to provide that. Plus it offers exceptional schedule flexibility
which is a great feature for INFJs who don’t want careers that rob them of quality time
with their family. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a
14% growth from 2016 to 2026 in this field. 3. Criminologist – median salary $72,000. A career as a criminologist is likely to appeal
to an INFJ because it allows them to fight crime intellectually through research and
psychological analysis. The field of criminology is part of the social
sciences and involves the gathering of statistics and discernment of patterns in criminal behavior
for the purpose of combating it. Criminologists seek to find ways of preventing
criminal behavior and reducing recidivism. Criminologists get to interview criminals
to better understand their motives and mindset. They work with law officials and community
officials in the development of better policies and to ensure the fair and humane treatment
of felons under rule of law. INFJs may find this career to be interesting
because it puts them in a rare and privileged position to learn and potentially find ways
to reduce criminality and improve society as a whole. 4. Film Critic – avg. salary $82,000 A career as a critic would be a dream job
for most people. We all have opinions and so the idea of getting
payed for them can seem kind of absurd. Professional critics are typically aficionados
of the industry they critique and so their reviews should be insightful and amusing. A great film critic is someone who has a passion
for cinema and a special appreciation for film theory. They typically have a bachelor’s degree
in cinematography or journalism. INFJs enjoy sharing their thoughts and impressions
and thanks to their Ni, are bound to pick up a lot of interesting and insightful observations
regarding the meanings and messages conveyed throughout a film. They would likely excel at interpreting the
significance of events and connecting the dots in a way that is illuminating for most
viewers. 5. Psychologist – median salary $95,710. As psychologists, INFJs get to flex their
natural psychoanalytical strengths in the facilitation of other people’s emotional
development. Empathy is probably an indispensable tool
for doing a psychologist’s work and INFJs are bonafide empaths who are naturally observant
and perceptive of human behavior. The insight and instincts they develop about
people puts INFJ in a better position than most for understanding what makes them tick
and how to help them. This career comes with an above average level
of stress but excellent flexibility with regards to work schedule and work/life balance. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a
9% growth in the field of psychology from 2016 to 2026 which is above average compared
to other fields. 6. Human Resources Professional – median salary:
$106,910. The INFJ personality has been dubbed “the
advocate” and as a Human Resources manager or specialist, they can advocate on behalf
of employees to ensure a healthy and productive work environment. The diplomacy and tact with which INFJs communicate
is a valuable asset to the Human Resource specialist. INFJs are generally very compassionate and
will likely make a strong effort to be responsive to the needs of staff, uphold what is fair,
and be respectful of everyone’s feelings. HR professionals are employed in almost every
industry from government to private companies. They serve as the nexus between an organization’s
executive management and it’s employees. They also coordinate, oversee and conduct
administrative functions such as hiring staff, advising staff, counseling staff and training
staff. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a
9% increase in HR jobs from 2016 – 2026 which is about average in comparison with
other fields. The highest earning 10% of people working
as an Human Resources Professional earn as much as $193,550 annually.