I am tired of this dry skin now I have to make a lotion you stay on line what happened thought to make lotion by myself to moisturise my skin why don’t you mix some olive oil in body Lotion If you too have dry skin try out this ( mix olive oil in body lotion) so how did you like video’s awesome beginning Today will definitely kiss you but her lips are getting chapped its OK you too want a kiss?? No… You’re like my sis apply a layer of Boroline on your lips then apply any of your favourite lipstick over it this will keep your lips soft & moisturised From where now is this air coming?? its coming from here….. Bring some Foil’s empty rolls so take any of your old stockings and put empty foil roll in it and then adjust the roll like this and fit it like this below the door have you seen my red sweater that rubbish one yes that one the one that smells like garbage the one that our Grandmother sniffed & went in coma the one sniffed to that our Kalu died but who is Kalu?? our mice If you’re done making fun of me….now can you please tell me the hack if your winter wears smells bad Put dry peels of orange, neem leaves and few drops of tee tree oil in a net fabric tie a knot and keep it in your closet have to do something for your cold mix 1 tsp honey, 3-4 drops of ginger juice & a pinch pepper powder mix well you need to take this mixture thrice a day..but in small quantity I am having too much hairfall in winters have you made the tik tok well yaah..I’ve posted that she too was having hair fall like you so I recommend her to intake Vitamin C rich Source.. also consume Papaya, coconut water If you too had taken vitamins on time :-)))