Come here… How are you roaming so cleanly on this occasion of holi I don’t like to play holi it damages our skin, hair, house & everything you have to play Holi with me… You came to beat me with this? are you trying to bully me…. No… Forgive me… i say put colours on her as you want Yes I’ll do so.. and I’ll tell you the way so that you will not be afraid of playing holi next time and you surely will hit 1,00,000 LIKES ARE you ready to play holi? yes! now all set & what about your coloured hair.. if they got damaged and what will you do when colours entered in your hair root First I’ll massage my hair with Parachute advanced hair oil & what about that stickiness for that you can use Parachute advanced Jasmine hair oil or use this Parachute advanced aloe vera hair oil done with massage now I make braid and you need to make a tight braid as less colour enters if your hair remain tied this coconut oil along with aloe vera makes our hair soft done with braid but its new from where did we get it? Order it online I don’t believe in your hack ok but then don’t weep later Anku I’ll beat you if tiles will get dirty with the colours… leave it I’ll do the same to your friends too don’t worry I am here & yeah first of I’ll beat this Vishal oh.. this stain Now only need to use Lemon Juice, Baking Soda and vinegar mixture hmm.. what happened? Nothing… see all remains clean I am going to play holi what’s the benefit of this manicure as this colours will not get removed from out nails I know that why I am already prepared for it so what you’ve done? Apply a coat of transparent nail paint then apply 2-3 coats of a dark coloured nail paint over it if you too have long nails like me then apply a coat from inside as well like this and what about the cuticles For that massage your nail cuticle with Parachute Advanced Aloe vera oil for about five minutes this will create a shield on your nails which saves your nails from holi colours & now remove this colour with nail remover in just one swipe so dirty here and this broom too remains worse do we have a new broom? no!! get it done with Anku’s hair do you remember what I told you now its too late No..its not be too late add some lemon juice in one cup of curd then just add coconut oil and mix well & get fix your hair problems first wash your hair then apply this mask then leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it off with water then let dry your hair now.. worry not.. got tired now how do we remove this colour from our body ? bring that Parachute advanced hair oil and cotton but what should we do with it let me tell you but how do you know this you like Aloe vera thats aloe vera goodness is in it and this doesn’t irritate your skin let make them see its before after they are not in the house please come later but Mummy…. this colour didn’t removed oho.. messed up with holi colours get out from house ok come one by one sit down I am coming after face wash first remove the colour with a dry cloth & you three too do the same i knew that you returned messed up so I’ve already prepared this Turmeric & Gram Flour pack since morning now leave it for one minute now remove it with gentle massaging with oil then rinse off your face with normal water Wow.. All colours got removed.. Rekha are you coming to play holi ? No.. she is sleeping.. now you all three come here you know Rinky got rashes on her whole body she was wearing polyester fabric and remained wet for too long you why this didn’t happened to us… due to these cotton clothes and I’ll make it white after wash let me show.. first wash it with any detergent then add 1/2 tsp of fabric bleach in water and let it remain in this solution for about 30 minutes really enjoyed to playing holi and how did you like our Holi hacks? they really loved a lot to both of us yes true we asked them for 70,000 LIKES but you did more than that yes they are our true friends and seeing our videos on trending reminds us only one thing that is our 5 million family so we posted a story on Instagram to thanks to all so to watch for more stories follow and now there is no need to ask for shower some colour on that grey thumb to turn it to blue