Winters have started and I have lot of time to enjoy it Because I have awesome winter hacks If you too want to see these hacks Then let’s move and enjoy the video Mom please make the soup But I feel I don’t have money left Mom so many vegetables are kept inside the freeze Can make any from these Dear it goes with excess of work First take vegetables, then wash it Then cut, Boil and then grind You go and get something else Mom every time you do the same Just give your phone Now just subscribe cook with Nisha And learn something from her You too do it fast For instant soup…cut these vegetables in bits and boil in a pressure cooker And keep the quantity of water upto a glass After two whistles grind it after cooling Store the paste for at least two to four days And whenever you and your kids desire to have soup Then boil the mixture of paste with water And add these accordingly and then enjoy You can even add the bits of vegetables Babli what’s this? Bhabhi all because of winters Can I borrow some sugar? Why Sugar?Come and have tea So tasty Tea One thing…shall ask Tea-leaves along with sugar Or shall come here to have tea Why making such stories? This Tea you can make at home just of Rs 50 How? For this take all these Grind these add this into tea This will add flavour to it And will also protect you from cold To keep your body warm for the winters we must use Garam Masala in food One it gives flavour to our food Second it keeps our body warm Will enjoy the curd in morning Still un curdle Now it will definitely curdle What shall i do? For making perfect curd..37-40 degree temp. is required But where will we get it in winter? For this add Jamun Mix it well Now keep it for seven to eight hours undisturbed in a flour container Only take care that the place must be warm You can see here the thickness of the curd Pooja what are your palns for the winter? This time I have lot of savings Europe trip is confirm this time Ma’am your electricity bill Omg…with this I can’t even travel nearby naala Where are you consuming the electricity? Heaters One thing I shall unplug all the heaters right now But if unplugged then will sever from cold at night What shall I do then? Don’t worry and just take a hot water bag Add hot water in it And our Desi heater is ready Now place it on the bed and cover it with a blanket So as to maintain the temperature Now enjoy it without taking electricity tension Butter has it own value in winters either with Toast or Parantha But is difficult to remove For this you just grade it And you can see the how easily dose it spread In winters we get so many citrus fruits Orange, Mausami, Kinu and Pomegranate But to take there juice is so complicated For that you take handy juicer Just add the citrus fruits And can take the juice easily in less time and without much efforts So I am going to enjoy my winters with these hacks