Live on tape from Studio TS 1 in Dunlevy Center
Plaza, this is ADN This Morning, with Nick Bonner, Carson Royer, Cale Royer, and Jake
Miller. -Good morning and happy Thanksgiving to one
and all. It’s beautiful weather for this Thursday,
November 28th, 2019. It’s a little cold outside, but it’s sunny
and 72 here in the studio. We want to get everyone at home caught up
on some of this morning’s headlines. Millions of people are going to be eating
themselves silly with turkey and trimmings today, along with pumpkin pie as we celebrate
Thanksgiving. – That’s right, this national holiday is celebrated
on various dates in Canada, the US, some of the Carribean islands, as well as Liberia. – Liberia? – Yeah and it began as a day of giving thanks
and sacrifice for the blessings for the harvest and of the preceding year. – So the event that Americans commonly call
‘the first thanksgiving’, it was celebrated by the pilgrims after their first harvest
in the new world in October of 1621. – And of course tomorrow is Black Friday,
the official start to the holiday shopping season. Carson is standing by for a look at what one
amazing retailer is doing this season, and Carson, it sounds like it’s a mega shopping
event. – It sure is, Cale. And there’s a buzz going around that this
sale is so awesome that it’s almost criminal. TreeStuff tells us that the sales event has
three big ways to save. Number 1, daily flash sales that feature huge
discounts on single items. You can find those on the website. Number 2, a colossal site-wide discount, 13%
off, that covers everything TreeStuff sells. All you have to do is put in the coupon code
LUCKY13 at checkout. And the third way to save, for every 25 orders
one of them is going to be absolutely free, with that customer getting a full refund. Now, let’s go to Jake with today’s forecast. Jake? – Carson this huge Flash Sale continues and
it looks like it’s going to be raining savings through Cyber Monday. Let’s take a look at the affected areas, and
well, they’re everywhere. Today we’ll see some Samson Dynasorb II in
11 different sizes, and plenty of Notch products as well. Like the Notch Banshee in several different
lengths, the Pro Deluxe Bag as well, along with a Large Stainless Steel Portawrap. We’ll also see Notch Armorflex Chainsaw Pants
in all sizes. Along with that we’ll also see AZUA lanyards,
a Rig and Ring, and much more. That’s what’s happening around the world and
in your neck of the woods. Fellas, back to you. – Thanks Jake. We have a great Flash Sale today guys, and
we do want to remind people about another way to save big. Branch Manager Grapple is also offering a
great refund opportunity. – Yeah so Dave Nordgaard, the owner of Branch
Manager, he’s quoted at saying ‘We want to give order refunds, too’. So one lucky customer that buys a Branch Manager
Grapple, and that’s like a- almost $3,000 item, during this year’s Black Friday/Cyber
Monday sale at TreeStuff, they’re gonna get a full refund from Dave Nordgaard. – Wow so we have the one in every 25 order
refunded as well as a free Branch Manager Grapple. – Uh huh. – That is huge. And I think it’s safe to say that the holiday
gift shopping season has officially begun. – Yeah definitely. Tune in to ADN tomorrow for a special Black
Friday edition of Mad Money, where it’s informative, it’s loud, and some things are probably gonna
get broken. – There will also be deals on the Black Friday
promotion and Flash Sale items, so check your email for the showtimes and thanks for joining
us everybody. – Happy Thanksgiving!