hi I’m Patrick Olsen managing editor
for cars.com you know as gas prices keep going up there may be four dollars a
gallon by the time you see this everyone is interested in saving money
but if you’re not in the market for a Prius or hydrogen fuel cell car there
are things you can do with the car you’ve already got we’re going to show
you some tips that can help you save a lot of money over time you’re trying to
figure out the question about octane gas levels for your car remember the two R’s required vs
recommended now if you’re gonna make her only recommends premium gas you can
probably skip by with the cheaper stuff but if that our maker requires premium
gas don’t damage your car put on the high-octane stuff there are two things
you might not think about when it comes to gas mileage but those are your tires
and your engine you want to make sure that your tires are inflated properly to
the right amount and for that you want to check the sticker on the door jamb
not what’s written on the tire in additional make sure your engine is
working at its optimal best because that better performance will mean better
mileage overall weight plays an important factor in trying to save gas
so you’ve got some unnecessary items in your car make sure that you take them
out when you go driving now that can include people get your transit pass get
the hell out so the easiest way to save gas when
you’re driving is to make sure you’re not putting your pedal to the metal what i mean by that is no Jackson starts
flowering your way through the intersection to beat the other guy i
mean slow and steady from a dead stop that will save you a lot of gas overtime
in addition your car is going to run much more efficiently when you’re going
at in the top gear of your car at a relatively low speeds and so that means
you know going more like 55 miles an hour when you’re in fifth or sixth gear
depending on your car I know it’ll be tempting next time we go
on vacation to put a roof rack or something else on top of your car to
save space but don’t succumb to that temptation anything you put on top of
the car is going to cost you money the more winter assistance the worst gas
mileage is the more it’s gonna cost you in the pocketbook it’s an age-old question the drivers use
the air-conditioning or all the windows down the trying to cool off their car well not an issue for me today but it’s
important money issue for most drivers what happens when you use their
conditions that yes it does Robin engine of some power and it’s going to cost a
little gas mileage but what’s worse today the way the cars are engineered is
to roll the windows down the aerodynamics means that if the windows
are all open their cars going to go much slower and your burn more gas about the
technology is available the drivers today the best way to save gas is to not
drive at all so if carpooling or taking public
transit is an option for you can say fifty percent of your gas just by
writing to work with a coworker our neighbor so there’s no need for you have
to rush out and buy a hybrid if you want to save gas follow these tips and you’ll see the
savings add up over time for more car related news go to cars.com our blog
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