Sound Fighter Systems custom designs and install sound absorbing noise barriers and sound walls. Made specifically for
industrial scale heating ventilation and air conditioning units. Materials like
metal, wood and PVC have traditionally been used for HVAC screens and
enclosures but they often reflect sound creating an amplifying effect and
redirecting noise back over into surrounding areas. Our advanced
absorptive materials provide a much more effective solution trapping and breaking
down the sound frequencies, diffusing them completely. We provide turnkey solutions for noise reduction around chillers, cooling towers,
evaporators, condensers, air conditioners and air handlers. We work with our
clients on sound studies and modeling, barrier design, planning, regulatory
compliance and sound wall installations They are acoustically tuned, lightweight,
easy to assemble, low maintenance and will not rust rot or stain whether. It’s
for a ground level application or a rooftop retrofit our walls are the most
effective noise abatement solutions available for this very demanding
application. Outperforming and out lasting all other noise reduction
products in their class. Well we had to add a new chiller system to the school
cathedral complex it needed to go on the playground which was a little concerning
to me initially so we had the sound wall installed and frankly never hear
anything at all. Let Sound Fighter help you overcome your noise problem with one of our 100% absorptive noise barrier systems Sound Fighter Systems, making the
world a quieter place