hey what's up y'all Anthony back with another on foot sneaker review as always please thumbs up this video subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell if you haven't already this video will be going over the Air Jordan 5 international flight also known as the Barcelona as usual I've made a post on this on my website with a couple links where you can still find these online so if you're watching this video around the time I first drop in it click the link down in the description to get started if you're trying to locate a pair of these basically this is part of a pack of international flight sneakers the other ones that jump immediately to mind are the threes that kind of look like true blue threes and now the Michael Jordan's signature on the actual tongue these don't have the signature but they do have other features on them like this print that they're using on the inside of the ankle and behind the netting which is reminiscent of area in Barcelona which is why they put it on there as for the rest of the shoes branding I mean it's pretty consistent with other air jordan fives there's a blue 23 with an orange shadow towards the outer rear of the shoe got a black jump man on the back there's a blue jump man on the tongue on the outsole you've got an orange jump man with the Jordan lettering in there as well and then on the insole you have the international flight logo I think it's a really clean colorway which is why I picked it up they're going for below market value because people kind of slept on these but I think that this is definitely a pair that is going to be sought after later I just think the colorway is too nice to pass these up and getting into the materials I think the materials are surprisingly good on these for a Jordan 5 retro just a nice soft tumbled leather all around the shoe it's not stiff or like plasticy or shiny it's pretty much like a muted tumble and the tumble is pretty consistent in terms of the finish all around the shoe so it's not like tumbled in some parts and smooth and others which is an inconsistency you see a lot in Jordan retros there's actually pretty consistent all the way around so stoked off that and I would say that the materials are pleasantly surprising on these when it comes to the fit on these I did my true size of a size 10 normally in runners I'll get like a nine and a half and in a lot of Nikes and Jordans low I'll get a 10 and I think that that was the move for these I do think that these fit good at that size I don't know that I'd have been able to squeeze into a nine and a half and I feel like a ten and a half would still be comfortable actually but it might just look a little big on foot overall though I'd rate these is pretty comfortable I don't think fives are the most comfortable air Jordan Retro is out there and these fit like an average pair of five so I wouldn't really expect anything more from this shoe in terms of comfort when it comes to what type of outfit I wear at the kick like this I mean the mostly white upper with blue hits and a little bit orange really opens these up to a lot of different outfits I could see light and dark wash denim both working well blue or black gray denim should work pretty good khaki you might be pushing it but I think you could still possibly pull it off with these because the orange is bright enough I don't think it's gonna clash with any sort of beige and then for a top you could wear blue black white grey sort of matchup off whatever pants you picked to go with these and I think that they will look pretty good I don't think you're gonna have to try that hard honestly to make an outfit out of these overall I'm glad I picked these up I mean it's a quality shoe in my opinion especially just for a random pair of Jordan fives really pull away I mean it's kind of random there is like a little story to it I guess but overall it's just a retro lifestyle type colorway nothing too crazy there but I do like the color combo and I think that they did an above expected job on the materials nothing my blowing but definitely pretty good for a Jordan Retro and it's got enough little features in there to kind of set these apart from other Jordan Retro so I think overall it was a good addition to the collection that's all I gotta say about these for now though thanks for watching let me know if you're feeling these down in the comments as always please thumbs up this video subscribe to the channel and hit the notification bell if you haven't already until next time y'all peace