if you say that I’m going to do a
reaction of Bohemian Rhapsody you guess correctly and if you say it’s for Alip
Ba Ta, you are spot on, and I also have my coffee mug to match him because you
know his trademark is that he always has that coffee mug next to him but I do not
smoke so I don’t have an ashtray anywhere in the house to match him so
anyway thank you for all the recommendation and thank you for
subscribing I’m going to do a reaction of Queen Bohemian Rhapsody finger style
cover by Alip Ba Ta, I said this before I’m obsessed with him, all I know is that
from you guys that he is a forklift driver in Jakarta and he is he didn’t
take any formal lesson he is not a professional musician that’s as far as I
know so that’s that’s why it’s so amazing to see how far he’s come from
being a forklift driver and teaching himself to play guitar so this probably is the
most difficult and challenging song, I’ve seen the other three including black or
white Michael Jackson which is really amazing also the other one is the Queen
love of my life another masterpiece so but this in my
opinion is probably the most challenging because there’s a lot of key change I
said that before key change and the melody and the bass and the harmony,
there’s a choir there in the middle and so yeah I will stop talking
and let’s just watch this I’m ready to be blown away by
this amazing musician so let’s take a look it’s a tricky chord right there Perfection Oh he’s using the right hand, the index
finger to create that sound the high pitch because it’s like one octave
higher then the rest of the notes oh oh okay
– i have to play that one more time Oh nice chord I like it Very good brother! Perfect! I just want to make a quick comment, the
chord that he used is exactly as what it was being played by Queen
because it’s not standard. I don’t want to be too technical but sometimes
they use a chord like F but the bass is in G so and he did that
correctly so that’s really good of him (APPLAUSE) Right here! (APPLAUSE) Perfection! Oh nice OMG Nice bass trick right there! Oh perfect! every note is exactly as it was played oh my god this is awesome
and you know what I just realized I intentionally didn’t interrupt usually
like I like to make comments and my share with you guys my observation of
what’s going on what what I’m watching but this time I just want to enjoy the
whole thing to the end and this is a really good like I mentioned earlier he
picked all the notes and the chords exactly as it was played by Queen to
the T because there are many covers of this song even on the piano don’t do
exactly as it was written so there are some differences you know they miss
certain chord they miss certain notes but he was able, with a guitar which is a lot more difficult to create than on the
piano he can create the same sound as it was written by queen so that is a
really amazing and I’m really impressed with people, because people can do a lot
of speed with practice you know skill but to create the song that exactly as it was written to me that’s really amazing that requires talent good ear
and he has that talent so good job Alip, I don’t know his real name Alip Ba Ta you
did a good job so congratulation I really wish you success and yeah that’s
my observation and I think I’m going to watch this one more time or five more
times that’s that’s how good it is so I play the song on the piano with mistakes
so now I’m motivated to learn to play this song to completion it will never be
as good as him but I can try okay thank you very much guys for
watching and thank you for the recommendation
this is the best cover from him compared to the other three which I have ever
watched but I think this is the best one okay thanks for watching bye