Guys, please do SUBSCRIBE to ALRIGHT Wait, wait.. Let me pull this for you Thank you! Wow! Listen.. What’s this fragrance? Are you cooking Manchurian? Leave my hand Varun I’ve to keep an eye on the food or else it’ll get burnt What about the moment which’ll be ruined if you leave? You’re clearly into drama Too dramatic! Varun.. We share such an amazing bond It’s been a year & we’ve never fought Yeah But, don’t you feel petty fights are healthy for a relationship Wow! What do you think? That is very sweet of you That too 4 days prior to our anniversary I’m guessing it’s a countdown cake Oh, I love this! But I can’t see “4 days to go” written anywhere Varun.. I wanted to talk about something My brand has been selected for the Blight Fashion Week Oh my God, that’s great! So, I’ve to spend one full week in Mumbai THAT IS GREAT! and I’ve to leave tomorrow That is absolute… What? You have to leave tomorrow? Yeah On our first anniversary You’ll be in Bombay Varun, but.. No, that’s great news Have a safe flight Varun One second Varun, what happened? You know what happened Varun, you too postponed our marriage Because that auspicious moment fell on the same day as my aunt’s death anniversary What a great sight it would’ve been, all our guests dressed in white Okay, listen You only said that you want a partner who’s ambitious who has her own dreams Huh? Why are you ignoring me? Because I have my headphones on Varun.. One second Just.. try the Manchurian How’s it? What is the problem, tell me? We’ve decided this ever since we got married that we’re gonna do something huge on our 1st anniversary I was looking forward to it What do you think? You’ll win me over with this Manchurian? Why are you overreacting? It’s a big opportunity for me If you were in my place, what would you do? I would’ve skipped my work Really? The other day on Golu’s birthday, how did that urgent meeting come up? Golu doesn’t equal to our anniversary Golu is a random kid in your colony You probably don’t even know his full name Gulfam Ahmed I really don’t care if it’s Gulfam Ahmed or Gulshan Grover Just mind your language Golu’s mother has done a lot of favours for me You should’ve tied the knot with Golu’s mother Why did you drag me into this Hello, good evening sir A delivery for you floor mattress Can you sign here, please Yeah You placed an order for a mattress? Brother Do you know what alzheimer is? Yes sir.. A person tends to forget things First, that person eats my brain for a whole month saying that our mattress is not good enough But, hey.. You have to think abou the month end situation too Yeah, true I’ve bought it by comparing it’s price This one is cheaper The EMI is also very low I plan and buy things Unlike other people who take unplanned decisions All you could give me your entire life is just sarcasm but never an orga… No.. It’s not like that Yeah, sir I’ll do the rest Thank you My mother was right about you You discuss our sex life with your mom? She generally used to warn me about you Varun, are you still mad at me? I’m sorry What are you sorry for? I should be the one saying sorry to your friends and family Sorry guys Our anniversary party is cancelled Please return your respective invitation cards You invited people over? Without even asking me I really wanted to throw a surprise for you But you have the habit of ruining my surprise plan Listen, Varun.. Our anniversary is gonna occur the next year too But this opportunity won’t knock on my door twice Indu.. It won’t be our 1st anniversary next year Okay, I won’t go What? I will not go Are you sure? Yeah Okay Varun, you know what the real problem is? A man’s career is a career But a woman’s career… it’s a part time job Indu is working? Yeah She might be idle But you know, our passion is confused for boredom Even when I wanted to pursue Fashion Design I remember, my own parents were against it The only person who supported me was Golu’s mother Earlier, you acted extremely cool “Career is priority” I didn’t know that.. these rules are applicable only for you and not for me After working hard for 3 years I got this show Anyway Honestly, I just.. For me, the day we got married is important Rather than the date on which we got married Good night Indu Indu! Indu What are you doing Varun? It’s 8 already You’ll get late for your flight Come on, have your breakfast Be careful, you’ll spill the juice on our mattress Varun The juice won’t get spilled It has a no partner disturbance feature Come on, be quick! You need to pack your stuff too Varun I told you yesterday that I’m not going I’ve changed my mind Indu, are you insane? Do you know how difficult it was to get the ticket? But I don’t wanna go, why did you buy a ticket? I already had one Not yours I booked my ticket Not staying together on our anniversary will do But not staying by your side on your life’s biggest show won’t work for me Are you serious? Yeah, I mean.. I am serious Varun you booked your ticket? Yeah Are you crying? No, it’s just the cold Okay I thought you got emotional by my genuine effort You’re cute Even your mouth has a bad stink to it That’s really mean Okay, how about one morning kiss Are you mad? Come on, just one kiss I’ve to go to Bombay If you don’t wanna go, it’s up to you I am going to Bombay Come on, pack you bag Hello people If you enjoyed watching this video then do LIKE the video If you enjoyed it a lot, then do SHARE and if you enjoyed it the most, then do SUBSCRIBE and comment below because one lucky winner will win an Amazon Echo Speaker and.. the winners will be announced on 19th September on Alright’s Instagram handle Guys, don’t forget to upgrade to “Flo Mattress” for a good night’s sleep Oh! 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