hey what's up guys and welcome to Xbox on and it's III which means there are a load of incredible deals for you to take advantage of there are so many awesome games on sale this week so let's have a look at them I want a purple bundle BAM done if you haven't upgraded to an Xbox one X yet then now is the time with our hundred dollars off from June 7th to June 17th they said hey brainer immerse yourself in stunning 4k Ultra HD gaming with HDR and make the most of those Xbox one X enhance games and for the best value in games and entertainment pick up the new Xbox one S or Digital Editions starting at 199 dollars you can also grab the newly release for tonight's special edition Xbox 1s bundle for a cheeky $50 off and last but not least $50 off Xbox 1s bundles so that counts all for everyone save $10 on black/white special edition and a limited edition Xbox wireless controllers which will feature the sleek streamlined design and textured or rubberized grips custom button mapping and Windows 10 compatibility or if you fancy something a bit more custom designing your own controller by choosing from over a billion of color combinations available for the Xbox design lab starting at 60 $4.99 for a limited time only [Applause] now on to the games challenge yourself in Gothic style with Dark Souls 3 standard edition fry your way through a beautifully devastated world that punishes any lack of attention your cheers precisely how you want your character to expect and armed as you explore this vast world filled with your chest and terrifying beings who will challenge your skills and your patience mostly the patience part it's not a gaming experience you're likely to forget in a hurry this awesomely intense RPG is 75% off this week so don't forget to look out for those bonfires live out your wildest laser filled star wars fantasy is in Battlefront 2 with a 70% discount play is part of a huge roster of classic and newest Star Wars characters as you fight to save or destroy the galaxy depending on which side you are on everyone thinks of themselves as a good guy though I guess there are 11 game modes to amuse yourself with including the very fun and surprisingly tense you walk on there's no shortage of ways to entertain yourself if you're a star Wars fan the gunplay is all of the fun and satisfaction you can expect from the shootie part of a da guys game and the space battle truly is something else no it's the isometric hack-and-slash we've all heard of but if you haven't dipped into it yet here's your chance Diablo 3 eternal edition is on sale right now with 67% off in Diablo you get to choose what class you roll be a wizard or monk or necromancer what's something else entirely as you jump down into hellish worlds before you and kill anything that stands in your way all that matters is that sweet sweet blood covered loot Legare the end of each run the satisfying killing go combat is only really the beginning you dive deep into the world of equipment build and optimal setups because once in a while you really should switch out those gore fill boots the graphics may look cute and all-school cartoony but this isn't the sort of game you could sit down and a Saturday morning to chill with cuphead brings reflux and frustration to whole new levels while still managing to really inspire a sense of pride when you finally beat that damn level who looking at you dragon boy in classic level based style cuphead features lower levels each with their own boss set across three distinct islands if you mess up and lose your lives you've got to start all over again and it's very easy to lose a life and your mind in the process Copperhead is 15% off this week so go on put yourself to the test we're Watchers seeing everything never being the same Ghost Recon wildlands could be yours this week with 70% off the third person tactical shooter features one of the biggest open worlds published in the Ubisoft game with nine types of terrain including mountains forests deserts and more on top of a dynamic weather system and day and night cycle US government decides to intercept following tensions caused by a Mexican drug cartel but using the dynamic Ghost Recon fireteam as part of Operation Kingslayer co-opted multiplayer lets you team up with your friends to take on Bolivia and complete objectives in a variety of cool ways whether you've a soft recently announcing the release of the sequel Ghost Recon break point this is a great opportunity to dive in and see what the Ghost Recon world is all about well what are you waiting for we basically don't shut up about sea of thieves over here at Xbox on and for good reason there's nothing better for a group of friends to jump into and goof off with in pirate style and the recent anniversary update has only given us even more reason to dive back in second PvE exploration with tall tales and the brand-new PvP space with arena came free to owners of CFCs in April and the updates just keep coming it's also on xbox game pass but if you're not currently a subscriber you can buy the full game with 50% off this week and it's payable both on your xbox and on your Windows 10 PC this guy skeleton Lord impressive if you've been hearing all this high-fat Borderlands 3 and you're interested in the five but maybe you don't know where to start well good news the borderlands handsome collection is currently 75% off and it includes both Borderlands 2 and Borderlands the pre-sequel there's four player split-screen and a whole lot of chaos all in one place in this xbox 1x enhanced 4k Ultra HD edition of the game the pre-sequel gives you that all-important knowledge of what kicked off many of the events you see in the series and Borderlands 2 is of course the story that leads up to the point you'll be thrown into as you begin Borderlands 3 we get around three months to complete them both have you ever watched Jurassic world and thought to yourself you know what I could do it better but those go needs to the chest right now with your ethic world evolution having a 50% discount this week build your park to your exact specifications with unique attractions hotels shops wanna rails and the occasional secure underground bunker you know just in case what are you planning genetically engineer your own diners and see their interactions at evolution play out and mostly try not to go bankrupt it's quite tricky when your Raptors have escaped for the fifth time and eaten of your guests but that's your problem and only you can stand against the dirtiness Kingdom Hearts 3 bounce into our lives earlier this year with a generous sprinkling of Disney magic and this week you can grab it with a 40% discount saw a continuous journey and quest to rid the world of the Heartless and his arch-nemesis they adored onto his keyblade and his loyal Powell's Donald Duck and Goofy Sora must journey through brights beautiful and recognizable lands from some of the biggest Disney franchises like Hercules and Toy Story 2 truly try and figure out his purpose it's a better adventure for new and old fans alike and firmly one of the biggest games to release so far this year it's like 40% off is a pretty awesome deal I don't want to experience real life but a little bit better baby for the new hairstyle a flash Newhouse may be a completely different career Sims 4 has you covered in The Sims you create a world to your specification and a family to live inside it controlling their hopes fears and dreams like some terrifying demigod the stranger builds DLC recently dropped on xbox and the game has a mouse and keyboard support if that's your preferred way to play but 80% off it sounds like a great time to dive in and craft your ideal world oh let your sims dive in and take the ladder away from the pool so there we have it those are the deals that you can pick up this week and there are some incredible ones from hardware to games to everything you want Xbox I don't know how I'm gonna have the money to buy all of these things thank you very much for watching the video guys if you're new to the channel leave us as subscribe they was a like if you enjoyed and we'll see you next time