in this video we are going to talk about
the new seller central notification integration for refund opt outs and
return status inside feedbackwhiz go to your marketplace settings under
account settings and find where it says seller central notifications after you
have followed these procedures and set this up what we can now see is your
refund opt-outs and returns as soon as you see them inside your emails the main
benefit of this now is you can now see data like the reason why you know the item was returned or refunded and as well use these new flags inside their
campaigns so what you can now do is because we get this data as soon as you
see it previously the data came from the API and it was usually delayed anywhere
from a few days to a few weeks a lot of times you know you sending out these
automated emails and you want to exclude sending out emails to orders that were
refunded and returned because of the delay previously most of the time the
exclusion just didn’t work out so now because we can get this data almost
instantaneously for any of these campaigns that you run through FeedbackWhiz especially if you have a template where you want to contact a customer talking
about you know sorry for the refund if you have any issues please contact us
you’ll be able to help prevent getting more negative reviews and feedback this
way and as well as when you send out your emails asking for you know
product review request now the exclude order response we have returns and
refunds and this data is extremely accurate so as soon as you know these
events happen our system is going to block these emails from sending out in addition, if you go to the orders page
you will see that we have added the return of a filter and we also
have with refund so you would be able to see you know these orders that have
returns and refunds or either or if I turn off refund you can see there’s
orders that might have returns but not refunds so you can click in here and you
will actually see data that will tell you exactly you know when it
was returned and you know what was the reason so yeah hopefully this will help
improve some of those conversions and help prevent sellers from getting
negative feedback or reviews from new order