How is everybody’s Black Friday and Cyber
Monday? In this video, I’ll be showing you guys how
much revenue I’ve made, how many units I’ve sold, and what I did exactly to fully maximize
my sales velocity for these two days. Let’s start off with Black Friday. For Black Friday, here are my sales. I think it was just at 168 units. And for Cyber Monday, it was just at 331 units
close to midnight. If you are new to my channel, please subscribe
and please hit that bell if you want to see more videos to come. So, I already know what you’re thinking. And just to tell you, I have a total of 4
products. This whole year I only had about 6 products
and I decided to liquidate 2 because 1 was just a test product. I was trying to test out all of these different
things when I was just beginning to sell in January. And the other product… I actually don’t recall what it was now. But, I had 6 products in total this year. I decided to stick with 4 products because
these 4 products are selling pretty well on an everyday basis. And my goal right now is to fully scale those
4 products the best I can. So what did I do for Black Friday and Cyber
Monday? I decided to drop my price by $3 to $4. I decided to do this because I know that this
weekend has the most demand on Amazon dot com. Literally, every single human being in the
US is shopping on Amazon dot com. So I know I will have their full attention
if I were to drop my price and add in that little orange coupon. So for 2 products, I decided to drop my price
and add an orange coupon. What I did was, 1 product, I dropped it by
$3 and I think the other product, I dropped it by $4. Somewhere between $3 to $4. I was kind of juggling these numbers the whole
weekend just so that I could get ranked super, super, super high for the month of December. Now, some of you guys may think, “Okay, well
why didn’t you do this before this weekend?” I actually did do this. But I was still having a really hard time
ranking because everyone is fighting for that number 1 top spot. So, I decided to give it an extra boost by
just dropping my price and adding an orange coupon. For the orange coupon, I only did $1 off. And again, for these 2 products, I dropped
it anywhere between $2.50 to $4. Just adjusting the prices everyday depending
on how the sales go. I was adjusting the price on Black Friday,
Saturday, Sunday, and Cyber Monday. To my surprise, Cyber Monday just totally
blew up. I honestly thought Black Friday was the day. I thought, “Wow, everybody’s probably jumping
on Amazon dot com and getting all the juicy products right now.” But, I am sure a lot of you guys who are watching
this who are selling on Amazon, you guys know that Monday was the biggest day. Sorry, I am just going to turn off my phone
here. Okay, so yeah, Monday was the biggest day
and for 2 of my products, I dropped the price. One of them, it was just below $10. And the other one was just at $10. This helped made my sales just jump up. So, a lot of you guys are scared to drop your
price sometimes. But to be honest, dropping your price is really
not that bad. Because at the end of the day, I think I had
about a 15% profit margin. But, this was moving in volume, right? This was just flying off the shelves. Another reason why I did this is because 1
of my products has excess inventory. My excess inventory, I think I have about
500 units and I did not want to pay the long term storage fees. So I am like, “You know what, I am just going
to drop the price, sell this out before long term storage fees hit, and just be done with
it.” So that’s exactly what my plan was. When you have long term storage fees coming
your way, if you’re in the fifth month, and then the sixth month, you’re going to get
hit with the long term storage fees, I suggest dropping your price. Because if you’re paying for the storage fee,
there’s really no – you should not be doing that. Instead, drop your price so you can get that
ranking, right? The more people, the more customers that buy
your product, the higher you will rank up, depending on whichever keyword they choose
to buy it from. And if they were to buy it on a variety of
keywords, then you’re getting your rank for all of those keywords. So it’s a really good way to – I wasn’t liquidating
my product, I just didn’t want to pay the storage fees. And speaking of storage fees, my regular storage
fees were about between $1.50 to $1.75 US, for these 4 products, every single month. And now in Q4, I checked my last bill, it
was $735. So you could see the big difference, this
is times 5, times 6 of what I am originally supposed to pay. So I rather just drop the price and let that
sell out so I don’t get charged these crazy high storage fees. So when you guys have a product and you’re
hitting close to storage fees, the high storage fees, just drop your price. Because it’s going to help you just get that
rank. And also, they are all organic sales. You don’t have to do anything funny to get
rid of that excess inventory. One last thing I want to say before I go,
I know people have been posting their sales inside FBA Winners group. I see a lot of sales and screenshots everyday
of people’s sales. I am so happy for all of you guys who are
even making your first dollar online on Amazon. I mean, do you know how hard it is to make
money online when you’re just starting? You’re basically struggling and I know a lot
of you guys are struggling. If you are struggling, feel free to reach
out to me. I do respond to everybody, everyday. I get messages from people everyday and they’re
like “Wow, you do actually respond to people.” Yes, I do respond to people. But, I want to say congratulations to you
all who have had major success on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I know that you guys worked so hard everyday
just to get those products up and running on Amazon. So I want to say congratulations. And to be completely honest, it doesn’t matter
how much money you’re making, it doesn’t matter how big your numbers are, it doesn’t matter
how small your numbers are. All that matters is that you found a system
that works. It works for you. You’re generating passive income. And all you have to do now is scale. Scaling is one of the biggest things that
I’m working on currently. That’s why I may not add a lot of products
to Amazon. I may add two more next year, in the beginning
of next year. But you know, I am not, I don’t want to dump
in 10 products all at the same time. People think, “Oh, the more products, the
more money.” That’s not the case, right? The more products, the more problems. There’s a lot of problems and challenges that
you may run into and I always suggest to you guys, just do this very slowly. It’s not a competition. It doesn’t matter who has bigger numbers. What really matters is that you are making
passive income. And you should just work on scaling those
numbers. Okay guys, I hoped that you enjoyed this video. I hope you enjoyed the tips that I have given
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do this for Boxing Day as well. But again, I am not completely fully stocked
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