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by the way today we have one of my favorites Julie Douglas Julie um she’s
our default when it comes to all things regarding payment solutions in the
automotive retail sector and that also includes data security to a large extent
and so much money is transacted in dealerships Julie Douglas of dealer pay
welcome back thank you thanks for having me. Kelly let’s get into it now you
initiated a campaign this fall to make sure dealers check a few boxes
concerning security compliance rate fee reviews and securing a solid partner and
technology provider how are dealers that don’t address these topics exposed
because this is some crucial stuff sure so the three components that you
mentioned the first obviously being security and compliance
obviously we’re transacting a lot of data a lot of dealers really don’t know
their exposure with some of the hardware and/or software they’re using and the
the providers they use probably don’t say hey pay attention this is important
so I always ask my dealers to just really pay attention to what’s happening
in their dealership everything from user practices best practices but also the
providers hardware and software obviously we don’t want these guys
storing any payment data but even more than that with
holiday is coming up and just all the fraud exposure they just really need to
make sure that they have the latest and greatest with respect to PCI compliance
so with with that first box you know that’s that’s what dealers pay does we
really try to keep our dealers on top of that you know I was just exposed so to
speak so this is coming in a really good time literally yesterday somebody tried
to get into my Google account which was problematic so we had to change all my
passwords it’s out it’s a real danger know in security and data security that
kind of in the same space but there’s a lot more risk with payment data security
and you know fines and whatnot with a breach are just out of this world so you
know if the dealerships are listening just just make sure that you’ve got you
know all your your eyes dotted and t’s crossed I appreciate that
and folks Kelly climbing over here dealership news.com
that’s our podcast