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TJ here with another video if you like these types of videos please like share
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notifications whenever I release new videos today’s video is going to be a
revisit of something I did in the past about five or so months ago I made a
video about merchandiser the merchandiser app for being coming a
secret shopper so this is done through survey calm and you can actually
download the app on your phone to join so I’m going to put a link to it in the
description section also it will be the first pin comment if you would like to
sign up and try it but we’re gonna go over everything I did make a whole video
about this before if you want to see it it’ll be up here at the top and yeah so
I’m gonna do a deeper dive into the app itself and kind of show some of the
campaign’s that they have that you can sign up for and actually make you a
quick buck so I want to start off by saying I
appreciate everyone that has signed up through my link so the people that have
signed up through my link has made over $800 in the past couple of months and
you could be one of those people to make some money and we’ll go over that a
little bit too once we dive into the actual app itself so let’s get into that
all right the first thing one do is go into the merchandiser app the
merchandiser app is going to be downloaded through either Android of
course or iPhone and we open it up you have to sign up now if you go through my
link in the description I will get a 10% cut I guess of whatever your earnings
are so if you make you know $100 I get $10 and I just want to be open – about
that this doesn’t skew me from showing you this because it isn’t actually a
great program for you to go try this easy to do so we’re gonna go into the
app and I’ve talked a little bit about actually what that means so if we go to
the project’s tab the project tab is going to tell you exact
which projects are going to be available in your area of course every area is
going to be a little bit different but a lot of the same companies are available
in multiple different areas and we’ll talk about that here in a minute as well
the first one that everybody always gets is the cookie section audit that’s the
first one that I did you go in you take your phone you go through the app and
you know you take pictures of the actual faced items on the aisle and it actually
gives feedback from you to the you know Chips Ahoy or Nabisco or whoever whoever
the cookie maker is how that store is presenting their project so it’s easier
to send you out and allow you to to you know take photos then for them to visit
every store so you know you go down you can do a cookie section on it it’s gonna
be five bucks so the good thing about this cookie section audit is there’s so
many stores that you can actually do this from so right now there’s 44 stores
available I don’t know how far or wide those stores are but these are all
within a certain distance from my house so theoretically if I wanted to I can go
hit up every one of these stores make $5 for each one of those stores so there’s
gonna be over three hundred dollars that I could make if I hit all of those
stores now a couple of people that has joined through my link kind of reached
out to me and told me that they have done a lot of the a lot of the projects
and I want to show you some of the other projects that they have available so
here I they they have a audit and a product purchase so on my first video I
did a audit as well as a just like a merchandiser part where I took the
photos and sent them in but the purchase is you’ll go in your auditor section and
if you have a let’s say for instance they they have been reports of a product
leaking so in my case I there was a Mexican
sauce packet and the sauce packet was actually leaking on the outside of the
packages and there was a couple of them that was so I went in I actually took
those I think it was like five or six of them you purchased those so you go up to
the line I was at Walmart you go to line you purchased those with your own money
and then when you get into a car you scan the barcodes you take a photo and
you send it in and they will reimburse you the amount that you spent on the
money plus you get to keep the product so it’s a win-win they get the product
out of the store that’s the main thing is they want to get the bad products out
of the store and then they want to make sure that the good products are nice and
neat on the shelf so there’s a couple other ones on here that pay a little bit
less you know you have a couple four seven dollars and so I’m going to show
you where the real money comes in the real money comes in because they
actually have insiders that work within the app and they actually send you
messages when there are opportunities to make money so I’m gonna go over here to
my message center so I can show you some messages that I’ve gotten so right here
they have a project opportunity that’s close to my house and it pays twelve
dollars per store so if there’s five stores I get paid five dollars or twelve
dollars for each store that I complete this this particular product on there
was another one that I received okay right here this one pays $15 an hour so
it says you can do a 6 point a six and a half hour
chef reset so that’s when you go into the store and they have a host of new
products and that you have to take the old products off and put the new
products on they give you all the instructions that you need and
somebody’s actually there kind of managing managing that from the store so
that pays $15 an hour you go right on here you can reply say hey I like to
sign up for this slide six and a half hours $15 an hour boom you can get paid
for that we had another one I had another one on here
this was actually February of the fifth and it was for $50 through $120 per day
for a story set so you can go and work four or five days 52:21 hundred twenty
dollars per day and you know get paid for that so this
is a really good way for you to actually go on and become a secret shopper and
you know make some quick cash now I’m going to show you a whole other aspect
of this merchandiser app so let’s go over here to refer free and I don’t want
to go down too far because I believe it will show name so I don’t want to show
like people’s names on here so I’m going to try to block out all the people’s
names but I’ve had a honey I’ve had 40 for register for the four users being
registered and for each person that registers with your code you can earn
10% of what they earn and up to 100 dollars for each person so you would
think you know how much money are these people actually gonna make him I’m gonna
make him money with this so I was surprised when I looked on here and I
had earned $84 because I I knew I had a bunch of people that signed up but I
didn’t really know that I had a lot of people that actually used to happen so
people start reaching out to me saying you know they appreciate me showing it
and blah blah so I have out of the 44 registered users that I’ve referred they
have made eight hundred and forty nine dollars since I’ve released my video so
if I can do it you can do it and then whenever you do sign up if you go and
you do one project share it share it with your friends share with your family
members and you will get paid when they get paid so it’s a win-win for everybody
so like I said I’m gonna put the link in the comment section below as well as in
description section below and I’m going to show you exactly how to get started
I’m gonna put that video up here at the top again I put it in the description
section as well showing you exactly how to go through the process to starting it
over if you start from the beginning start to finish and that’s gonna be for
today guys thanks guys this