don’t just cleanse your skin hydrate and nourish and restore each and
every time you wash era organic’s face wash includes hospital grade
alvare and manuka honey to help heal damaged in an acne eczema psoriasis
crashes and more this country is ideal gentle cleanser for sensitive skin it won’t strip away
the natural oils needed for optimum health our skin is naturally 5.5 pH
which is acidic this protective layer is the skins first line of defense against
infection disease and toxin while most soaps are 10 P age and restore is
perfectly balanced to the skin and 5.5 pH so it won’t harm the skin immune
system or worse than any existing condition use it to reduce actually prevent
breakout and soothe dry damaged in a jump start the healing process and
perfectly complements our cream all our products are non-toxic caravan fragrance
and cruelty free so confidently apply knowing your skin is receiving the
safest treatment to learn more visit era organic dot com