Now I’ve got something today that will seriously
solve problems with picking what to buy for this year’s 11.11 AKA Single’s Day sale
on AliExpress. We will look at 15 different items that you
can buy during the biggest sale event of the year that makes all Black Friday sales look
abysmal. All product links will be in the description
of the video. Before you rush to buy them all, here are
a few pointers: 1. Make sure to load up on coupons before the
sale starts. You can get up to 10 $2 coupons on each day
before the sale. Look for the link in the top right corner
for the instructions on how to get them. 2. If you are buying something that costs more
than $10 check the store homepage to see if they offer any additional coupons. 3. Add the products to the cart right now so
that you don’t have to look for them later and wait for the sale to start – which will
begin at 5 am PST on November 10th. 4. And 4, there is a lot more items to look at
on our website the link to which you can find in the video’s description. Cables, cables, cables. They are by far the most popular item to buy
on AliExpress. If you thought they were cheap, well – they
get even cheaper during this year’s 11.11 sale. Grab a few so that you have some spare ones. There are options for the iPhone, micro-USB
and USB type-C, all at a laughably low price. A budget smartphone from HomTom. Yes, you see correctly, this smartphone will
only cost you $39.94, and you can save $2 more using the coupon. An iPhone case with an external battery. This is a pre-sale deal which means that you
can save even more by making a deposit of $1.80 right now, and paying for the rest of
it on the day of the sale. The deposit would be refunded if you decide
to not complete the purchase. Of course, you can also get this item on the
day of the sale – the price difference will only be 2%. Here is a sweet 10,000 mAh power bank that
will only cost you $12.24. The capacity is enough to charge a standard
smartphone battery for up to 2.5 times. Another good pre-sale deal on a magnetic smartphone
holder that will only set you back anywhere between 3 to 4 USD, depending on the mounting
style. A magnetic charger that has been continuously
making its way into our 11.11 videos became even cheaper this year. The next is is not an individual product,
but rather a store for phone cases and screen protectors. The reason why I think it’s worth the attention
is that they will have a killer discount of $3 off a $4 purchase. Given that most items are around $2, you can
get 2 items for $1 altogether, which I think is a fantastic deal. Another smartphone with an entry-level price,
this one from a brand called Oukitel. It comes with a Face ID and a fingerprint
scanner, quad-core processor and 2gb of RAM. Our favourite poster store, Tie Ler is also
participating in the sale. You can pick up a few dirt cheap posters for
as low as $0.22, with a few cents added for shipping. There is a ton of options, all of which you
can see if you click the link in the description below. You may have seen these moon lights sold on
Instagram and a bunch of drop-shipping stores. Now you don’t have to pay out of your nose
for them, as they are available between 8 and 20 dollars during this year’s sale,
depending on the size of the lamp. A Himalayan pink salt crystal lamp that purifies
air and creates a pleasant ambiance with the warm colored light can be bought for only
$11, and it is available with the US, UK and EU plug types. If you prefer conventional lighting, an LED
bulb that is more power-efficient than the regular incandescent bulb, and it’s also
much cheaper, going for just $0.24. The accessories also go on sale. You can pick up a pair of these sunglasses
for $3.25, down from the regular price of $6.90 – which is a net of 47% off. Pretty decent, if you ask me. A Bluetooth speaker from a brand called Mifa
with decent specs is also available as a presale item with a deposit of $3.30. This one has been purchased over 1400 times
and the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. There is about 20 more great deals for this
year’s sale that you can find in the post on our website, and even more in the shop
section which is linked at the end of the article. Enjoy!