Hello brothers and sisters, I warmly welcome all of you to Be The CREATOR channel Today in this episode I am going to share two secrets of Bonsai First, how will you shorten the size of Bonsai leaves And second, what will you focus on during the prune So friends you have to watch this tutorial with full attention First make your bonsai tool sharp and disinfectant It is necessary to work with minimal damage to the tree Bonsai is called Living Art. This is the only art in the world with which Artist’s relationship continues To make a natural tree smaller and keep it small …. … is a continuous process The tree is small but its leaves are not short… Then the balance is over Years of hard work gets useless For centuries there are some of the traditional …. ….. techniques of this Art that can reduce the leaves along with the trees Secret Number One, Keep Bonsai in the Sun If your bonsai is indoor, keep it in a place where it gets sunlight for at least 4 hours a day To make more energy in low light, tree leaves grow larger And in the bright sunlight small leaves can also … … collect good energy I have brought a Ficus Viren branch … …. from my Pre-bonsai Garden So that I can show you …. how small my Ficus bonsai leaves have become You can compare the size of natural leaves with my largest bonsai leaf It’s about a third smaller Most of the leaves have become half size of the original There are many leaves which have become even less The second technique to reduce the size of the leaf is … … to defoliation I.e. reduce the number of leaves If you reduce the number of leaves or Remove all the leaves then the new leaves will sprout naturally on your bonsai And it will be small But keep in mind … …that your Bonsai can afford defoliation or not Like conifer trees, they can tolerate defoliation less Most tropical trees … …do not have problems with defoliation Except Ficus Benjamina The right time for defoliation is in late winter i.e. in the month of February In a year you can defoliate one or two times to any tree Take care, …. if the tree’s health is not good … …. then by defoliating the tree can die Use sharp scissors to defoliate The leaf nodes can be damaged by tearing with hands in result, it can be difficult to develop new leaves During defoliation … Leave the petiole of the leaf attached to the branch, Within a few days the will dry n fall and from the same node new leaves will sprout I hope … you have understood the way to make the leaves smaller we will now go in the second part The Goal of Pruning That means … why to prune bonsai and … what is the goal to achieve To achieve desired shape of the bonsai … wiring technique is used Which is an easy and time saving process But to change the shape of a tree naturally the only way is pruning From the picture shown in the screen.. you will understand, this is a naturally grown sapling At this point if you chop the trunk, then The immediate lower branch This… will become the main trunk line eventually And you’ll get a turn in the trunk line Which add beauty to the tree and you get a nice taper too Then you prune the branches from here And your tree becomes in this shape So; to get taper and turn on the trunk line Pruning is such a technique, which Keeps balance with the natural growth of trees Another application of pruning is; to increase ramification rate As you can see here, if you prune this branch here Then … you will get two new shoots here … that means two new branches Now on my Ficus Virens I’ll show you some practical pruning First cut flash all the dead woods I’ll prune this lower branch This has become the leader and I don’t want any leader here Now look at this branch This is called eye poker branch Which grows in front of a bonsai and cover up the main structure of the bonsai This is also must be cut flashed Now come to this branch Watch here are two side growths And this growth is growing towards the center of the tree So it must be pruned If you allow it to grow … then it’ll grow cross the branch in front of it Now we’ll go to the top branch Watch the direction of growth of these two leaves which is outwards If I prune just above it then I’ll get two sub branches which will grow towards the same direction of the leaves In the same way here also we will cut over two outward leaves This is called directional pruning The way you want to grow the tree, you have to prune accordingly We will also shorten this branch here And I’m pruning these lower branches according to my requirement And I’ll prune this straight up going shoot As because this type of branches spoil the look of the bonsai Observation is very important to make bonsai The more good your observation power will be, the more good you can make a bonsai To create and maintain bonsai, patience, logical thinking … and sense of art, these three qualities have to be grown inside you now we have to reduce all the top branches I have to keep in mind that in which direction … I want the new shoots to be grown after Prune And finally look at this one …. which is going to go upwards, I will cut it in flash Hope you got an extended information about Bonsai pruning If any questions are in mind then write it in the comment box please Will just wait for the result And this is the update after 15 days See, the goal in which I did prune my Ficus viren, how much did it achieved Here are two shoots as I expected And here are three new shoots out of which One is growing upwards I’ll remove it Here too, we have got two new branches And the branch below which we had pruned That node has got two new shoots which we have to prune This is a new shoot we will prune Some leaves … have become larger, we will remove it too Everywhere there are new shoots like we wanted to get And I will gradually take these new growths ahead, as I wish There is also a new grown shoot which we do not want And this new shoot going up again, I will remove it too Now let us grow it for the next 3 to 4 months That’s all for now friends see you soon on the next video till then Goodbye