I think we should be
very positive about brexit and we should
not be terrified of a no-deal brexit and we
should not be terrified of coming out on WTO terms. We will make sure we
look after the agriculture interests, we have deficiency
payments, farmgate payments, exports refunds, whatever is
necessary to protect farmers. We’ll make sure just in time
supply chains are protected. And I think a lot of the
negativity about a WTO brexit has been wildly overdone. People say that there won’t
be any clean drinking water, the planes won’t fly and there won’t
be milk solids, glucose and whey to make mars bars. It’s all, I mean, do you
really believe that? It is total nonsense. I prophesy
very confidently that we will have a successful
brexit, the planes will fly, there will be clean drinking
water and there will be, there will be whey for the
mars bars because where there’s a will there’s a way,
as I never tire of saying.