In this clip we’ll talk about scars from breast
reduction. Really the scars from breast reduction would be one of the only major down falls
of the surgery. Generally if a woman is plagued by large breast, she will feel excellent after
the breast surgery. And her only concern and mostly the surgeons concern is the appearance
of the scars. It’s very individual about how people heal. We as plastic surgeons attempt
to keep the scars as minimal as possible, with special techniques, small sutures, and
then using special treatments afterwards. Two of the treatments that we utilize in our
office; one is Mederma, which is actually an onion skin extract, that?s utilized to
apply to the scar very early, generally 2 to 3 weeks after surgery, and we like to continue
it for several months. Another treatment is a product called Scar Guard, which has several
factors in it. It has a vitamin E type factor, which is something that people have used traditionally
and over the counter. And then the other two factors are silicone, which seems to help
definitely to keep scars soft and flat. And finally there’s also a mild cortisone cream.
And the cortisone cream helps to decrease inflammation and organize scar tissue so that
it?s softer and flatter.