Well we’re really excited today because we’ve
been making stencils using different types of stencilling medium. We’ve used Mylar and
acetate and this is going to save us a heap of money. And absolutely fantastic for our
journaling. And you can see here some examples of what we’ve already made. So we’re going
to go and show you how to use your Brother Scan n Cut to make these So we’ve cut some
from our sheet of acetate and these are these pieces here and they work really well. This
does seem to bend a little bit at times so you just need to be careful with them but
they’ve done a great result and we’ve been using them in our journals. The other ones
we’re using are from Mylar and we bought two different types. We bought a matt finish and
a shiny finish. We’ve got ones 4mm and ones 5mm, so we tested those and we’re happy with
the result of those as well. And we used our mist spray with them without any problem at
all, so we’ll just get on now and show you how to cut them out on your Brother Scan n
Cut. So firstly I’ll cut a piece of acetate, so I’m just going attach that to my mat. Nice
and firm. Now I’m going to use a knife blade, is going to be set at 4 1/2 and my cut pressure
zero and my cut speed I’ve got at 4. Okay. So I’ve got a pattern selected, put my mat
in. Okay. Cut and away we go. Now all you need to do is pop out the bits there, just doing
that now. See here I’ve gone a bit close to the edge, I’m not going to worry about that,
that doesn’t matter, because I very seldom use the stencil all at the same time, I usually
only tale a corner or bits of it anyway but just be careful, make sure you scan through
and that your pattern is going to fit on your piece. But you can see how easy it is and
you can have stencils of any shape and size or whatever you like, its going to be brilliant,
you’re going to find this, using this acetate is going to save you so much money. So anyway
you can see there I don’t need to push all those out but you can see that these are now
ready for me to paint over. So let’s try it now with some Mylar. So I’m now going to cut a
piece of the Mylar. The one that I’ve got in my hand here is here is the 100 micron,
it’s 4mm, the other piece that we have is the 5mm, it’s 127 microns. We didn’t find
any difference in performance but I’m just going to cut the matt one, the 4mil one. Both worked equally well
and we are very happy with the results. So just place this onto the mat. Okay,so we’ll load
the matt. I have my pattern selected already and I’ll just press ok. Okay. Cut. And away we
go. And there we go. Now you are just going to love this because your scan n cut and these
stencilling mediums are going to save you so much money. Look at that. And you could do
faces, figures whatever, anything that you can stencil you can cut on your Brother Scan
n Cut. Absolutely amazing. It’s going to save you so much money.