The back office is spaghetti in most organizations
– at least very large Fortune 500 companies. They’re managing legacy integrations, they’re
managing a bevy of payment providers, and a lot of these systems are platforms that handicap them from moving forward as an organization. It truly is an achilles heel. Payments, financial management, and accounting
integrations are not easy endeavors to undertake. I’ve seen organizations spend multi-year initiatives
and countless amounts of millions of dollars to actually implement integrations. In a world where business moves at the speed
of thought, it’s really difficult to commit the labor, the capital expense, and the time
to do those types of integrations. We’re no longer in the world of building
servers as technologists. We effectively click a couple buttons and
we provision it in the cloud. We, for far too long, embraced a payments
stack where we have to do everything ourselves. And everybody in the world
does it the exact same way. Modo’s here to stop that. We’re here to build that true payments cloud
that allows you to just tap a button and you have a payments stack provisioned.