I would like to welcome you to the RV Living
Travel and Adventure channel, my name is Jamison Haponenko and in this video I want to share
with how we were able to get killer deals and discounts on RV Parks and RV resorts When my wife, I and our 2 kids traveled in
our 40′ Motor Coach for a two year time period, you know when we first went out on the road
we had no idea how to get discounts on RV parks and we did not even know RV resorts
even existed Now the 1st place that we found was called
Encore Resorts, now these guys are connected to another company called 1000 Trails, what
1000 Trials does is they can actually set you up with what they call a zone pass where
you can stay, you could pick a certain zone around the United States that you planned
on staying in, so what was really cool about it was that when you picked a zone, the zones
if I remember correctly were about $500 or $600 dollars, so once you picked the zone
and you paid for it they would allow you to stay in that zone for 30 days Free, so that
was really cool it gave you a little bit of an incentive and discount right off the bat,
then what happened is when you decided to stay in any of those parks after that you
would pay a $3.00 a night resort fee. So at the time that you are watching this video
they may have changed some things a little bit so you are going to want to go to their
website and I’ll put a link to their website in the description below so you don’t have
to go searching for it. So what we did was we went with the zone pass
for like the first 6 months and we thought you know what… this is really cool, when
we got to a resort in Orlando that they had, we actually met with the Camp Host there,
so this Camp Host – they actually turned us onto this what they call and Elite package
for 1000 Trails and here is the deal, when you looked at the way the Elite package is
set up, its kinda set up like a time share so what they do is they say ok you can come
in you can stay at these resorts and you can stay at all of them throughout the United
States, so this is actually a piece of paper that they gave us explaining exactly what
other resorts we can stay in, you can see here that they had RPI, there were 174 resorts
with RPI, then Enjoy America they had 450 Resorts, 1000 Trails there were 80 resorts
and then Encore there were 90 resorts. With our membership we could stay at any of the
80 – 1000 Trails resorts throughout the United States and then after our Free 30 day stay
it was only $3.00 per night resort fee, and guys what was really cool about this is it
included 50amp so then they gave us all these other books
I have layed out on the table here, our membership also included an affiliate company called
Resort Parks International you can see here that it was $10.00 a night at 174 parks, they
said this would be your 2nd choice if you couldn’t find a 1000 Trails to stay at. The
next one was Enjoy America you could get 1/2 price nights anywhere from $8.00 to $25.00
per night at 450 parks they said this would be your 3rd choice. The fourth choice was
to stay at any of their Encore Resorts, the Encore Resorts were $23.00 per night at 90
parks throughout the United States this would be our 4th choice. What I found was really awesome is that Encore
actually had a resort called Sunshine Key which was don’t in the Florida Keys and you
could stay there for $23.00 per night, also included in our package was Preferred Access
and this gave us access to big discounts to over 3000 Condo’s and cruises, now I just
want to make it clear that inside the membership they had a few different stipulations that
you had to stick through like you could only say 21 days at a 1000 Trails Resort and then
you would have to be out of the system for a certain amount of days or you could stay
14 days and you could go park to park staying 14 days. So guys I hope this video help, guys
this could save you potentially thousands of dollars per year so if you are looking
at going full time RVing or if you are just wanting to part time and get away for a month
or two this is really awesome stuff so to get more information check the links below
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