guys how are you all doing so a lot of
people have been requesting me for a house tour in Canada I don’t know for
whatever reason house tour in Canada are so popular so today I’m going to
take you to one of my houses that I own here in Canada and this house is
normally rented out but this house became available I got it clean so the
next tenant is gonna come in a couple of days so I had a little bit of time I
thought why don’t I give you a tour of one of my houses here this is the house
I don’t live in this house so this house is an investment property and new renter
is gonna come there so yeah and by the way you guessed it right this is a Tesla
Model 3 by the way this is not my car this is my brother’s car actually I did
not pay anything out of pocket to buy their house I will do another video
where I will explain everything how I got their house for $0 but for today for
this video let’s go to the house of the house that was only 70 kilometers I can’t go
faster than that on a normal normal Road by the way we’ll talk about the house
easy you should drive it at least one time well guys welcome to my home
by the way I don’t live here this is an investment property but this just became
vacant so I thought why not show it to you this is actually a lot of people
asked me for some reason as I told you before like how stores are actually
really popular alright so before we see the house I just wanted to tell you that
this is a four-bedroom house the area of this house is around two thousand square
feet a little bit higher and this is a detached house all right so let’s start
so as you enter the house the first thing of course this is a living room
you have you know like nice so far you have a TV
we have bay windows here also if you have a look at the ceiling this is a
cathedral ceiling about eighteen feet that’s the height of the ceiling and
really nice you get really nice light coming in from this bay windows alright
so this was a living room bedrooms are all upstairs we’ll go to the bedrooms
later on and this is the powder room this is like a half bathroom this is a
kitchen really nice big kitchen with some white cabinets and some stainless
steel appliances let me put it here this is our breakfast
area you can have some really nice again toast here in the in the morning
breakfast and yeah that’s that’s the main floor we have some nice dining area
6 & 8 of us can have dinner or breakfast together here also on the main floor we
have the laundry which is always a good thing like when you’re buying a house
make sure you know try to get your laundry on the main floor generally like
in my other house the laundry’s in the basement and it’s a it’s a big
headache getting all your clothes from the top floor to the basement like some
people have it even on the second floor which is the most preferred way but at
least have it on the main floor if not on the second floor all right now let’s
take the stairs and go to the bedrooms all right so as I tell we have four
bedrooms here and the first room is the master bedroom
it’s a decent-sized master bedroom it has one and suite bathroom you have a nice bathtub here and we also
have also have a standing shower area and here we have a walk-in closet all
right that was master bedroom and then we had three more rooms nothing special
just simple rooms so we have three more beds here in all these rooms and that’s
the last room if you have one more guest bathroom here and that’s pretty much it
guys this is the house so all the furniture that you see in this house is
mine because what we do is we rent it out fully furnished and that helps us
get a little bit more rent as compared to the normal house and also this also
means that the house is rented for a short duration like one or two months I
don’t do very long-term lease because it’s very important to keep your house
well-maintained when somebody is living in your house for a very long term
two year three year your house doesn’t get maintained that very well so now the
benefit of this is that if I want to sell this house today I can just sell it
today this is in perfect condition I did the guess whoever comes in they don’t
bring their own furniture they just bring their bags full of clothes and
that’s pretty much it they spend a month or two months here and what ends up
happening is that I get more money for renting it out on a short-term basis
which is fully furnished so arises this was a very brief tour of what a typical
house in Canada looks like if you have any kind of questions related to buying
a house related to maintaining a house or anything like that feel free to ask
in the comment section below and you know I answer all the questions that you
asked in the comments so please feel free I’ll keep making more videos
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