Have you ever wanted to take some of your
fabulous family memories, your photos, maybe a business chat, maybe a PowerPoint presentation
and print it out in such a way that it becomes a permanent canvass that you can hang on the
wall but thought it’s just too expensive? Well, this is a really cool website that solves
that problem. It’s called Canvas Discount and we’ve been using them for years. And the
main cool thing here is it’s just so cheap. You can see right now they have a sale on
an 8×8 print for 12 bucks, down from 34. And if you go into their formats and prices section
here, you’re going to see a whole lot more. For example you might want one here, that’s
the Logic Canvas or maybe one of their Panoramic Canvases. If you sort of compare these, let’s say there’s
a 30×30 inch canvas. Here we are, Google print canvas 30×30, let’s see what the prices are.
Here we are in shopping. $237 that can’t be right. $185, $136, $185, that’s what I’ve
seen, a couple of hundred bucks. Even at Walmart, or somewhere we think it could be super cheap. So how do you actually do this? First thing
you do is you actually select a size, let’s just do a small one for now. This is one of
those 8×8 inch, great size. And it shows you the minimum resolution here. 305 pixels each
way. So let’s get one going. To do that we’ll upload a photo, we’ll need to create you can
see here a super small type, a jpeg or a png or a gif which are easy to do if you have
something like a Photoshop. So let’s create on o these things from scratch.
Remember 8×8 inches. All we do is go to Photoshop in this case create a new image that’s 8 inches
by 8 inches, you can see I’ve set this up already, and I think 300 dots per inch is
a great resolution. This is clearly more than the minimum they recommend. And then all you
do is bring in an image from your camera. In this case it’s an image of my daughter
Belle looking fairly cute in pink. So all I got to do here is scale the image in Photoshop
until I like it. Move it until I like the framing. So maybe like that and save it out
as a jpeg which I can easily do and just call it Bella. And of course Photoshop deals with
jpegs and pngs and all that kind of stuff. All you can set the quality level here which
I’ll set at the maximum of 12. So now I’ve got an image that’s exactly precisely right.
Back over to Canvas Discount. Choose that image. To do that, we go to the Desktop, there’s
Bella and we upload it and it’s 3 megs so it’s going to take a second to do. We’ve got
a pretty fast connection here so it’ll probably be there quite quickly. You can see down here that you can pay with
anything. I generally use PayPal because it has that extra level of security and you can
have it delivered by FedEx. So now we have a square image which honestly
is big enough for quite huge images here. But let’s just tell it that what we want is
that 8×8 and you can see over here on the side it starts to make decisions. For example
the way it has it right now is the edges are going to be smooshed back against the canvas
which we don’t want. So we’re going to change this thing here that says Border Option, and
we’re going to say stretched so as soon as we do that it changes this at top so that
the very edge of the border gets stretched out as a pattern. If you have it done like
that, you can have it for example, to be black or something like that. I like the stretched
one honestly. It looks hip. And what you can also see here is you can
add a bit of money for a couple of other options, I never choose the options, and I never choose
the digital face. Right now this thing is 12 bucks, I dig that it’s 12 bucks. Now if
I do 4 or 5 of this I’m hitting the $50 mark and what you can see is at the top here, free
shipping on orders over $55 so what I would basically make sure you do is get enough of
them either the small ones or the medium size ones so that suddenly your shipping goes to
zero hit the checkout and it shows up at your house generally speaking within a week or
so. And you can see up here that you can generally print it within 24 hours. So I just want to say that we’ve used this
a lot. Found it to be incredibly helpful. I highly recommend it to you Canvas Discount.
By the way, we got nothing to do with these guys. But I think it’s a really helpful service.
We printed 50 of these things and then populate the walls of our homes. Enjoy! I hope it helps
you out.