(upbeat music) (splat) – Hi, this is Bob with CarCovers.com We’re here today at the
CarCovers.com testing facility. Today, we’re gonna show you how we test our platinum shield,
top-of-the-line car cover. Ready? Here we go! Ugh, ugh, ugh. (grunting) (lively music) Oh, man! Ugh! (lively music) (splat) Aw, that’s what I call
platinum protection, baby! Oh! (splat) (clapping) Hi, this is Bob with CarCovers.com and today we’re here to
celebrate Labor Day with you. That’s right, Labor Day is kind of that winding down from the
summer, had all your fun and your picnics and
your time off of school, and some of you vacationed. Well, Labor Day kinda is
that last little throwback to get the little bit of celebration in at the end of the summer. So we wanna help you celebrate by offering you a special discount on everything that we have here. So if you look at the link below or up above, wherever that link appears, be sure to click on that,
get a discount on a cover for your car or your SUV
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