everybody it’s Bruce here with traveling
with Bruce I’ve got a story today a dated May the 4th 2018 where the
carnival dream cruise ship which is on a Western Caribbean cruise from New
Orleans had to pull into Cozumel Mexico because they have flooding on deck
number 9 apparently a water pipe that carries clean water for fire suppression
burst on deck 9 and a number of cabins upwards of 50 cabins suffered some
flooding on their floors when the hallways became quite wet and the crew
stepped in right away to bail the water get it out of there apparently the decks
on these cruise ships are designed in such a way that they do have drainage
areas on board along the hallways and so the hallway started to drain out already
but the crew came on board to number 9 deck and immediately cleaned up the mess
passengers have been offered a full 100% refund all on nine on deck nine that
were affected plus a 50% credit on any future cruise with Carnival and if
they’ve desired to leave the ship immediately they could do so from
Cozumel and would be given free airfare home here’s a picture of the crew a
little video of the crew bailing away the entire deck has been cleaned out
it’s been cleaned up it’s dried out they’ve got the fans going already
the ship will be back in New Orleans on may 2 6 that’s day after tomorrow and is
scheduled to go out on its next cruise right on time they will be shampooing
those carpets they’ll clean up every room involved here’s an idea of one of
one of the rooms looks like the ship will be in perfect sailing order in a
couple of days there won’t be any issues there but all affected passengers have
been offered a flight home 1% refund on this cruise and a 50 percent future
credit on the next cruise that is stepping up right to the plate by
Carnival as far as I’m concerned the ship was built in 2009
it holds thirty-six hundred and forty six passengers 1369
Kru and does weekly cruises out of New Orleans and here’s some nice shots of
the deck the pool deck none of the other areas of the ship were affected no power
issues were affected the engines weren’t affected the ship’s absolutely fine no
danger whatsoever all as well just a little wet but they’re drying out and
they’ll continue on they’ll be home in a couple of days again I hope you enjoyed
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