What is Dearness Allowance? It is also known as DA. Do you know about it? What is DA? All over India the salary that goverment employees receive have components such as PF, PPF, ESIC, TA & even DA is a part of this. When the cost of expenses such as food, petrol, rent etc. increase then DA is increased to manage expenses. The government makes sure the salaries of the employees must increase in accordance to cost of various expenses. The salary of an employee & DA can not be the same every year. If there is inflation then the salary automatically increases. A Government tries to control inflation rate of petrol, rent, foods, etc. They make sure the prices are in proportion to salary. The DA is helful to government employees and pensioners. The DA helps to manage their expenses. If there is an increase in prices then the salary will not remain the same. It is the government’s responsibility to manage the salaries. The percentage is not the same for all. Let me explain. In India the large cities are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. For example, since Mumbai is an Urban area, the percentage of DA given is different. Semi-urban areas like Nashik & other similar cities will have a different DA. Villages across India, will have their own DA. Earlier the DA was 12%. Now the Central Government announced that the DA will increase by 5%. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar announced the increase in DA at a Cabinet meeting. The 5% increase will mean that the DA is now 17%. For this government now will have to spend Rs. 16,000 crore. The DA will be calculated from July 2019. 50 lakh government employees and nearly 62 lakh pensioners will benefit from the increase in DA. Union Minister Javadekar said that the increase in DA is like a Diwali gift to all. An Asha worker focuses on female development. They are responsible to care for pregnant women. Some pregnant women prefer to deliver their baby at home. This is dangerous. So Asha workers, educate them to opt for a hospital birth. They are the same women whom you see immunising babies & many other things. Asha workers also go to various villages and educate people. Earlier their salary was Rs 1,000/- Now the government has announced that it will increase to Rs 2,000/-