hi nurturers Fernelle here with NurtureInChrist – Black Friday is just a few days away and before the madness starts
we want to give you a few tips to hopefully make life a lot easier and
shopping a breeze before you even leave your house pick the stories that you
want to go to and map out where the sails are and what you’re looking for
this will save a lot of time and while you’re mapping it out let’s thank God
for all the storms tests and tribulations that he has guided us
through hallelujah with every store yelling sale sale sale
make sure you do your research so that you know who has the best and the real
sales and thank God for His one and only Son Jesus Christ who is the real and
only way to heaven to avoid being stressed out leave the kids at home but
if that’s not an option then be sure to pack your stroller so that you can store
all of your bags food goodies the kids can sit there they can fall asleep they
can watch a tablet they can eat their snacks all that good stuff I nurtures
keep going the kids oh good job girls just like we can store all that stuff in
the stroller or backpack thank God that we can cast all of our cares and
anxieties upon him because he cares for us
well figuring out if we can afford to buy all the awesome stuff that we want
and pay our bills let’s be thankful that God made one debt we will never have to
worry about the wages of sin is death but his sacrifice on the cross paid for
ours and through him we have forgiveness and eternal life decide who you’re
buying gifts for and how much you want to spend and let’s thank God for the
gifts of the Spirit that he’s less that’s with love joy self-control
kindness peace and mercy good man I’m so thankful that we can share these gifts
to be a blessing to the world dress appropriately so that you’ll feel
comfortable indoors outdoors and that you can try on stuff in stores without
ever to go into dressing rooms those lines be
crazy y’all and while tying on that super cute cardigan that’s 50% off let’s
thank God for the whole armour of God that can help us to get through every
situation that life throws at us the belt of truth the breastplate of
righteousness shoes of the gospel of peace the shield of faith the helmet of
salvation and the sword of the Spirit eat beforehand and take lots of snacks
so that your sustained throughout the day and while you’re grabbing for that
healthy snack let’s thank God for the Living Word that sustains us the Bible
has lessons applicable to everything that we can possibly deal with in life
from the Proverbs of David to the parables Jesus toll from Old Testament
teachings in Leviticus to promises of everlasting life in Revelation God’s
amazing word can sustain us do anything and everything in this life go with your
friend and tag-team with your bestie while you’re shopping for clothes they
can stand and wait in line and then switch this will save you so much time
you don’t to spend hours looking for clothes and then hours standing in line
while you wait let’s thank God that they that wait upon the Lord shall renew
their strength they shall mount up with wings like eagles they shall run and not
be weary they shall walk and not think thank you Jesus let us know in the
comments section below who will you be buying gifts for this
holiday season and what are you planning to get for them maybe traditional gifts
or maybe even donate to an organization in their honor
whatever you do let’s remember to thank God for all that he’s blessed us with
I’m so grateful for my family my friends you nurturers and the gifts of being
able to see to hear to speak to walk to talk we are so so blessed if you enjoyed
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bye my dog