At Coca-Cola we understand that parents
are concerned about their kids having a healthy and balanced diet.
Wherever it comes from every calorie counts
including those from our drinks but they can be a part of a balanced
diet and active healthy lifestyle. It’s important to balance the calories taken in with the calories burned through being
physically active and to make choices that suit individual lifestyles. And we’re committed to helping you
achieve this balance. We want to be clear about the sugar
and calorie content across our portfolio and we’ve been
working hard to reduce them in many of our drinks,
whilst maintaining their great taste. Over the last ten years, we’ve reformulated and reduced sugar and calories in many
of our best loved drinks. More than thirty years ago, we introduced Diet Coke one of the world’s most popular soft drinks. Today, 40% of the Coca-Cola we sell in Great Britain is without sugar, or calories,
and newcomer Coca-Cola Life has 30% less, than regular Cola. We offer a variety of pack sizes and a range of reduced, low
and no calorie options. The sugar and calories in our products aren’t hidden. They’re in plain sight, to help you make
the right choice when shopping. Ultimately, it’s about providing our customers choice, giving you more options for you and your family.