Hey guys, it’s Brianna. And today’s video is going to be about college. Now before I start I know I sound a little weird… I do
have a cold right now so bear with me I might sounds a little strange, I apologize but there’s really nothing I can do about it at this point. So as you may or may not know; I’m a college sohpomore going into my second semester of my sophomore year I’m a film major and I decided to film a little bit of a different video today because I want to talk to you a little bit about
college textbooks. Over the two years that I’ve been buying textbooks for
college I’ve learned a lot about how to save money and I figured I would pass
my knowledge on to you. So if you are in college or will be going to college this
video will be super helpful for you and those of you who think, “Oh this video doesn’t apply to
me because I’m not in college and I’m not planning on going to college…” Well, think again because you never know when you need to buy a book for something Maybe you just like to read or maybe you have to
buy a book for your job or something like that. Most of what I’m gonna talk about
can apply to any types of books, not just text books… so if you are thinking of
clicking out of this video, then you might want to think again. My freshman year
of college I made a big mistake and I’m pretty sure I spent close to $600 on text
books for one single semester Now let’s think about that for a second,
if I continued to pay $600 for text books every single semester for four years
I would be spending close to $5000 on text books for my entire college
experience. And that’s assuming that I’m only gonna go for four years. And $5000 is a lot of money! However, this semester I’ve managed to spend less than $100 on textbooks. I
think total I spent like $95 on textbooks. I definitely saved a lot
of money from my first semester freshman year so I figured I would pass along some of my tips and tricks to you guys. My first tip is NEVER EVER buy textbooks from your school’s bookstore because they are way way too expensive. If I bought all my
textbooks from my college’s bookstore I think I’d be spending like $1000 a semester on books because somehow they think it’s okay to jack up the price. My second tip is to buy your text books in advance because if you wait until you get to
class the first day and your professor says you need this book for the homework that’s due
next class the only place you’re gonna have to go
to get the text book is the bookstore and like I said on the last tip; the bookstore
is extremely expensive! You want to avoid it at all costs so
ordering your textbooks early is a really good idea. And you might be thinking, “well how will I know what books I need before I get to class?” Most colleges will have somewhere online where you can find what text books you need for each class but my recommendation to you would be to go one
step ahead and actually email your professors for next semester and ask them what books you’ll be using
because sometimes they just will put books online that they don’t actually
intend to use. They might just feel like they have to put something up. I had a situation where a professor put a text book online
and then when we got to class he said it was just a recommended reading. It wasn’t
something we were required to read so I never ended up opening the book but I still bought it so it
was a waste of money on my part Ever since then, I’ve taken it upon myself
a few weeks before going back for the semester I email my professors just shoot them a quick email asking what books we’ll
be using for next semester and then usually they respond within a few days and then I can order all my books. Now I’ve told you where not to look for textbooks but know I’m gonna tell you where to look. Before I start I just wanna let you know that this video is not sponsored in any way If any of the companies that I mention do wanna sponsor me though, “HEEY! Hmu!” I’m kidding! But anyways the company that I swear by for my textbooks is Chegg. They send your textbooks in a cute little orange box and I
suggest renting textbooks. Unless you know you need a text book for more than
one semester; DO NOT buy your text books Because you will never look at them
again. You’re gonna tell yourself “Oh this book is interesting, maybe I’ll look at it again after I take the class.” You won’t! You will never ever ever look at your text book again once you finish the class that it was used for So renting your textbooks is one hundred-percent the way to go. For
example you can rent the textbook for wicked cheap and you keep the textbook for one semester and you send it back to them. They pay all the shipping costs. Literally all you
have to do is put the books in any box. It can be the box they sent you them in which is what I usually do. I just keep the box they sent me the books in and then at the end of the semester send it back. They pay the UPS shipping cost for me to ship the books back so literally all
you do is print out the shipping label. Put the books in a box and bring it to any UPS location. And there’s UPS locations literally everywhere. There’s like 10 around me that I could go to. You just throw the box on
the counter and leave and your text books go right back to Chegg. And you spent WAY less than you would if you bought textbooks outright. Sometimes brand new textbooks can cost up to $300
and renting it costs maybe $20. I’ve rented some books for less than 20 bucks and
then you don’t have to worry about what you’re gonna do with text books afterwards. Becasue I do know some people will buy the text books new and then try to sell them to other students afterwards but that’s not always guaranteed. You don’t know if somebody’s actually going to need the books. You may just end up stuck with it I have a bunch of
books that I bought freshman year and I still have them because I haven’t
been able to sell them back to anyone. So definitely rent rent rent your textbooks from Chegg!
They’re lightly used, sometimes there’s markings here and there but for the most part not really. it send you with some stickers on it so they know it’s their
book and I was pretty much a text books are in pretty good shape seder to worry
about not being able to read text books then wrote on my next trip is that if
you do have some textbooks laying around the previous semesters at you haven’t
been able to get rid of because you can also sell books back to those that you
didn’t get from them so you could find in the ISDN which is like books code in
to check and they will let you know if they’ll buy your book back and just send you a check in the mail I
sent them again they pay for shipping so you don’t have to worry about that was
just my house is also you can use the exact same thing text books from him by text folks
remember the only thing about Amazon that may be able to get you is that
you’re buying not you’re not always find directly from inside you can get by
different sellers which is usually a lot of people that do like Amazon so
definitely check out in his honest well if you’re looking for textbooks now
there are some rare occasions where there’s a text or call just book store a
lot of times professors at your school will offer for certain and it will only
be sold at your book store now there’s one way to get around this which
sometimes is a workout but always try this for us before buying bookstore find
a student who has taken this professor’s class the past and see if you can buy
the textbook from them now one way to do this like a support email your professor
and say hey do you know any students that are selling their checks before my
msg about to buy a used and maybe your professor can hook you up with another
student that has the text books either directly bookstore like it before check
cell phone from fans of both so they use wanted to buy awake the Hunger Games
series or something but you didn’t want to pay full price for you could rent it
read it and then send it back you don’t have to buy the books or even by the
bridge so even if you’re just looking for any kind of you can check out those
sites for one last 20 that I do want to mention can go on there you can put it
in the end of the book you’re looking for and it will pull up the cheapest
prices so you can also put the reason I don’t usually use this site that’s not
just because my school doesn’t have a database on their website but most like
bigger schools do so like if you go to university or something like that they
probably have access to the bookstores prices so what you can do is put in your
college then put in the book you need and it will compare your college
bookstore place to check price Amazon’s price any other retailers that sell the
book and it literally show you your cheapest option for buying new used and
renting the book really really really good way to figure out what your best
offer so definitely check out some books are other than that i think thats all so
like I said hopefully I can save you some money was the studio and I hope it
was helpful to you you have any other college questions leave them in the
comments download maybe I’ll make another college advice video he does
your interested let me know would like to see if not maybe I’ll just
interesting comments down below as love to hear any question or any comments you
guys have on the topic of textbooks or just College in general or really
anything just let me know in the comments thanks for watching hope you
enjoy it and I will see you in my next