– So in this video today we are going to be going couponing. So if you’re not familiar
with what this is when I was younger I used
to do all kinds of couponing I watched that Extreme
Couponing show on TLC and I thought it was really awesome how people would go to stores, you know using coupons and be getting stuff for
pennies on the dollar or in some cases getting it for free. So I actually spent the morning
lining up some deals here for some different offers
we can take advantage of and we’re gonna be getting
some products that are actually going to be 100% free and then
some of them are just going to be slightly discounted. Now as far as the coupons go, I printed all of these ones online, there’s like many different
sites where you can get them. And as far as finding the matchups, I used a site called The Krazy Coupon Lady which I will link up in
the description below. I’m not somebody who uses
coupons other than doing this video just because it
is kind of time consuming and not really the best use of my time. But certainly when I was in a position where I didn’t have the money that I had and I had to you know
save every penny I could, using coupons is one of the easiest ways to save money on products
that you actually need. So just to give you guys an idea, this is basically what
these coupons look like. I printed them off on my computer, some of them allow you to print two of the same coupon some don’t. So for example, this Purell coupon, I was able
to print two different ones. And then these are essentially
what the matchups look like. I just took the ones that I
wanted to take advantage of and I typed them out on a
document and printed them out. And so now we’re going to go
to Walmart, CVS and Wallgreens and hopefully they have
these items in stock. And then we can take
advantage of these deals. So we’re on our way to our first stop now which is going to be CVS and it is really interesting
because like I said I used to do couponing back
when I was about 16 years old. And at that point in time
actually my mom and I and my brother were living together and we were actually on food
stamps at that point in time and so we really didn’t
have much wiggle room in the budget for groceries and supplies so it was really important to
like make the most of every dollar that we had. And so for me, you know doing
the couponing was a way for us to get maybe some name brand products that we wouldn’t ordinarily
be able to afford and it was also a way to kind of you know help out my mom and you
know support my family. So I mean, luckily now I’m
in a position where obviously I don’t have to do couponing and it’s honestly not
the best use of your time if you are you know doing
other stuff in terms of you know making more money. But if you are trying to save money, I still think it’s one of the easiest things you can start doing to start you know working on your budget and not be spending as much money. All right guys so we just got to CVS, here we’re pretty much just
buying two things here, one, we’re buying the
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil which sounds kind of weird but it’s basically going to
be costing us next to nothing and then I’m going to be
buying some Tide detergent and some Tide Pods and actually
at the end of this video we’re gonna end up probably
donating most of the stuff maybe ill keep some of
the Tide, maybe not. But just for, obviously I
don’t need Rimmel makeup but you know somebody out there may so it’s a good item to bring
to a shelter for donation. (upbeat music) I don’t even know where to start that’s Revlon, but that’s
not what I’m looking for The Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil, it’s um, it’s $2.97, it should be I can look through here
and see the coupon for it So we need to do – what
have we got – Tide Pods – [Camera Man] It says 90 to 100 count – [Ryan] Is this good? and then a… Perfect. All right so that’s it. All right so we just
finished up our trip to CVS we found everything we were
looking for which was awesome. So in total we spent $20.10 and then we got $10 back in Extra Bbucks which is literally just
like a $10 giftcard I can use for anything at CVS and so product wise, I ended up getting a
100 ounce bottle of Tide as well as the two eyebrow pencils which like I said, these were basically free when
you factor in that Extra Buck so these are just going to be a donation and then small package
here of the Tide Pods. All right guys we are now at
stop number two, Walgreens and on our list is some
Purell hand sanitizer, we’re gonna get two Nestle
single-serve candy bars and then one thing of Purex detergent. Now two of these coupons
should be stored on my phone under my phone number. Hopefully they can retrieve those ’cause actually with Walgreens they don’t give you printable coupons, they do them online through your phone. But yeah, if not then I’ll
at least be able to get that Purell hand sanitizer. So let’s go ahead and see
what they have in stock. Oh here we go, 39 cents
for the Butterfingers So these are originally $3.79, they’re on sale for $1.99
and we have a $1 off coupon so these are literally
gonna cost us 99 cents. This is gonna be cheapest one, we literally spent $3.71 when I go home ill go through
a more comprehensive list of what everything cost. But
I just wanted to show you guys what we ended up picking up. First of all we got this
bottle of Purex detergent and then we got, not one but
two Purell hand sanitizers which obviously it is going
to be a great item to donate for back to school season and then two Butterfinger candy bars all for like three dollars and 70 cents. All right guys we’re at
spot number three now which is Walmart. Got like five items to grab
here and then that’s gonna wrap up our little couponing session and then we’ll go back to my
place and lay everything out and go through the dollar
amount of what I paid for everything I picked up today. So this is gonna be literally
totally free ’cause it’s $2.97 and we got $3 off. Oh no this is the one right here. That one’s $2.88. All right guys so we are back from our first ever couponing experience. If you guys are still sticking around at this point in the video make sure you drop a Like
for the YouTube algorithm. That simple act really does
help out and allows these videos to get shared with
other people out there. But that being said, this is what we got in front of us here. I’m gonna go through item by item and talk about how much
we paid for these things and at the end, we’re gonna total it all up and talk about how much we paid versus what all this stuff is worth and then at the end you
ultimately can decide whether or not couponing
seems to be worth it for you. So right off the bat here, let’s start with CVS cause that was the first place we went to and we bought these two
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencils, now like I said I’m gonna donate these cause I have literally
absolutely no use for these but these were $4.69 per item and I had a $3 off coupon and then after we bought them
I also got a $5 Extra Buck so essentially we paid $6.38 and then we got $5 back so it was about $1.38
for two eyebrow pencils that we’re going to donate. Okay so next up from CVS we
bought this bottle of Tide as well of the Tide Pods
both of which were on sale so starting off with the
100 ounce bottle of Tide it was $9.94 being the sale price and then we had a coupon for $2 off so it was actually costing us only $7.74 Then this one is actually
an even better deal, it was originally $7.29 on sale for $4.94, a $3 off coupon, this
ended up costing us $1.94 and then by buying those two products we ended up with another $5 Extra Buck so this cost about somewhere around $6 for two things of Tide. So all in from CVS for the two eyebrow pencils and the Tide, we ended up spending $20.10, got $10 back immediately so for the two things of tide
and the two eyebrow pencils it cost us $10.10. Okay so next stop we went to Walgreens and that is where we got the two things of hand sanitizer as well as
the Purex laundry detergent and the two Butterfingers. So these right here were
originally $3.79 a piece, on sale for $1.99 and
then we had $1 off coupon so we paid 99 cents for each
one of these hand sanitizers. Next up the two Butterfingers here, these were 39 cents a piece
for a total of 78 cents and then we had a 50 cent off coupon. So those two Butterfingers
cost us 28 cents, or 14 cents a piece for a candy bar that originally sells for
probably somewhere around you know 99 cents for retail value. And then the third item here, this Purex laundry detergent, this was on sale for $1.98 and
then we had a $1 off coupon so this was a total of 98 cents. So in total at Walgreens, we spent $3.71 for the laundry detergent, two hand sanitizers and two Butterfingers. And then finally we went to Walmart, now we actually did really
well at the other places, we found everything we were looking for. But at Walmart, we
missed out on two items. There was supposed to be a Command hook that was gonna be 97 cents, we just couldn’t find it and I really had no use for that anyway so I didn’t use that coupon. I would’ve ended up having to pay like 50 cents for one instead. So we didn’t buy that, and then the S & W
beans we were gonna get, they didn’t carry that
brand here in New York but we ended up getting the Bic razors, the Persil laundry detergent and then this eye shadow here. So as far as the Bic razors go, these were $2.88, used a $2 off coupon so this ran us 88 cents. This laundry detergent was $4.94, we had a $3 off coupon so this only cost us $1.94. And this actually they paid us 3 cents to leave the store with which is kind of crazy but the eye shadow was $2.97, we used a $3 coupon, so we actually got a 3 cent credit towards the purchase of the other items. So our grand total from Walmart was $3.55. Okay so starting off with Walmart here, the retail value of these
three items is $10.79, what we paid was $2.79 so we saved 75%. Next up with Walgreens here, the retail value of these items was $16.35 and we paid $3.24 so we saved 80%. And then finally with CVS here, the retail value was $33.16, we paid $10.10 when you
factor in the Extra Bucks which I’ll use to buy stuff
I was gonna already buy so that was 70% savings. Okay so the grand total here for all the items that we bought was $60.30, we ended up paying $16.13 for everything you see here, meaning that we saved 73%
by printing out coupons and buying the stuff with coupons. So at the end of the day, most of the items that I
bought here are actually things I’m going to use, I’ll probably hold on to
all this laundry detergent because I don’t really
care at the end of the day what brand that I use. Obviously, I’m going to donate the razors, I’m gonna donate the hand sanitizer, I’m gonna donate the candy bars as well as the makeup. But that’s the thing with couponing, is as long as you’re buying stuff that you’re actually going to use, it can be a really
effective way to save money. I mean I average probably at least 50 to 60 percent off
retail on laundry detergent which is something that we
are using every single day. Or at least every single week depending on when you do laundry. And the other thing is too, because I used to do a ton
of couponing with my mom, you could almost always
get body wash, deodorant, toothpaste, toiletries for free. So if you wait for the right deals and you save your coupons up, you can literally be
walking out of the store with free products. I mean for example, we took
this out of Walmart for a 3 cent profit as crazy as that sounds. But anyways guys that’s
gonna wrap up this video. Is couponing worth it? In my opinion, absolutely. But is it the best use of my time, probably not just because you know, to save $45, it
took me about two hours and I could just spend my time you know focusing on creating videos
or creating blog content that’ll ultimately make me more money. But if you are in a
position where you know, you are saving every penny or like I was, when I was 16, we were using food stamps trying to make the most of the money. That is when couponing
really does make sense, and it doesn’t take a lot of effort, I literally just printed
coupons off the internet went on The Krazy Coupon
Lady to match up deals, made up a little list and went shopping and you know saved 73%. Thanks so much for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it. Subscribe if you haven’t already and I will see you in the next video.