hey lovely people how are you guys doing
it’s Sunday let’s see if anybody clicks on before I start talking about the CVS
care past here Sunday I know you guys are busy all right we got one lovely
person on here Jessica happy Sunday Jessica I hope you are enjoying your
Sunday hmm happy blessed Sunday hallelujah all
right I’m sorry I put a piece of popcorn in my mouth lovely people I had to get
on here I actually was gonna do this video in the car but I said no I’m gonna
come on hey Annie Annie fanny I like that melody happy Sunday hey
Joann hey Jessica have you used it yes Hunty I did and I got some in my
pocketbook and I’m going to use them today you ain’t said nothing but a word
hey peaches thank you for reminding me Jessica cuz I didn’t go yesterday but
I’m definitely using them today the last of those $1 is going to be used
I have tissue left yes guys what I wanted to come on and talk about today
to see if you guys had any questions because this is the first time y’all
know I’m a couponer but I have not been going to CVS like I normally would I’d
be going to CVS three and four times a week and lately I have not but the
cashier today she asked me was I a member of the care pass and I really hadn’t
taken the time to even check into it but she briefly did a little spiel about it
and she had me intrigued I said well let me think about it I went to the car
looked up the information and I was like most definitely oh yes yes
I need to sign up and I told her if I sign up I will come back in and sign up
under her cuz I didn’t know if she got an incentive I don’t know if she does or
not but you don’t have to go in store if you want to sign up for the care pass
you can actually do it online but first let me just tell you what it is it’s a
new program that CVS has rolled out it may not be available in every area
area but if you go on to cbs.com and but if you go on CVS.com and type in the search bar care pass you can
find out if it is available in your area okay this is a program that I think CVS
is on to something with this and with us being couponers the very fact that
they’re gonna give you $10 in extra bucks every month you need to run not
walk to get this deal okay first of all that’s the first thing you signed up
friday peaches yes the cashier gets something for us signing up well I’m glad I
was honored my word and I went back in there and I signed up for her because
she’s the first one to say anything to me about it okay so first of all let’s
just go over some things about it it’s the new membership for your non-stop
life is what CVS SAID and you can enjoy these great benefits all right you’re
gonna get free delivery on pharmacy and more which is pretty awesome now of
course with pharmacy scripts it’s going to be dependent on the medications you
need to make sure that that medication that you’re wanting to have delivered is
available through delivery but the very fact that you can get free delivery on
online purchases is awesome to me because you know a lot of times you can
go online and look at something what you say Dana you signed up a couple of weeks
ago it’s already paid for itself exactly first let me just I’m jumping
around but let me tell y’all how much it cost okay if you want to sign up for the
entire year okay it’s gonna be $4 per month or $48 you’re gonna pay you know
up front and it’s gonna go for the year if you do not cancel it three days
before it’s time for it to bill that next year it’s you know you got three
days to cancel it before it gets ready to charge you that next year once your
year goes and it’s time to do it again okay they’re gonna send you an email
letting you know hey it’s time to do it okay if you don’t cancel it within that
time it’s gonna automatic debit your card and charge you again I didn’t do
the yearly well that is awesome melody see y’all already know about this Crystle is not on the loop okay so I decided to do
the monthly cuz I’m one of those skeptics I guess you could say I’m like
I don’t know if I want y’all to have all my money at one time let me see if ima use ima use i’m one of them But $10 in extra bucks
seriously why the Freak would you not use it okay what’s gonna happen let me
just tell you what I did my experience okay I told the girl yes I’m gonna do it
I’m gonna sign up okay they didn’t even charge me anything today
okay they didn’t charge me anything I had me to do the little things on the
keypad agree unto their terms and conditions which I already knew because
I looked it up in the car okay fine I agree today terms and conditions I put
my debit card in they didn’t charge me anything I was like well dag they didn’t
charge me nothing today I thought they was gonna charge me about $5
they’d charge me anything today they told me they’re gonna charge me on
September the 25th okay but guess what my $10 extra bucks was on my card before
I could get to the car yes CVS I love it
Crystle only got like $8 to shop with so now I got $18 to shop with from
signing up for care Pass Thank You CVS I appreciate it okay so let’s do the math
if you do the yearly upfront you pay the $48 but you’re gonna get $10 every
month so that means September October nope well August see you signed it today
August September October November D summer you’re gonna get 12 months of $10
which is 120 dollars but you’re paying out 48 it’s already a moneymaker
okay because you’re gonna get your money back plus you’re making $72 that’s a
good deal because you’re gonna get that $10 in there if you don’t do not one
deal not one deal you will get $10 to go in and do your deal with okay atleast you
know you got guaranteed $10 to roll extra bucks with with us as couponers
you cannot not do this deal that’s all I’m saying this is not a sponsored video
but it should be cause im toot tooting toot tooting their horn today now because I’m skeptic and I decided to
do the five dollar thing where they gonna do me every month I ain’t pay
upfront I can cancel anytime okay it’s sixty dollars over the year
okay but out of 120 dollars I’m getting my 60 back plus I’m gaining
60 so it’s it’s it’s just a great deal let me go over the rest of the benefits
cuz I want y’all to get all the benefits all right I think that is just amazing
you’re gonna get access to the 24/7 pharmacists helpline I think that’s the
beneficial thing especially if you don’t have that access through your medical
coverage I think that’s a good thing you’re gonna get 20% off the CVS health
brand products if you buy those products and nine times out of ten we don’t get
coupons for them anyway because there’s no manufacturer coupons for the CVS
health brand products you can get 20% off of that I think that is amazing
what else did I write down um let’s see as far as the online we talked about the
online because you know you could get free delivery if you order stuff online
and a crazy thing you think about it like this show $10 extra buck is on your
card you can send your CR T’s to your card so you could benefit from ordering
stuff online and then getting it sent to your house that’s a good deal you know
especially hey Jesse if it’s things that you know you don’t have the manufacturer
coupons for and you’re able to do the deal especially if it’s like makeup and
stuff like that that it’s gonna end up being a cheaper price online yes we got
so we’ve got to really factor this in I’m thinking like wow I’m I’m really
glad I find up today based off the fact I got my little ten dollars nothing out
of my pocket ain’t gonna do nothing until next month which I don’t that’s
not a big deals five dollars but I’m just saying okay it’s not gonna charge
me the next month I don’t have to wait you got up to 72 hours for the $10 extra
book to arrive but it didn’t take 72 hours I actually got mine before by the
time I got back to the car it was in my email okay
so my card now and I also noticed on my app that the 20% off on the CB s brands
is already on the app it’s already on my app on my card from signing up so I
think this is just a great program guys I really encourage you all to sign up
for it I’m definitely gonna tell my sister Marianne of the coupon crew she
ain’t on this video cuz I ain’t seen her on here you got excited Peaches I’m telling
you you got to think about this because you know $10 to a couponer that’s like
that’s like $50 in our hand I’m trying to tell you cuz we gonna take that $10
and we’re gonna make that $10 work okay so that is amazing especially if
you’re a person that doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra bucks this right here
actually Peaches can be the opportunity guys for us to take that $10 and really
strategically roll it into some deals and get our extra bucks built up yes get
our extra bucks built up cuz that’s really if you guys ever go back and look
at any of my I’ve got I believe two stockpile videos the first one the first stockpile video view that I did um man I had a bunch of stuff it’s crazy and I was
exclusively I promise you guys just doing CVS I will I wouldn’t doing walgreens
then I wasn’t doing Dollar General I wasn’t doing Target I really
wasn’t I was a CVS loyal couponer cuz I couldn’t get over the fact that I could
use them extra bucks to go back in there and get some more stuff that I was just
truly addicted okay my sister Maranne if you look at her
stockpile video it’s in my in my thing oh my channel um her stuff I promise you
just from her me teaching her the concept of Cvs once she caught it . It was
over it was over she had literal bins of stuff in her extra room which is her
coupon office she has she has a coupon office her coupon office
is real fancy mine is looking crazy my husband’s desk is over there he can’t
even sit there it’s stuff on it I would not show it ever I actually kind of try
to slide the camera so it’s over here so y’all can’t see over there cuz you don’t
want to see it stuff over there I got them daggone Chips Ahoy Thin Mints and
stuff all them them little thin cookies I kept I might have a problem I might have a coupon problem. Couponers anonymous i might need to start that support group i might have a problem apple
group I might have a problem I got apple juice on my desk BBQ sauce of that lady okay guys that’s it I don’t have any
more about the care pass you guys had any questions before we click off off
here I got the brochures in front of me I have been converted to care pass I am
now an official I’m a care pass believer you are Joanne are you enjoying it did
you roll your extra bucks did you multiply them why wouldn’t you it’s just like ah
that’s crazy Oh CVS Walgreens you better watch out
cuz CVS done thrown some salt all up in your game better watch out CVS is on to
something with this I’m trying to tell you because you think about it
especially for people that get medicines every month that would be beneficial to
people that would be beneficial to the elderly they won’t have to go out and
get their stuff even if you’re not a couponer that seems like a really good
benefit it’s a good benefit I see people coming in CVS and just straight buying
stuff and not get coupons and it just be like love oh they don’t be using coupons
Jesus y’all realize what you’re spending but you know I mean some people just
like to shop where they like to shop you know um I really honestly wasn’t a
regular CVS shopper until I started back couponing because
used to coupon when my children were little as I said in earlier videos
hidden coupons in years and I honestly don’t know how I started
back again but I truly truly I wasn’t addicted then like I am now it is truly
an addiction okay um you can quite quickly have you to where man you ain’t
trying to pay for nothing I’ve always been a frugal person so that
really is not much difference I will search a price and be trying to find a
cheaper I will do that but this is a great value I don’t mind spending the
five dollars because it be honest with you I’m gonna spend fight off anywhere
I’ll blow files easily oh nothing a perfect example I went to CVS and
bought some bull crap that I probably didn’t eat some pie but they had some
25% off stuff and I was like why would I not get it is cheaper than the Dollar
Tree I got this whole pack of nail files look at that whole pack of Emery boards
a 75 cent that’s better that’s better than the Dollar Tree I’m in adultery and
adultery I got these little scrubbies look at that no excuse me I got upset
down scouring pads ten pack yes great deal see Joanne great deal I’m trying to
tell you and see I’m one of those people I will cut these suckers in half I will
cut these in half cuz that way they can once you use them
throw him away I can’t stand to see come to my house and they got these things
sitting by the sink with eggs stuck in up
that’s nasty though that mess away they don’t cost that much use it throw it
away ain’t no need to rinse it out using again get rid of that it’s bad look at
this the natural way might drop my coupon Oh first of all I on it it’s Lee initially
the reason why I went into CVS was to print my CRTs
tee’s and to get me the shea moisture I was gonna do the hair mask because I
seen clean-cut Couponing that it worked so that is a run deal the shea moisture
she did the hair mask and it worked it let her do the buy one get one 50% off
and you get the two and you get the $5 extra buck which is freaking crazy
because in Dedham hair masks for shea moisture it’s like three dollars and 49
cent I believe so that’s gonna be five dollars to some change you’re gonna turn
around you would get the $5 back so I seen her video and it worked I was gonna
actually do that okay guys but they only had one hair mask so somebody must be on
to it I wasn’t able to get it but I did see my
product that I had been using see I y’all know I know got converted over to
shea moisture since I’ve been doing extra book deals with Shea Moisture but
I’m gonna tell you what product I use when I first went natural and wasn’t
doing Prime’s anymore was I Jackie’s curl la la love love this product
alright this is only a pack this one right here was only a dollar ninety-nine
cent and the reason why I only got the pack and didn’t get the jar cuz it was
eight dollars and change in CVS I’m not about to pay that price ever but I did
take a coupon yes I did I took a dollar coupon that was hanging
on the jars of the product cuz I’m gonna go to Walmart yeah and I’m gonna buy it
and it’s going to be less than eight dollars and remind me a dollar coupon so
why would I not do that but I bought me a little pack for the day if you guys
want to try this at CVS the dollar ninety-nine I tell you you will love it
love it I love it from my hair because my hair is very different okay so oh I’m
a squirt bottle a squirt bottle was 75 cent what I’m gonna use this squirt
bottle for it’s not gonna be for my hair cuz y’all know every natural girl she
got her squirt bottle honey she got away that’s so damn what I’m gonna do with him he’s gonna go
in my kitchen I’m gonna put some bleach water in here and I’m good to sanitize
that’s what I’m gonna do with him he’s small he’s not big taking up a bunch of
space yes $0.75 actually should have got more
of these because I could have squirted water my flowers with that that’s a good
deal that’s it lovely people that’s it food
time at the Kerr pass and the show John my 25% off products I didn’t talked
about my hair and I got a little product I love 99 $1.99 curl online I told y’all
the run do I don’t ran it down to y’all today all right got extra bucks your job
will get a PG help you always got a PNG PNG is in the paper today still and
getting older and laundry on my paper they suck but that’s it an Harris see the super double is today
and I refused I refuse to get up and go I did I was awake at 5 o’clock but I got
up and went back to sleep I was like I’m not doing that foolery I wasn’t in store
at 3 o’clock in the morning it was no point in going everything is an
everybody bugging anyway to check out at 7 o’clock is no need I called my sister
did you go she said no I said oh well we’d get the next one so we didn’t go
all right guys so I hope you got some great deals the Harris Teeter super
double today I didn’t savvy ain’t on here she probably a Harris Teeter come
on all right guys y’all have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and I guess I’m
gonna get off of here and I I’ll let you guys later hopefully I’ll go back to CBS
to spin my $10 whoohoo we’re really 18 cuz I had eight dollars extra boots and
I got $10 and shop with so now I got $18 I am so freaking excited all right guys
remember click to save and you will be amazed bye-bye