hey lovely people Couponing Crystle
here with my CVS haul for this week the deals that we would talk about today are
valid from August the 25th until August the 31st so you do have time to do these
deals okay now I actually used two cards this week because I wanted to do this
shea moisture deal again yes I did okay so the first time I did it I did it with
my son’s cards where you get the Shea Moisture products because they’re on
sale this week buy one and get one 50% off when you buy two you get a $5 extra
bucks so it was actually working on these okay the little treatment mask for
your hair which is a great great deal one rings up at three dollars and forty
nine cents and the second one rings up at a dollar and seventy four cents great
deal total of five dollars and twenty three cent before tax and you basically
pay twenty three cents plus tax and you’re getting the five dollar extra
buck that makes this a great great deal so I did it with my son’s card and then
I turned around and I did it on my card did not roll any extra bucks because I’m
trying to build my extra bucks back up so I can do some deals okay so I
actually found those in store today so I did that today okay now I had already
done it earlier in the week and purchased this product got a $5 extra
but with my son’s card and what I decided to do with that five dollars was
roll it in to this particular deal alright now with the mouthwash this is a
liter of the crest mouthwash a great deal it’s $4.99 okay when you purchase
one you’re gonna get back a $2.00 extra buck so what I decided to do was use
one of the one dollar mouthwash Crest scope mouthwash Coupon that was in this
August P and G so it dropped the cost of $3.99 I
did not have a mouthwash CRT alright but I did get my $2.00 extra buck back and
the next thing I decided to do was the Colgate max fresh the deal for this is
$2.99 when you purchase it you get a $2.00 extra buck now that’s pretty good
because I used a $0.50 Colgate coupon I actually had a peelie that I found on a
Colgate toothpaste in Publix so I used that okay so with that particular deal
lets find my receipt for that the Colgate and the mouthwash – my $5 CRT ma
now so the total for the two products the Colgate and the mouthwash was only a
dollar and 48 cents up total because I rolled my $5 extra buck that I got from
the Shea Moisture mask I used my 50 cent coupon for the Colgate
and I used my dollar P&G coupon for the mouthwash so I only had to pay a dollar
and 48 cents for the two products and I still got back my $2.00 for the
mouthwash and the two dollars for the toothpaste I think that was a pretty
good deal I’m still left with four dollars in extra bucks to use on his
card because I wanted to start using his card again if you guys remember I used
to use my card my son’s card and my husband’s card
I was running off of three cards which can at times be confusing if you are not
organized so in my binder I actually have three separate sections with the
baseball card inserts for my CRTs my son CRTs on his card in the my
husband CRTs on his cart that way keep them separate I don’t mix them together
or you would be completely absolutely confused
okay the extra bucks and the CRTs are in their section and that way it keeps me
straight when I decide to do that because of course you guys already know
or new beans might not know you cannot use CRTs and extra books from a
different from my son’s card and then use it with my cards you can’t do that
okay all right so let’s move on to my deal
the deal that I decided to do this week was actually the spent twenty get a $5
extra but for the PNG products you already know lovely people I love to do
deals for laundry okay did that deal now remember earlier
in the week actually on Sunday I did my life about the care pass so I had the
$10 and extra bucks to spend from signing up for care pass if you guys are
not familiar with that I will link that video above so you can click on it and
find out exactly how you can get $10 in extra bucks every month from CBS yes
that’s right awesome deal okay so what I decided to get was some PNG products yes
I actually got the game flings and I did two packs of the games links because
they were four dollars and ninety four six so they’re a 16 count which is
pretty good size I feel for four dollars to 94 cents I got two of these I got one
of the Tod pots and the Thai pots were also four dollars and 94 cents each
this is a 16 count then I got the tide liquid the tide liquid was actually a 25
load and this is a 40 ounce bottle and it was priced at $1.94 this is a 40
ounce bottle 25 loads there is a $2 app coupon but the strange thing about the
coupon it did not tell the ounce in the description ok and for some reason it
did not come off on its own ok but we’ll get to that in just a
moment I got the Tide Pods four dollars and ninety four cents there is a two
dollar app coupon making it be two dollars in 94 cents
it came off no problem the next thing that I got was gainfully the gang flings
are priced at four dollars and ninety four cents two dollar clip two car
coupon and I got another one and I did not obey the coupon okay because I used
a paper coupon for this one 16 counts I wanted my gang flings okay the next
thing I decided to do Oh first let me tell you this the total for those for
laundry products was twenty dollars and 76 cents before coupons so I am well
within the ninety-eight percent of the twenty dollars which I’m actually over
okay the next thing I did on my car because remember I’ve already done it on
my son’s car was the Colgate again it’s $2.99 get a $2.00 extra book back I use
the 50 cent coupon for this drop it into $2.49
next thing I got was the paparazzi nail polish I have so much this nail polish
but I don’t have these colors and they’re so pretty
I don’t know my nails are bad now I have a lot of paparazzi polish but these
colors I do not have and it’s so pretty look at this one that’s so pretty it’s
almost like a bluish purple looking color I need to do my nails over and
then this looks like a like an army green this is gonna be a great color for
fall I like this color paparazzi nail polish is two four five
and you get a four dollar extra buck when you buy two so that’s a great great
deal got the paparazzi all right so all of my products together I was able to
use my ten dollar care pass extra buck from Sun upper care pass I was able to
use my eight dollars in extra bucks all right so that’s what I was rolling into
this deal I expected my subtotal after all coupons that everything came off I
was spectin it to be two dollars and 25 cents
however that was not the case because the tie did not want to come off but the
cashier that I really liked at my CVS was there and she was not willing to
stop huh without me getting my coupons taking off and I so appreciate her
because by the time she got through my subtotal was 25 cents that’s crazy right
my subtotal was 25 cents okay let me show you guys so here is the receipt
each one of the products and they’re the coupons so I believe what she did she
may have taken often well no actually she didn’t because there’s the 50 cent
coupon there is for the gain and the tide gain tied game and then there’s
another $2 coupon because you know I used a paper coupon and I had a digital
game coupon so she pushed she basically pushed the coupon through and there is
my seven items and 25 cents subtotal so you know it worked out in my favor let’s
see if she reduced the price of the liquid tied yes she did so there we have
it what she ended up doing I got the for coupons off plus she reduced the price
of the tide that’s the reason why it was 25 cents instead of being two dollars
and 25 cents subtotal was 25 cents okay and what
happened was she had to push my extra buck through for the PNG she had to
print the $5 extra Brooks separate because for some reason you know it
wasn’t gonna do it because she ended up taking because the coupon would not come
off the tide by itself she ended up reducing the price of the tide which was
then in turn going to reduce the price of what I spent nice which was going to
make my extra buck not generate so that’s the reason why she had to force
print it but I did get my two dollars for B Colgate and I was able to get the
four dollars for the paparazzi polish for purchasing the tube so all in all
considering I got ten dollars from care pass signup for care pass I only had
eight books other than that to work with get the products that I did and still
end up with eleven dollars that was the sweet sweet
for coupon and crystals yes I love it I love CBS so that was it for my haul this
week so far I really did not get good CRTs this week
lovely people alright so I don’t know if I will be
going back to CBS but I hope you guys were able to find great deals so let me
know in the comments below of the video what deals you were able to find at CBS
this week I hope you are getting some great deals and I hope you are rolling
your extra books okay and remember click to save and you will be amazed bye bye