Jumping in and out of Daylight Saving Time
is a load of garbage and I think it’s time we stopped doing it. Daylight Saving Time is the practice of shifting
clocks up by one hour during summer months so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer. This messes with sunrise times and almost
guarantees you’ll be late for something at least once in March and November. Back in 1784, Benjamin Franklin woke up – probably
out of a drunken stupor because he was that kinda guy – around 6 am and found the sun
was already up. He wrote a letter to the Journal of Paris
proposing among, other things, cannon fire to awaken oversleepers and candle taxes to
ensure everyone was using the glorious free morning sunlight he ‘discovered.’ Other people, including a German bug collector,
have had similar ideas. And some of their arguments were compelling. Franklin wrote about saving candle wax and
energy that eventually lead to the US enacting Daylight Saving Time in 1918. With World War I taking up a lot of resources,
the US “temporarily” enacted the time shift using this logic: since people tend
to be more active in the evenings, they’ll use less energy and resources if you change
all the clocks to supply extra daylight. Note changing clocks doesn’t actually make
the sun shine longer. But it does shift everyone’s work day so
it feels like the sun is out later. After the war, farmers lobbied to get the
law repealed. Which is weird, because I distinctly remember
being told that all this nonsense was for the farmer’s benefit. Turns out, it’s easier to do farm work when
the rest of the world is on the sun’s schedule and we aren’t jumping all over the clock. But in the US, Daylight Saving Time came back
in 1942 for World War II, and then again infuriatingly permanently in 1966. It’s a federal law, but whether or not it
is observed is up to the states. Arizona and Hawaii don’t even observe Daylight
Saving Time because they are logical and want people to be happy. Also if you want something especially confusing
to wrap your head around – here are all the different time zone and daylight saving time
rules across the globe. “But saving energy isn’t bad!” RIGHT. IT’S NOT. IT’S GREAT. It’s a shame Daylight Saving Time doesn’t
technically save energy anymore. Yeah, in the 1970’s a study found a 1% benefit
to energy use, but a few things have changed in the last 40 some years. We have LED bulbs, more efficient appliances,
and a smarter electric grid. More recent research shows no to little difference
in energy usage between places observing Daylight Saving Time and those that don’t. And some research even says changing our clocks
results in more energy use. A 2008 paper that looks at Southern Indiana
found that Daylight Saving time actually increased the energy demand by $9 million a year in
Indiana alone. And we aren’t just paying for this with
our wallets, studies support that switching into Daylight Saving Time is actually detrimental
to our health. The Journal of Applied Psychology found that
workplace injuries spike the Monday after we “spring ahead.” A paper presented at the American Economic
Association showed that traffic accidents rise by about 6 percent nationally for the
next six days after we move our clocks forward. Sleep deprivation is already huge issue and
and while one hour less sleep a night might not seem like a lot – it makes a big difference. So the concept of Daylight Saving Time was
introduced as a joke, doesn’t really save energy, isn’t great for our health, and
not everyone even does it. What the heck are we doing losing sleep and
confusing ourselves with our unchanged microwave clocks? Personally, I’d rather we just have Daylight
Saving Time all year – in the US it already lasts 8 months, why not just swing in the last
four. Plus there are definite benefits of the day
starting later and having more sunlight in the evenings, especially as you move further
from the equator. But whether we stick with daylight saving
time or standard time – I don’t care – just pick one. No more of this switching back and forth What are other fun things to say? Kim offscreen: You know more about the science of it Miriam: I mean time… Daylight Saving Time… Time… It is all made up notions anyway. Unless you get into like… Astrophysics [Laughter] Kim Offscreen: That is the most Miriam thing I’ve ever heard.