hello this is Rick from 10 things travel you will find access to a secret discount offer at the end of the video this offer is not available to the public and will only be here for a very limited time please take a look at this special deal before you go you have nothing to lose and everything to gain once you leave this video this discount may expire forever take action at the end of the video and I will give to you our special cruise travel or discount now here is Gary hi I’m Gary beverage and I’m gonna share with you in this video 10 ways that ocean cruising is different from river cruising and hopefully that’ll help you make me your mind if your river cruising is better for you and also perhaps if you’re trying to decide between which are the two to do so to explain the difference as I’m recording all the parts about cruise ships here on board a cruise ship and this is wind stars star breeze and so to tell you about the river cruising perspective I’m filming this on board the Emerald dawn which is part of the Emerald waterways line well the most obvious difference is size so cruise ships range from small intimate yacht size for example I am currently on Winstar star breeze that takes 212 guests just across the way from us docked today is the Norwegian Jade which takes 2200 passengers and of course you go right up to big Royal Caribbean ships which can have 3,000 or more passengers so cruise lines will generally be much bigger than river cruise ships so us river cruise boats like the one I’m on now they’re just much smaller so they have to deal with being on the river so they’re constrained by their length by their width by their height so most they tend to take around 150 to 200 passengers at the most because they’re just constrained if therefore means that Eve everything smaller including things like the cabins the cabins tend to be on average a little bit smaller in size cabins on cruise ships generally are also larger than river cruise ships just because they’re not as constrained on size another key difference between ocean and river cruising is destination so ocean cruises obviously travel on the ocean river cruises obviously on the river social cruisers will do a couple of things that either go from country to country along you know perhaps the Mediterranean for example hopping from country to country they might hop between islands such as in the Caribbean they can also take you between continents whether that’s you know North America and Europe and also they can take you to very remote destinations like the Arctic or the Antarctic but obviously it’s ocean based so what about river cruises well as a name would suggest they cruise along rivers inland rivers and they go to places the cruise ships are just too big to go to another key difference is where they dock so river cruise of boats will generally dock right in the heart of the you know towns or cities where they’re visiting the only thing of course though is there may be a couple of boats in at one time so sometimes they’re actually docked next to each other and yet you have to walk across them to get onto the land however ocean cruises often because they’re very large have to go to very specific ports of course some of the smaller ships like the one I’m on now the Winstar ship can often dock quite close to you know the various cities and tender people in because there’s it’s a much smaller ship another key difference is excursions now because ocean cruise ships have so many more passengers they tend to offer a very broad range of excursions when they’re visiting a destination so there might be some you know quiet calm panoramic bus base ones to two very active tours because they have to cater for hundreds or thousands of guests so they will often have lots and lots of different excursion options of all different types and you know to cater for all the different tastes onboard the ship it’s a little bit different on River Cruises River Cruises tend to be more walking based tours focused on arts history culture excursions on cruise liners also tend to be an extra cost so they’re not included in the fare you have to pay extra and you could pay anything from you know twenty thirty forty dollars up to you know several hundred dollars depending on the excursion when it comes to excursions on river cruise boats there’s normally one included excursion every single day and that’s normally included within your fare they tend to be walking tours well river cruise lines will often offer sort of bonus excursions which you do pay for but largely speaking one excursion per day walking tour included in the fair cruise ships tend to offer a lot of choice when it comes to dining so that have a main dining room they might have specialty restaurants that often but buffet or Lido restaurant they’ll be room service so generally speaking there’s a lot of choices of places to eat and no dine some of them have extra cost to them so some of the speciality restaurants you might have to pay a small extra fee to go to but there will be a lot of choice on pretty much all ocean cruise ships even on some of the smaller yacht based cruise lines when it comes to River Cruises there’s you normally only one dining room like this one on the Emerald dawn you’ll normally have a buffet breakfast either a buffet lunch or perhaps to a served lunch and normally air three or four cost served dinner in the evenings there’s no room service there’s no alternative dining there’s one dining room one sitting when everyone sits down at one time and depending on the cruise line that you’re on your final river cruising there’s much less choice often because the galley is so much smaller so it depends a little bit on the line that you’re in so one dining room one set time less choice cruise ships generally have particularly the medium sized and larger ones have a lot of entertainment so it’ll be a daily program with lots of activities you know and depending on the Cruise Line they might be sort of quite fabulous ones or if it’s a more serious cruise line which is more enrichment base ones but there’ll be quizzes there will be competitions there’ll be evening shows often big sort of lavish production type shows sort of West End Broadway Las Vegas type shows there might be guest entertainers there’ll be a casino there’ll be bands playing around the ships it’ll be a lot of lot of entertainment it’s a little bit different when it comes to river cruise boats so on a river cruise line you’re not going to find a lot of entertainment the entertainment will tend to be perhaps some local singers or local dancers will come on every now and again there might be a movie night there might be a quiz night but the entertainments really focused around exploring some of the local folk and habits and also paultalks so you’ll often find they’ll be a pull talk and briefing there’s not casinos there’s not big glitzy shows and that kind of thing one river cruise boats there’s much less communities as I’d mentioned earlier river cruise boats are constrained in terms of the size to get down the rivers so you won’t find casinos you won’t find kids clubs you won’t find all that kind of stuff what you’ll normally find is one lounge or bar and some of the new and more modern river cruise boats they might have a little plunge pool they might have a small fitness room they might have a little mini spar or hairdressers maybe a tiny little library but there will not be lots of extra amenities on a river cruise boat you normally just have the one main bar lounge now when it comes to cruising on the ocean cruise ships you’ll find that the fare covers basically accommodation that covers food that’s pretty much what it covers however you’ll find the often a lot of extra cost so you’ll pay for Wi-Fi you might have gratuities added on excursions you have a row added on drinks you know some of the entertainment might be obviously gambling and bingo or those kind of things so often they’ll be quite a lot of extra costs so one of the key things when you’re looking at it going on an ocean cruise ship is understanding what the fare includes and what all the extras are going to be because they could be quite a substantial on cost now unlike ocean cruising river cruise lines fares tend to be all-inclusive now does differ a little bit based on the line you’re on but largely speaking your accommodations included all your meals are included drinks are included normally certainly drinks with meals are included and that’s wine and beers Wi-Fi is included gratuities are normally included and as I mentioned earlier excursions are normally included so the phase tend to be much more all-inclusive so it’s very important when you’re comparing a river cruise line fare to an ocean cruise line fare that you bear in mind that there are a lot of inclusions another key difference between ocean and river cruising is seasickness obviously if you’re heading out to the ocean even in areas that are normally quite calm there is a risk that storms might blow up or there might be a swell so there is always a risk of seasickness now modern cruise ships have lots of technology they have stabilizers obviously have lots of Technology around predicting where storms are and the captain can make a lot of adjustments to try and minimize the risk of seasickness this ways of mitigating it for example you might take a cabin which is in the center of the ship very low down so the movement much less you know you choose to cruise in karma times of the year in areas that are you know generally have much less chance of storms at that time of year but there is always a chance of seasickness of course those remedies you can take most cruise ships will offer things like ginger which is help which helps they will also offer seasickness tablets or you can go to the doctor there’s lots of things that you can do to mitigate seasickness if you’re worried about seasickness a river cruise is a great idea because it’s pretty much if not totally impossible to get seasick there’s no swells your lands within easy sight the rivers are all calm and smooth there’s so the charts getting motion sickness is negligible packing and what you need to take on a cruise is also different so again it depends a lot on the cruise line you travel with but you might find you need to take lots of permutations of clothes so there might be different dress codes there might be formal nights so when you have to dress up in a jacket and tie for gentle and all smart gowns so it depends a little bit on the cruise lines some of them have themed evenings so one of the key things with cruise lines is you need to understand what the dress code is for that particular cruise line that you’re traveling on because it may vary and you may need to take lots of different permutations of clothes not only for the weather but also to follow the dress codes on a cruise ship a little bit different on river cruises on route cruise boat packing is in some ways so much easier because a dress code on rubber Cruise Lines even the most premium of them is very relaxed so it tends to be a smart casual dress code even at evenings you know so an open-necked polo shirt or g—men jeans for men and the equivalent for ladies part of the reason is because there’s not loads of storage etc within the cabins so they don’t expect you to bring lots of formal gear so even on set perhaps a formal evening like the captain’s Welcome Party or the farewell party you’ll find you know a lot of people just wear polo shirts and perhaps some smart slacks or the equivalent so it’s a pretty casual dress code and you don’t have to bring a lots of different permutations to follow a particular dress code most cruise lines have lots of choice it’s not very regimented there’s lots of opportunity to basically go with the flow you have lots of choices on where to die and when to dine it’s going to be lots of different things that you can do on the ship in terms of entertainment they generally speaking quite large even on the smaller yacht type you know ships there’s lots of spaces little quiet corners you can find so it’s actually pretty much if you want to be anonymous if you want to find little quiet corners you know it’s not a very regimented system there’s you know there’s pretty much you can do what you want when you want and you know you’ll find a place to meet a time to eat something to do it’s it’s quite a flexible experience going on an ocean cruise ship now unlike ocean cruising river cruising is much more structured much more regimented so there’s a daily program which doesn’t give lots of choice and it’s very organized so there’ll be set times for meals they’ll be set times for excursions set times for port talks set times for all the activities across the day so the day is planned out in quite a detail there’s not lots of room for flexibility it’s a very set structure and in fact in my experience on River Cruises not often a lot of downtime because literally there’s something planned for pretty much every minute of the day so it’s a much more structured environment than you find on ocean cruising so there you have it there’s some key differences between going on an ocean cruise and a river cruise and hopefully that’s helped you make up your mind now if either those are right or if you’re thinking from moving from one to the other if you’ve enjoy the video they love it if you gave the thumbs up and of course please subscribe to the channel and you can also visit the site tips of traverse comm slash cruising will you’ll get loads of tips on both ocean and river cruising stop wait just a minute before you leave our video I would like to give you access to a secret discount offer this offer is not available to the public and will only be here for a very limited time please take a look at this special deal before you go you have nothing to lose and everything to gain 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