hey there how you doing this is Deana through 360 business reviews calm where we work with small businesses to help them get more reviews online we review their marketing and we do a video review of their company to help it get more exposure online in their local markets typically but we can do Nationals things as well so basically we're a small business marketing agency that has affordable programs that we offer for our clients and we sell some direct mail we have loyalty programs but anyway there's no one-size-fits-all with what we do but one of the things that we do get asked all the time is this Valpak work a lot of people Val packs huge it's been out there for a long long time and people still use it today businesses to advertise with it and yes it can be effective but the return on its going to be pretty small and today I'm going to show you why and maybe a good alternative for you if you have it in your local market if you live here Birmingham we definitely can help with that but I went out and I got my mail earlier today and in my mail was I had a newspaper that I got a couple of you know 1099s at the end of the year a little couple of bills and then I got a bout back okay so this is great this goes up to a lot of homes but the problem with this is you've got to open it up now to get inside a belt back to see what kind of coupons that are in here okay so I would say that the return rate on Valpak is very bad and for you as a business owner to be about advertised here it's pretty expensive for the return you actually get but we haven't alternative for that and there's some people that are in different markets that do this as well and if you own a business I want you to kind of do some homework and check to see if that's available but in Birmingham Houston and Baton Rouge and we have a couple different markets where we offer this kind of product called birthday pals okay and what birthday pals is it's a non my 12 card it's a giant hard it's not like a piece of paper this is a piece of paper this is a giant poster and it's a co-op advertising program that is much much different than Valpak but it's still it's in the same ballpark price but the redemption rate on these are much much better and the answer it should be an obvious one to you but your ad gets seen okay now if you advertise in this okay this is an envelope and I've got to open this up let's just do that real quick okay now this is what Val type looks like all right I've got to go through all this to find out what I want in here there's not any exclusives in birthday panels or if I shared co-op direct mail piece specifically gives you some exclusivity where if you go to zip code you can't have another competitor on it but there's all kind of stuff in here okay it's it's okay at best all right it can work but this is much different you know this is this is hard to keep track of again this is a hard full gloss full-color poster we've got ten spots on this and for example this birthday pals goes up to 1,200 people a month that are 25 years of age and older they have 70,000 income and higher they have a birthday that month and this is a birthday card but it goes out and it gives people free things on their birthday so you know for example you get a buy one get one free at a nice restaurant a free pizza sometimes free ice cream cream cones free car washes but your goal was a business owner is to get new people in the door and if you're comparing the two again you've got this in an envelope and you're is buried and all this stuff okay what do you think is going to be more visible this that's inside an envelope number one or something like this that sticks out like a sore thumb in your mailbox and you can't miss the s people use Valpak and they go through and they find a coupon that they want but my point in making this video is to look for have you looked for a direct mail a shared direct mail piece in your local area and if you you know I work with people across the country but in Birmingham in particular Houston and Baton Rouge we have this particular program in place now it's ready to go you can call something will get you on the the the card with some exclusivity for your niche before your category so but I do hope that helps out with understand the difference between Valpak it's so-so but if you can find Google the term direct shared mail or share direct mail piece or you can give us a call if you live in those cities at two oh five three nine zero zero zero zero five to get some more information on not only just direct mail but some other programs like a loyalty program that can help your business so I hope that helps explain the different ween a shared direct mail piece and Valpak not trying to rain on Val packs parade but it's just not that effective this for me it's just too messy where I can keep all of my coupons in one place if I have this if I'm a business owner this is just way more effective than something like this is so if you enjoyed this video we're going to be making several more that are like this that help you with a lot of free tips small business marketing tips that help you with Google Plus with Yelp reviews loyalty programs all kinds of things but you can subscribe to us on this channel and we appreciate you watching this video and we look to see me on the night for take care everybody