– Ruth.
– Madam. Mikmik’s allowance. If she needs more,
just tell me. After everything
she’s gone through, is it bad that I’m trying
to make it up to her? Of all people, I thought you two
would understand what I’m doing. I felt bad about what my
granddaughter did to Mikmik. I’m not a monster. Is that so hard to believe? Suit yourselves. I know we’re fighting now but… …it’s hard to believe a
person could change that fast. How come you believe
Michael has changed? Maybe we should give Ruth, wait. I know you’re mad but… …I hope we can make up. Let’s stop fighting. Thank you. I made you smile.
I saw that. Hope you like it! You’re too nice
for your own good It’s annoying. It’s not right anymore. I think you like getting
yourself in trouble. It’s not like that. Even if Amber is like that,
she’s still my cousin. I can’t give up on her. Suit yourself. Mikmik. This is your allowance.
It’s from Madam. Nay, why did she only
give Mikmik an allowance? I also need an
additional allowance. Joseph, dear, being
envious isn’t nice. That’s bad. – Tita Ruth.
– Yes? Can I please talk to Madam?