hey everybody, welcome to my channel. I’m
Miaira Jennings and in this DIY video I’m going to show you how I made this
space-saving Christmas tree out of PVC pipes.
stay tuned. alright guys you already know I love a good PVC pipe project so I
headed on over to my local Home Depot to grab 3 3/4 inch PVC pipes and these
things are super cheap. they’re perfect for this DIY Christmas tree project. so
let’s get right into it. and by the way no this is not sponsored but please
Home Depot if you watchin’ please hit your girl up. sponsor me. thank you.
ok so like I said I’m starting with 3 PVC pipes that are a little over 7 feet
tall each and first I am assembling them into a triangle shape. now I want this to
resemble a Christmas tree of course so I am making an isosceles triangle. so the
two longer sides will be equal and of course the bottom side will be shorter
to make that shape. once I’ve created the shape that I like I’m going to use my
PVC pipe cutter to trim that bottom pipe. and now it’s time to secure the pipes
together. I’m just using this cheap twine that I got and I figured this would be
the best option because number one it’s not permanent so it’ll make for easy
takedown and number two it’ll kind of look like a branch if it shows at all through the garland. so it’s a win-win. alright now I was
never in Girl Scouts or anything so don’t judge my knot tying skills but
I think this looks pretty good. as long as it’s secure that’s all that matters.
and once that corner is done we’re going to do the same thing to the other two
and that is it. the triangular shape is nice and stable and it’s time to lift
this baby up and put it against the wall. now I’ve already cleared out this
perfect space in my living room for this tree project. and what’s really great
about this is that I don’t have to worry about getting
a huge tree that’s gonna take up a lot of space in my apartment. I can just put
this right against the wall and it’ll still look beautiful but it won’t feel
as crowded in here. now it’s time to use some garland to really make this baby
look like a tree. and all I’m doing is starting at the top and then wrapping
the garland around the entire base. I’m wrapping it tight enough so that there
aren’t any gaps and so that the white from the pipes are covered but I don’t
want to wrap it too tight because I don’t want to squeeze the pipes in too
much. now I ended up using 6 of these 50 foot garland packets but the number
you’ll need is going to be completely dependent on the size of your tree. I
also decided to leave a little space at the bottom because I love the floating
look. I thought that was really cool. and now that it’s looking like a tree it’s
time to light it up. I’m starting from the bottom and since this is a flat tree
I’m only going to add the lights to the front. the trick to keeping the lights in
place is just to intertwine them with the garland. mix them in, stick them
through and they will definitely stay put. I did this all the way up to the top
and then when I got to the top portion I started wrapping it around to make sure
everything was extra secure. you definitely don’t want the lights falling
off. and there we go. the lights make such a huge difference already. I’m so
excited about this project guys. I really didn’t know how it was gonna come out but
I’m loving it already. so now it’s time to add some ornaments. now I’m just using
hooks to simply hang the ornaments from that front layer of Garland that is it. I
really wanted to keep this simple. I didn’t want to overdo it with the
decoration so I’m just adding some basic beautiful ornaments nice and spread out.
not too crowded. I alternated between bigger and smaller to add some variety
and that’s it. I was seriously so excited to see this tree once I got all the
ornaments on. so beautiful. and now all that’s left is to add the
star. luckily the base of this star fit almost perfectly onto this 3/4 inch pipe
so I just chose the taller pipe, popped the star right on and as you can see it’s
nice and sturdy and it looks beautiful. now the key to keeping the tree in place
is to make sure that you’ve pulled the base away from the wall enough so
that the top can really rest against the wall and not budge. but you can always
secure the top to the wall somehow if you’d like. and that’s it guys. I love it
so much. let’s take a better look. that’s it. doesn’t take much time, doesn’t cost a lot of money and it looks pretty dang good. thank you guys so much for watching
this video. drop a comment below and let me know what you think about this PVC
pipe Christmas tree and let me know what you want to see me make next. if you’re
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