happy Friday lovely people couponing
Crystle here with a dollar general scenario video that’s right I seen last
night the Dollar General has a five off a 25 for Friday so I decided to do a few
deals for you guys make sure that you clip the correct coupon if you decide to
do it today which is Friday okay because there is also a 5 off 25 coupon for
Saturday all right now there are three matchups here it’s gonna show you the
items which coupons that you need to clip okay and your final cost now the
last scenario is actually less than $25 so you’re gonna make sure that you get a
filler item if you decide to do the third scenario okay and that will
determine how much you pay out-of-pocket but if you get like a piece of candy or
something like that to get your total up to $25 because you need to make sure
that you do that you’ve got to have a dollar general digital app that you can
clip your coupons in your phone in order to do these deals okay all right let me
know in the comments below this video if you guys like this type of video and if
you do I’ll make sure that I do more for you now remember click to save and you
would be amazed bye bye