hey friends welcome back so I just wanted to tell you guys if you did not know if you don't have Instagram it was going around this morning and I'm glad I checked in mind because there are some exclusive Dollar General coupons so everybody's not getting them I got him on two accounts but I did not get them on every account for instance on one I have and this is actually my account I got two $2 off game flings coupons $2 off tied two dollars off of Tide Pods also 150 off of downing and then on another account I got two dollars I've tied to liquid oh I forgot did I say tightly quit alone flings pods 150 off of the down and then I I still have a $2.00 off down e on this one as well but anyway so login to Dollar General if for some reason you can't get it on your phone log on the computer and just check your coupons it will say DG exclusive I print mine out that way when I shop I know what you count has which coupons on there so what I do guys is I have some breakdowns for you they are going to be in the description box below just click now for instance this one has two game flings I went based off of the coupons I have so I have two game flames coupons everybody may not have that so what you can do is you can substitute them you can get Tide Pods just make it work for you just on this breakdown alone my out of pocket would be eleven ninety which is not bad for all of this stuff that I'm getting right here don't forget Saturday is the five off of 25 and this is an all-digital breakdown yep so there is that and then here is a another breakdown and this one includes digital coupons as well as dial so this is also going to be below in the description box you can just click on which breakdown will work best for you and this one comes to 8:40 out of pocket but that's because I included the 150 off down me and the $2 off but if you have a $2.00 off then that would drop you down to 790 if I'm not mistaken so you know just check your dollars and all apps and load those coupons I'm gonna be trying to come up with some more breakdowns there's also like a crest coupon for $2 off I gave my friend a breakdown the other day and I included the crest there's a $2 off crest coupon and the crest is $3 so you can get $2 off and say if you don't have like one at the dial keep sorry and I dial but gain coupons you can substitute and get you can substitute and you can get crest and then don't forget fries and dial you're gonna have to get your coupon you're a total 228 dollars because that instant saving comes off and then when that instant saving comes off your total still has to be $25 subtotal and then that's how you get your $5 off so make sure if you're during the dial deal and you're playing around with coupons and stuff make sure your total 28 and then you're gonna say $3 instantly with instant savings because dial is save $3 when you've spent 8 so then that drops your total to 25 90 and then you take off all of the digital coupons and paper coupons and all the coupons locations are listed so yeah guys I just thought I would give you this and let you guys know there's our DG exclusive coupons so again everybody may not have them only some people did like I said I started on two accounts but I did not get it on the third account alright guys thank y'all so much for watching I love you to the moon and back and I'll see you my next video you