alright guys now I got a great online
arbitrage website and tutorial for you here today now this is going to you know
be more geared toward the bulk deal arbitrage side of things and if you’re
not familiar with the different forms of arbitrage that I go over on this channel
after this video you can go ahead and check out the arbitrage playlists that
will be all the way at the bottom of the description now I’m gonna run you
through one sale comm today and one sale comm is basically a website that kind of
pulls a little bit like slick deals that pulls a bunch of deals you know that it
thinks are the best deals that it can find all throughout the entire you know
internet right so it’s a compilation of good deals that you can sort through to
then figure out if you can buy something on one sale or obviously a website that
it sends you to oh and then obviously if you can get a return on that investment
that you’re buying so for example you want to do product research on like eBay
or Amazon and then buy it for you know on on these deal sites at a lower cost
and then resell it at a higher cost on Amazon or Ebay when you know it’s gonna
sell and you can check the sales velocity okay so specifically I want to
show you an example of a product before we sort through this now this is not I’m
gonna show you an example product that I literally just bought that’s gonna make
me over 200 dollars so I bought four of them it’s gonna make me over $200
probably within like a week or week and a half max so I’m gonna show you an
example of that I’m gonna run through all the exact all the numbers with you
and all you know how I did the product research to make the purchase now before
we get into this I want to stress that this is not like the other ones that I
go through so this isn’t one like I literally just hopped on the site and
you know was like oh I don’t know what I’m gonna find here today I’m just
sourcing through like any other day and I might find good products I might find
bad products I will run you through some examples of other products to give you
maybe a more raw take after I show you an example of a practice I just bought
that was profitable but usually when I hop on these it’s kind of just like a
you know willy-nilly like I’m gonna show you how I would source I wasn’t actually
planning to film this video I was literally sorting through one sale
myself to buy online arbitrage products found a great deal and was like oh this
is a great example not just for my online arbitrage Pro course obviously so
I’m gonna put this in a tutorial on my online arbitrage pro course so that
other people can see examples of how to find the products and what looks like
one but also share with my youtube channel so that
you guys can get a first-hand look of great products that you can source now
here’s the example of the product that I just bought right here I bought four of
these shark vacuum or their I guess their handheld steamer like slash mops
look like a vacuum to me it doesn’t really matter as long as it sells and
makes me money so I bought them I believe the total that I paid for them
was sixty let me pull it up really fast 64 32 each a unit so obviously you see
here with the tax originally I think it was like $59.99 so I’m gonna run you
through an example of that product right here which you can see right here sells
I was literally sorting through and and stumbled upon this product so I’m gonna
show you an example of this right here and we’re gonna run through it now I
bought it for 59.99 if I do the product research really fast and I go to sort it
search it on Amazon I’m gonna see that it’s selling on Amazon like it does say
for 150 $9.99 so that is a good indicator that alright this is a great
potential opportunity for a product this is it right the steam practice steam map
same product yeah this is it okay so it’s selling on Amazon for 159 I can get
it on this deal site for 59.99 it’s 63% off now keep in mind that this is why
you do the product research you don’t just take you know the the the the
websites word for it because a lot of times you’ll notice that either a it’s
selling amazon’s dropped their price to match that you know so that’s something
you want to keep in mind or you know the the coupon price isn’t the same as it
was you know claiming to be so that’s why it’s important to do all these
product research things that i’m gonna run you through here in a second so i
bought each one for 64 32 right i’m gonna resell them back on amazon when i
shift them into FBA for about one 59.99 so it’s a potential profit margin of at
least fifty dollars per unit so i I spent 64 32 for four of them right so
quantity of for 64 bucks apiece I’m gonna get about 50 maybe a little bit
more maybe a little bit less depending on how the price fluctuates once they
get into FBA so I’m gonna make at least 50 bucks
I would assume back on each one it’s a pretty solid return on my investment so
overall I spent 257 to make probably a little bit over 200 so it’s a little bit
under 100 percent ROI pretty solid with bulk deal arbitrage so and like I said
I’m gonna make that probably within a week
cuz they sell pretty fast and this is something else we’re gonna check out
here in a second so daily sales 17 a month for our set 17 a day 477 a month
currently so if you guys want to turn online arbitrage into a full time income
and really scale this up not just with this site but a number of other sites
like it there’s probably like 52 I don’t honestly don’t even count anymore
because there’s so many modules full of so many sites in the course I’ve been
building onto it and updating the course for in the last six months realistically
so I’m really proud of what it’s become and I really know that it can help you
out if you guys want to get into online arbitrage pro 2.0 so the second version
of the course it’s really like the third version now because I’ve been just
updating and adding to it but if you guys want to get in at 50% off I’m gonna
let two people in again so the first link in the description will be a 50%
off discount link it usually retails for 399 it will be a discount link for like
198 or whatever that is I don’t even know so if you go through if you’re one
of the first two people to go through the first link in the description you
can get the course at 50% off if you go through that link and it’s just a normal
link then obviously the coupon codes have been claimed already so let me show
you an example of how I found this right so I was sourcing through one sale and
was looking at some of these these products some of them were duds and I
found this one it was like the four that probably like the fourth one that I
checked out and it was probably like five minutes into my sourcing tutorial
basically what I did is I found it right here and I searched it on Amazon as you
saw I found out that it’s so like if you literally look at it and you gotta be
careful if you’re buying it on a bolt deal site you gotta be sure that it’s
the same exact product so what I did is I look I read the title right I looked
at all the product pictures and then I made sure so it is the same title right
shark lift-away Pro Steam Pocket mock shark lift-away Pro two in one Steam
Pocket mop and handheld steamer same exact thing it’s got the same exact
product pictures rights of this product picture that product picture of that
product picture and this product picture all are right here right same product
pictures there she’s kneeling there she’s doing it on the drapes there she’s
in the kitchen there she’s kneeling there she’s doing
it in the kitchen there she’s on the drapes okay so same exact listing I can
get this for $59.99 if I go to the website that it’s basically telling
and I that’s I literally already did and I put the coupon code in as you can see
here that’s the coupon code right there save me 40 bucks
so Oh 8 to 6 108 to 6 1 boom so basically I got this for I did the math
if you divide 257 31 by 4 you get 64 32 75 so about 64 dollars and 33 cents okay
so let’s see first and foremost if this is a good product obviously I already
know because I bought it let’s see if it’s a good product that I can buy and
resell back on Amazon for a profit I look at the kippah graph really fast
it’s gonna show me that okay it’s it’s sitting around and it has been sitting
around 159 for a while it did drop at one point to about 137 or about you know
one 133 but that’s still a ridiculous profit if I’m buying it for 64 bucks or
64 660 for 33 so I’m gonna assume that I can you know realistically sell this at
about 159 because there’s only 11 use the new offers on it so before I even
check it let me just show you the online seller add-on to check the other
competitors inventory to see what they actually have so Amazon has three Amazon
also has one and Amazon has six amazon has 999 right here listed at 159 so that
is a bit sketchy and it does scare a lot of people off sometimes I like to stay
away from listings that Amazon selling on although I have tested this this is
nothing I’ve been hearing you know across the online arbitrage community
and I don’t think that there’s necessarily any validity consistently
that makes sense right so every once in a while I will stay away from Amazon
late– like listings that Amazon itself is selling on that said I have you know
it’s kind of just like this old wives tale in the online arbitrage community
so I’ve been testing it out like more recently and like the past month or two
and I have had no issue selling on on listings where Amazon is selling on
right they’re not just like manipulating the by box to only keep it for
themselves I’ve been able to get the buy box and I’ve been able to sell it I
actually just sold literally 12 what were they like phase 10 toy things where
Amazon itself was on the saint’s on the same buy boxes me with the same price I
matched their price and we ended up matching at like sharing the buy box and
I literally sold out in like two days so it’s possible don’t let that
scare you away but like anything test it yourself and see so now that we checked
all that out we know exactly who’s got the inventory whether or not we’re gonna
sell it what is the SI n right here and can we
sell it so we take it into seller central and obviously we can sell it as
new collectible and used conditions so that’s a good sign as well right now we
want to come back in and we want to see okay the best seller rank is 24,000 so
it’s clearly selling well I already showed you the jungle Scout Chrome
extension which will also be linked in the description if you want to go ahead
and grab it it’s showing 17 daily sales 477 a month and we’re moving into q4
here at the end of August in the beginning you can’t see my faces in the
way I’m like down here in the in the right corner but it’s 829 currently when
I’m recording this by the time you see it it might be a few days after so it
might be almost September or into September whenever I upload this video
to the actual channel so keep that in mind as well so it’s gonna sell and it’s
gonna sell fairly frequent or fairly quickly if I match the buy box price
okay so now coming back to this let’s figure out what the actual profit margin
is on these this on this actual map right here right so I’m gonna use this
extension and it’s been finicky with me lately so I think they need to like
restart my computer or something usually just pops up on the right it’s called a
MZ run a MZ Scout calculator so instead of using that it’s kind of annoying I’m
just gonna pull up the FBA calculator through Amazon right I’m gonna take that
same si n and paste it in and here we get that same shark lift-away mop so
it’s 159 is the item price one $59.99 right my price was 64 33 per unit and I
have four of them and I’m just gonna estimate about you know maybe like two
bucks to ship them into FBA I have four of them so if I ship them in with a
bunch of other stuff it probably my buy cost will go well my shipping cost will
go down a little bit but let’s just assume that maybe they send you know it
cost me about two bucks to ship them in it’s not really gonna matter if I guess
this five or two or three or four obviously the margin is a lot higher but
just keep that in mind it’s gonna fluctuate depending on if you’re selling
sending it in with other items or you know vice versa if you’re sending it to
multiple fulfillment centers etc etc so I’m estimating about two let’s see what
my margin is my net margin per vet her I would keep wanting to call it a
vacuum / steam mop right here is 55 94 if I sell it out 159 and obviously
they’re supposed to sell pretty quickly so that means let me pull up the
calculator right here for you that means 55 94 times 4 because I have four of
them is about two hundred and twenty three dollars and seventy six cents
profit on just four of these steamer mom’s okay so that I spent what I spend
uh two 57:31 to make two 57:31 to make 223
seventy-six it’s a practically a hundred percent ROI in about a week so I
basically just double my money using one sale and online arbitrage with this
steamer mop now the only reason I bought four of these is because I’m kind of
testing it out like I said I’m testing out to see if I run into any issues
selling with Amazon it’s not really that big of a deal like because selling like
on a listing where Amazon is actually on so I haven’t run into any issues really
the past month or two when I’ve been on listings that they’ve been selling on
but I’m just vetting it a little bit further so I’m buying for I’m not gonna
go out and buy like 20 of them but if they sell fairly quickly and they sell
for a legitimate profit like it’s shown and the price doesn’t fluctuate too much
or drop then I’ll go out and if the deal is still there which it probably won’t
be at that point about a week later but I’ll certainly come back and check if
the deals still there I’ll buy like ten more and ship them
back into FBA for more because if I bought ten of those right so let’s let’s
go what was that fifty just for for a little bit more fun fifty five ninety
four if I bought ten of those obviously that’s gonna be five hundred fifty bucks
not a hundred of those you get the picture it’s gonna be like five hundred
fifty bucks so that’s basically an example of a great product that you can
find on one sale com use one sale it’s a compilation of a number of websites and
a number of deal sites across the internet that you can then scan and see
if you want to buy them and resell them back on Amazon now you can also resell
these back on eBay you can also resell deals like this back on Poshmark and
Macari and those are all things that I go over in depth in my horse I have an
entire module dedicated to pasture market Macari I have an entire module
dedicated to selling more on eBay and if you want to learn how to do product
the research and check sales velocity on ebay obviously it’s easier on jungle
skater on jungles cow it’s easier on Amazon with the jungle Scout Chrome
extension you can literally just see how many sales a month you you’re getting so
on ebay you do need to do a little bit of product research but it’s not that
difficult I’ll drop a video that I’ve done down in the description as well
underneath the arbitrage playlists that will literally run you through how to do
product research for eBay for products like this now I was gonna run you
through you know I’m gonna I’m gonna keep this as short as possible I was
gonna run you through examples of other products to kind of give you a raw take
of what might be a good one might what might be a bad one you know how to
actually sort through and find those deals but I’m sure that you can hop on
one sale yourself sort through some deals I don’t want to waste your time I
just want to give you the tools and then send you out into the world to use them
and make money for yourself so this is not just something I’m saying
I literally just bought four of these myself and I’m gonna ship them into FBA
I don’t just make this stuff up on the channel or in the videos right I don’t
just say hey guys you can do this no I’m literally saying this is what I do this
is how I make money with online arbitrage you can replicate it now about
92% to maybe 95% of the people that watch these videos don’t go out and take
the action to actually replicate the things that I show them however there
are a select few people that do go out emulate these types of things and make
money for themselves and those are the action takers so if you’re an action
taker and you want to scale this up and make legitimate money doing this we’re
talking thousands every single month literally flipping products just like
this very easily back online for a profit remember first
link in the description will give you a 50% off online arbitrage Pro there’s
only two slots available for that so the first two people to claim it get in the
course at half off with that being said I hope you liked the video give it a
thumbs up if you do I really really appreciate it and with that being said
I’ll see in the next one