Hey guys! So I know I haven’t uploaded a video here
on YouTube in a few months now, so first I just want to say Happy Belated New Year! I hope 2017 is treating you well, and I just
wanted to give a quick apology that I haven’t been active on here just a busy personal life. So for today’s video I wanted to share with
you all of the products that I’ve used up in 2016. I want to give you reviews on the products
whether I liked it or I didn’t like it, if I would repurchase it or not, and there’s
quite a bit of products in here so let’s just go ahead and get started! So first up I have a pack of the Wet n Wild
Brush Up Brush Cleansing Cloths. I didn’t find these cleaned my brushes any
better than makeup remover wipes, I just wasn’t that crazy about them so I don’t think I would
ever repurchase those. But I do really like the Wet n Wild Under
the Sheets Makeup Remover Towelettes. These come with 25 in a pack, they’re really
cheap, really easy to find, I usually get mine at Walgreens and I think I’ve picked
up packs from Target before. You can usually find a sale for Wet n Wild
like buy one get one half off so that’s usually when I stock up on wipes. They just do a good job of removing my makeup,
I’m not crazy about the sent but again for the price and the fact that I can run out
and pick them up whenever I need to I think I’ll continue to repurchase them and I believe
I have about 2 more packs floating around. Next up these are the Alba Botanical Hawaiian
3-in-1 Clean Towelettes. I just don’t think they anything super special
again wasn’t crazy about the scent. I actually don’t even remember if these worked
that well or not I think I finished these pretty early on in 2016 but from what I can
remember I don’t think I would repurchase these. Another one I would not repurchase is the
Yes to Grapefruit Correct and Repair Rejuvenating Facial Wipes. Again, the scent on all of these makeup wipes
is just off not a fan. I don’t think these remove my makeup very
well and they were on the pricier side so I would go ahead and skip these too. Next up I finished a bottle of the Thayer’s
Alcohol Free Toner and this is the Cucumber Witch Hazel one. This does a good job of refreshing the skin
after I go in with a cleanser and it kind of got rid of any little bits of makeup that
was still on my face. Overall a pretty good product, it was affordable
I got it from Amazon and I think I will pick this up again when I get around to it. Next I finished a Yes to Cucumbers Daily Gel
Cleanser. This didn’t remove my makeup, it did an okay
job of cleansing my skin but nothing that wowed me and nothing that would make me want
to pick this up again. Next I finished up the Pond’s Cold Cream. I used this just as a moisturizer, the label
came off from the front of it, but this was just a semi-greasy formula. It just didn’t add that much extra hydration
and Pond’s is not cruelty free so I would not repurchase this. Next up I finished a sunscreen for the face
from Neutrogena and this is the Ultra Sheer Liquid Daily Sunblock SPF 70. This was on the greasy side, it kind of left
a weird film on that I didn’t really like especially if I was putting this on before
makeup. So this I would skip out on, especially since
Neutrogena is not cruelty free. I finished up this Under Eye Age Refresh Eye
Firming Treatment from Yes to Blueberries. It offered a little bit of hydration under
my eyes but it was nothing spectacular, nothing more than a regular traditional moisturizer
would give me. I just didn’t really see any results from
this so I don’t think I would ever pick this one up again. I have a little sample from Paula’s Choice. This is the Moisture Boost Hydrating Treatment
Cream. These little samples are so hard to kind of
get an idea of the product and whether you like it or not but it didn’t really blow me
away so I mean I just don’t think it’s anything that I would want to repurchase just a traditional
moisturizer a little bit on the thicker side I didn’t wake up with super hydrated skin
when I put this on before bed or anything I was just kind of like oh another moisturizer
so again wouldn’t buy the full size of this. I have a bunch of samples from Garden of Wisdom. I finished off 3 of these Fruit Hydrating
Mists I have the peach scent, the strawberry scent, and the banana scent. These are all supposed to have different kind
of features to them whether they help with inflammation, or they are offering hydration. The peach and the banana I really did enjoy
but the strawberry it just kind of had more of an artificial scent I believe it’s a natural
strawberry scent but I just wasn’t that fond of it. But I do think I would pick up the peach and
the banana. The banana did a really good job of hydrating,
especially before going in with makeup. So overall I did enjoy these, but again would
skip on the strawberry. Next I had 3 cleansers, 2 of them I didn’t
really care for. The first one is the Gentle Cleansing Gel. It was just okay, a lot of people raved about
this and I know why because it is such a gentle, traditional, gel cleanser but it just wasn’t
anything special I didn’t really fall in love with it. Same for the Creamy Cleanser. This one had a weird like kind of texture
and scent to it and I just overall didn’t enjoy it that much. But one that I definitely want to pick up
a full size of is the Sensitive Cleansing Oil. This did such a good job of taking off like
every piece of makeup that I was wearing. You could just go in so gently and you know
put it all over your eye makeup and just one swipe and all of your makeup was gone. So this worked so beautifully and I definitely
need to pick up a full size of that. 2 more products from Garden of Wisdom. I finished off the Coconut Revival Cream I
used this as a moisturizer, it was thick in a hydrating way but not in a sticky, greasy,
leave a film on your face. It was just a really nice moisturizer, and
this is one that I definitely want to pick up a full size of. I also finished the Banana Healing Serum and
this was just kind of like an extra step I would take some days, especially if I was
having redness in my cheeks. This really worked to tone that down. It is a little pricey so I do think if I picked
up a full size I would only use it you know once in a while so I wasn’t going through
it too quickly, but it was kind of nice to throw in once in a while kind of as a little
treatment for my skin. For foundation, I finished off 3. This is the L’Oreal True Match in W-2. I wasn’t crazy about this formula or the color
match. L’Oreal is not cruelty free so I would not
pick it up. It just wasn’t – I know a lot of people rave
about this but I personally didn’t like it, maybe because I have dry skin. I did however like the True Match Lumi, this
was a really good formula for my dry skin. I was in W-1-2. But unfortunately, since it’s not cruelty
free I will not be repurchasing it, but overall a good formula for dry skin. Same for the Revlon Colorstay Whipped, I had
150 Buff. Worked really good for my dry skin, I actually
really love the formula so it’s a shame they are not cruelty free because if they were
I would definitely have this on a constant repurchase. 3 concealers, this was the L’Oreal True Match
in W-1-2-3. I did not like this concealer at all, it got
kind of thick and hard to blend out once I was like half way done with the tube. I don’t think mine was old enough to be expired
or anything, so I continued to use it because you know it didn’t have a weird scent or anything
but the formula just got really got weird and I tried to kind of like mix it up but
it was a struggle to finish this up so I would not recommend this even if it was cruelty
free. This was the NYX Above & Beyond Full Coverage
Concealer in Porcelain. This wasn’t a perfect shade match for me for
either under the eyes or spot concealing but it did kind of work to cancel out dark circles
because it had a little bit of more of a salmon tone to it. A little thicker of a concealer than I prefer,
and I don’t really like it in the jar because of hygienic reasons. So nothing I would repurchase. This however from Wet n Wild is the Conceal
and Brightening Pen I believe, the writing has worn off on mine. I’ve repurchased this and I think I will continue
to. It doesn’t really give you any coverage under
the eyes but it’s really nice if you just kind of want to brighten in that triangle. Really affordable, easy to find, like I said
before Wet n Wild generally has sales. It’s just something I can kind of pick up
and use now and then, and mine was in the I-Vory Into You shade. 2 eyeliners I finished up. The first one is the Physician’s Formula 2-in-1
Lash Boosting Eyeliner Serum, the Serum 2-in-1 I don’t really buy it’s just an eyeliner to
me. It’s just a typical brush tip, it comes to
a pretty fine tip. I did not like this at all. I know I’ve heard really good things about
the Blackest Black shade I guess and I accidentally picked up Black and this is the complete opposite
of what everybody says. It’s not opaque, it’s not super matte, super
black, it skips, it kind of got watery and like no matter how much I pumped I couldn’t
get the right amount to go to the brush tip so I don’t know. I think I’m hesitant to even pick up the Blackest
Black because of how much I despise this but I do like the Jesse’s Girl pen that is in
this style. That one I have continued to repurchase, so
I think I’ll just stick to that, especially because it is cheaper. The other eyeliner is the Jordana Cat Eye
Liquid Liner I believe in the shade Black Leather. Again, most of my writing has worn off. This is a brush tip and this goes on so black,
it dries opaque, it dries matte, once it’s on and set it does not budge. I just love doing wings with this liner, it’s
affordable it’s easy to find, I usually get my Jordana products at Walgreens. So I have repurchased and I will continue
to repurchase it, I can not recommend this liquid liner enough. 3 mascaras I finished up, this was the NYX
The Skinny Mascara. I was not a fan of this, the wand is super
small so it was really nice for bottom lashes of course, but I found that it just wasn’t
picking up enough product and I have to keep going in and trying to – it just wasn’t good
and it kind of smudged a little bit sometimes so would not pick that one up again. This was the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I love the wand on this, I love the formula,
especially if you open it and kind of let it dry out a little bit so it’s not so goopey. But I do find that if you really take your
time with it and comb through with the lash comb you can get it to where it’s not so clumpy
but it still gives you volume and length. So a really good mascara, the price is – it’s
up there so I don’t think I will repurchase it all the time but once in in a while it’s
a great one to have in the collection but one that I find really similar that is a fraction
of the price is this Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volume Volumizing Mascara. The wand is a natural bristle brush as well,
and I just find that this is so similar again if you kind of open early and close it back
up and let it dry out a little bit it gets a lot less super wet of a formula which I
kind of prefer anyway. But again if you use a lash comb and you take
your time with it you can just get really good results with it, I just find that this
kind of formula really works for me. I know some people have problems with this
smudging and flaking, but I don’t have any issues with this. The Jordana one I have repurchased and I will
continue to repurchase because it’s just a really good mascara that works well for me. 2 brow products. This is just a clear brow mascara from Milani. I loved the wand on this, I just think it
did such a good job of being able to comb through all your brush hairs it got the perfect
amount of product on it. So I think when I get around to it, I will
end up picking up another one of these. This is the NYX Microbrow Pencil in Ash Brown. I’ve already repurchased and I think it’s
another one that I will continue to repurchase. I really love the formula, it’s one of those
super thin brow pencils with a spoolie on the end. This color works really well for my brows,
it’s really easy to go in. It’s not too waxy, or too creamy, or too stiff. It’s just a really good product for a really
good price and again NYX is one of those brands that you can typically find on sale somewhere,
especially at Ulta. So this is definitely a brow product that
I would recommend to anyone. This was the Jesse’s Girl Eyeshadow Primer. I liked it I didn’t love it, nothing special. I mean it did it’s job but I don’t think I
would really recommend it too much or repurchase another one. This was the ELF High Definition Under Eye
Setting Powder. I just repurchased another one of these, I
missed this so much. It did such a good job of setting my concealer
and giving me a really good smooth texture under my skin, I know some people complained
of their’s containing glitter. I haven’t had that issue, not with this one
or the one I recently picked up. So a really good formula, Id did not like
their High Definition Setting Powder in the big container. That’s a completely different formula, but
this one’s really nice, finely milled, easy to apply and blend away if you want to bake. So, definitely one that I would recommend. Another ELF product is this ELF Lip Exfoliator. This was the original one, just like the brown
sugar one. This was my second one of these, and I definitely
want to pick up another one. These work really well, some people do complain
about them being dry and scrapey but I solve that by just putting a lip balm underneath. A really good product to have, I love that
it has a lipstick bullet form so you don’t have to kind of like dig in there and use
it like that. So just another great product from ELF that
I will continue to pick up. One last one from ELF, but this one I wasn’t
crazy about. This was the ELF Makeup Mist & Set. I just didn’t really find that it did much,
the sprayer wasn’t anything amazing, the bottle kind of super cheap so I would skip on this
one. A setting spray that I do really like is the
Wet n Wild Photo Focus Setting Spray. I finished up 2 of these, and I’m currently
on a third bottle. The price is good, I mean you don’t get a
ton of product – 1.52 ounces but I mean I believe it’s around $5. This I have found is almost identical to another
setting spray I finished up which was the Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray. The formulas are so similar, the scent is
similar which not a big fan of the scent so if you’re sensitive to scents maybe keep that
in mind. But I just don’t really see a big difference
between these 2, and I mean for the price, and again Wet n Wild always on sale, easy
to find in stores. I think I’ll continue to pick this one up,
but skip on this one of the Urban Decay and of course this was a little sample size. I somehow was able to finish up 4 chapsticks. I only have 3 of them with me, I can not find
the 4th one. I believe it was a Yes to Pomegranate. I know it was the Yes to line, I believe Pomegranate. It was like a pink wrapper around it. I was not a fan of that one, it was super
kind of waxy and it left a white film on so I could only use it around the house I didn’t
want to use it outside because it kind of whitened out of my lips and I didn’t want
to use it before I went in with a lipstick so I would pass on that one. The rest of these were just okay, Chapstick
Moisturizing Original – it’s just chapstick. And the Softlips both in Pomegranate Blueberry. Loved the scent but just nothing crazy, just
chapsticks. So those were all the products that I used
up in 2016. I do plan to kind of total these up and see
how much money I did go through in products. I think it’s kind of nice to remind yourself
that you are using up products, you are getting your moneys worth in products. So I recommend maybe keeping around your empties
for this year, try to see what you go through. It kind of gives you some thought what you
like and what you don’t like so that you’re constantly not buying and repurchasing makeup. You’re actually thinking about what you have
in your collection, and things you want to use up. Let me know in the comments what you used
up in 2016, or what you plan to use up in 2017. Thank you so much for watching, if you’re
not already and I will see you in my text one. Bye!