I'm a boring stay-at-home mom 19 and 20 23 bags of candy couponing is what gets me through my coupons take priority over everything so you can actually get 80 they're completely free so on up I want to turn everybody in this community into a couponer and what's better than a party when I heard my party was to keep on party I was like oh that's kind of stopping hailey can be a little demanding sometimes hey can we get some channelings no she did takes everything this is my favorite part of couponing and if I can get it to under $15 I might do backflips I am beyond I'm Mary Ann and I'm known as coupon daddy what is that it's my coupon binder I don't leave home without it Mary Ann is a little crazy she considers herself a crack addict when it comes to coupon my family hates this but not only was it 100% free it looks great on my overstock shelves I'm a really boring stay-at-home mom with five kids my guys you have the kitchen room please do not put your brother and a half-nelson couponing is what gets me through 19 and 20 23 bags of candy why honey it's free my family does think that I'm a little over obsessive with my couponing uh-huh Mary Ann turned my mancave into her private supermarket Mary Stewart start out with this one tiny shelf upstairs and it's completely taken over everything I have I pick about there my beer fridge now I have a four by four section and a lot of toothpaste my stockpile is valued about twenty thousand dollars and I paid no more than $100 for everything I have so I have a hundred bottles of salad dressing of two hundred and fifty box cake mixes two hundred and fifty bottles of laundry detergent up here I have hundreds of feminine protection enough to last me well into menopause I'm really excited about that some people collect money or coins or gold no I just collect deodorant toothpaste I love my sock filed absolutely beautiful and I am now on this this crusade to help my community learn that there's no reason to pay full price for anything she wants the whole world to coupon I want to turn everybody in this community into a couponer and what's better than the party today is my daughter's 12th birthday and we pulled up all the stocks so a normal 12 year old party would probably be something like a princess or something cool no in our house it's a couponing party party I was like what that's kind of squared we have a money grabber but instead of money it's coupons because coupons are money right we have made this party into a couponing extravaganza now I think that kind of hijack Maisie's 12th birthday well what a great way to try to convince my city to start couponing so do you coupon no I think it's a great way for Maryann to increase her discipleship that's the Jesus of couponing everything in my overstock out here is 100% free and most of the things the stores actually paid me to bring home so who wants to be a couponer I'm definitely gonna try couponing because it's worth it free you can't be free they say nothing lives free but she totally I am one of Mary Ann's coupon disciples for sure her stockpile is huge it's like but I don't believe that she got it for nothing so what do you not believe that you can get all this stuff for nothing but you're looking at it you see that I got all this stuff for nothing you say you got it all for nothing I did get it for nothing there are a lot of skeptics here today but Laurie is one of the biggest skeptics of all you're looking at me like I'm just crazy I'm a crazy person coming home with all this free stuff what if I invite you to come shopping with me tomorrow my plan is about seven hundred and thirteen dollars for less than $15 if I do it do you think I can convince you to become a couponer I have to see this to believe it how about you come over tonight we'll cut some coupons we'll get our lists ready and we'll go shopping tomorrow well keep looking around cuz you're gonna have money soon so this is gonna be a pretty tough nut to crack you know I'm saying because cuz Laurie is a huge skeptic when it comes to couponing go over tonight got some coupons see what the big thing is all about and then going through tomorrow and see if she can convince me I know I can just take her shopping I could turn her into a coupon believer Laurie hey hey kitchen alright Marianne's asked me to come over to cut coupons for a big trip tomorrow I wanted her to see every face the key bonding process okay Laurie let's get cutting we are looking for the juice coupons over here I need six of those this just seems like it just spent a forever oh I'm just overwhelmed by all these coupons laying all over the place so I matching the coupons with the store sales and I'm grabbing whatever is free for that week and I'm grabbing it in large quantities and I'm massing my family about a year I don't have a clue what she's talking about so you're gonna bring this whole book with you I never leave the house this is thousands of dollars of savings I said this a million times I would leave my child behind if never my coupon vitamin I about my coupons cut everything is sorted I've checked my list a couple of times and we are ready to go shopping tomorrow Mary Ann wants to get over seven hundred dollars in products and only wants to spend $15 I don't think I do not want to pay over fifteen dollars so if I'm over I've blown it I have to hold on to this right now because I'm getting a little faith I am really worried that I bit off more than I can chew I'm having an anxiety attack hi Laurie good today is a huge shopping trip for me it's the biggest shopping trip I've ever tried to accomplish and I brought my friend Laurie okay we're gonna be here for a while how long long time she is a complete coupon skeptic and I'm hoping I'm able to convince Lori couponing is the way to go he's got this goal of getting $700 worth of groceries for $15 I don't know how she's gonna do it okay Laurie so here's my list I spent all night doing it all night all night like four or five hours so we're good I've never been couponing I think I've cut out a couple coupons but I never used them okay we're gonna start over here with the candy okay so we're gonna grab 20 bags of candy today the candy retails at four dollars and 85 cents they're on sale this week for 399 I have a coupon good for any one item up to five dollars making this 100% free why so honey I have five kids so how do you keep your kids from getting into them oh my gosh this is locked up are you crazy I see the next aisle we're gonna grab 99 of our noodles $99.99 why do you have to have a 99 because they're great so the coupon says save 50 cents yes on one of them yes but they're on sale making it free I don't get it I think it's pretty funny watching Laurie's reaction to things she really has no clue what I'm doing how are they free they retail at 99 cents this week they're on sale for 50 cents I have 99 50 cent coupons making each one 100 percent free 99 coupons 99 coupons and this is gonna last my family about months stock up on the free so I had to keep one and it looks like they're on sale for $7.99 my coupon says a max up to $10 so we're gonna grab 22 of these and they're gonna be on two percent free gonna melt before you get home no no no I can't believe how people can stockpile all those groceries and whatever for the whole year okay that is everything you ready to do this this is my favorite part of couponing and if I can get it to under $15 I might do backflips in the store and I cannot wait to see Lori's expression you're a three hundred ninety dollars and seventeen cents you having cash on you I might need it I have my card what is my total retail it's six hundred and seventeen dollars and 93 cents I have to hold on to us right now because I'm getting a little faint watch me to the ground I am really worried that I bit off more than I can chew do you have any coupons I have a few sure is dropping I know it's not dropping fast enough though I'm having an anxiety attack I just need to hurry up faster Josh did I do not want to pay over 15 dollars out of pocket so if I'm over I've blown it so what is my grand total 1.39 setting my retail total today came to six hundred and seventeen dollars and 93 cents piling paid caller 39 after coupons that's a ninety-nine point nine percent savings I can't believe he did that I'm a believer of a coupon or no coupon coupon how do I say it it's keep on keep on this dollar 37 I'm so excited keep on it means so much to me that it is my life mission to teach everybody out there how to keep on there's no reason why anybody should ever go without she so has coupon OCD okay it's very fast everything has it's almost like someone else tries to disturb it or do anything with it she can be kind of violent at times can we honest or are you kidding me we have been four times this week do you promise this is the last time yeah the grocery store it just it makes me happier my name is Haley and I saved it Haley we get some peanuts while we're here no my coupons take priority over everything it's like we're gonna get the barbecue sauce 60 the funny thing is I don't even like barbecue sauce most teenage girls don't wanna go to the mall and hang out friends no Haley likes to guess the grocery store I keep on so you can actually get a B Q money is definitely a job you have to be pretty obsessive to do it at my level Oh Haley invest a lot of time probably close to 25 to 30 hours a week I always say that's a minimum it's a good thing that she's a smart kid because she weren't some coupon ebook that she does her homework it took me a little bit over a year to them to me it's like a mansion of food this room is worth about $5,000 and I'd take Turtles $300 for it my family loves this room because it's our little personal grocery store a stockpile I think is really really big and me and my brother like it especially because we have a lot of candy bars in here I have 150 bottles of dish washing liquid 80 rolls of paper towels and about 100 packs of napkins I'm gonna have my wall of razors this stockpile takes a lot of time and effort to get everything where it needs to be and tray can see everything and the expiration dates are right everything has its own little spot it's a little bit compulsive to showcase everything the way she does she so has coupon OCD it's very bad I was just push it all back push it all someone else tries to disturb it or do anything with it she can be kind of violent at times look the worst part of the couponing has to be the constant driving to the stores total control because I can't just pack up the car go to grocery store we told Haley if she can save us a certain amount of dollars every month couponing we're gonna put a lot of that towards the deposit for her car today I'm here looking at cars with my mom considering options for my 16th birthday and we're gonna see what I need to save up to before then to get a car this one here is a 2013 model it has outside heated mirrors push by the start and it also has a backup camera on the rear of the vehicle as well do you mind if we test out some real yeah hey whatever it takes let's see see if these are fit couponing I get tons of groceries have to be able to fit them all in my trunk ok whenever you deal with the public and you see a lot of things but this will rank up there with the craziest oh yeah a keeper you could even put him on the seat it seems strange but this is the true test for this child I don't have anything else to say I said we go for it ok I would say you need to save at least to put down five thousand between now and your birthday in April you can do it I can do it ok biggest shopping trip ever and I need your help to cut out all my coupons so I mean we make sure everything is in the binder before the trip so we got that ok my mission on this trip is to help save as much money as I can so that that'll help towards the down payment of a car so Bethany if you want to take out all the light ones and then Corey Jake you want to cut and then I'll put a red and butter coupons they have to be cutting soon or a certain way she doesn't trust anybody else to do it that's her domain no one else touches you know also I cut off our water when we go shopping she's definitely like the parent you can only plan coupon people in a family don't really understand my process but I am the couponing master rhinos family yet got all these just like I'm all set for my shopping trip you're gonna be looking through fun huh hold those don't drop stopping with Hayley can be a little demanding sometimes hey can we get some feelings no I feel sometimes like I'm eight years old I didn't reprimanded by my mom or dad don't leave me down the wrong aisle is a lot of weight so I got my binder I got my coupons I got my list you guys ready for this yeah okay I'm here the grocery store doing the biggest haul of my life trying to help save toward the down payment of a new car I have to save $5,000 I remember Dave right now looking at about $750 down to 86 this is everything I'm getting today and it's organized right down to the penny this is the coupons in it this is a month she's really organized okay guys we're headed to get the barbecue sauce we're gonna get 60 of these barbecue sauces simply one these barbecue sauces normally retail for a dollar fifty nine and they're on sale five for five that makes them $1 apiece and I have a coupon that's 50 Cent's off one so all these barbecue sauces are these right here so YouTube help me put stuff in the car and you're gonna be a little Kiki Butler hold those shopping with Haley can be a little demanding sometimes yeah don't drop this is my one job I think I can do it she dictates everything no I don't think he gave me the ten the ten are right there I don't touch her binder I don't get anything hey can we get the channelings no I feel sometimes like I'm eight years old I've been reprimanded by my mom or dad yeah keep going um I think it's kind of funny because he's the bigger guy and usually he would be telling her she can't get stuff so it's kind of the opposite way around don't leave me down the wrong aisle there's a lot of weight how many is that one two three four five six so sick so sick all right guys time to check out very good oh my god she's ready starting up to two hundred and six dollars that's a little scary we don't have four buggies full right now I total is at four hundred and seventy-six dollars I am beyond so your total is six hundred and eighty dollars and 53 cents do you have any coupons yes I know tons so far so good don't want to cheat myself hey do you make some up I hit a wrong button I'm kind of nervous right now but I think everything will go okay so the stuff that she has coupons that cover at all okay so with all the coupons it's $27 six hundred and eighty dollars and 53 cents of stuff for only $27 in 66 cents that was a 96 percent savings she's gonna be on track to get a car okay right now who's riding on the roof Cory gets the roof getting a really large photo was really important that I could put more money towards the down payment of a car all my hard work had finally paid off and it was just a huge sigh of relief I think couponing it's a way of life for her now I think that she will continue it as long as she can there is nothing that would ever stopped me from cute Boni